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Cebu Run Route # 15: “The Cebu Farewell Run”

March 13 marked my third to the last day of stay in Cebu. What better way to bid farewell to my running playground (for nearly an entire year!) than with a farewell run.

Since I haven’t traversed the airport route for a long time, I decided to go for it again for one last time, as it might take a long while before I get to run the Cebu twin bridges again. And I might as well disturb some of the people in the airport. =P

Here are some of the pictures I took along the way.

The ascent to the new bridge. That’s a LONG ascent.

The other bridge in the distance, which I’ll pass by later on.

At the bridge’s apex. Though it was around 4PM in the afternoon, the wind proved to be really strong and comforting to the skin.

I took a little side trip to see how the new bridge looks like from down under.

I’m not officially saying goodbye yet…

Hello, we meet again. =)

Another side trip – this time at the airport’s arrival area.

Time to head back to homebase – and get packing. =P

Now at the old bridge…

Gazing at the coastline before nightfall.

Good times, Cebu. GOOD TIMES. =D Thank you for hosting my training runs, whether short or otherwise. It has been indeed an experience running along your roads, partying at your clubs, and eating at your best restaurants/food joints. Without a doubt, mingaw man ako gyud sa imo. =)

God willing, I’ll see you on CCM 2011. SRP highway, you’re next on my list.

Here’s a map of the route

Plus my splits. Definitely done at LSD pace.

Cebu Run Route # 14: “The Cebu Food Run”


If ever you’re in Cebu and consider yourself to be a hardcore glutton (don’t be afraid to admit it, everyone is in their own little way) – then this post is most definitely for you. =)

2 days ago I decided to make up something creative for my usual Sunday long run. In the end, it resulted to me making a route that will pass through all the best edible treats one can have while staying in Cebu. This route was simulated and completed today, January 24.

It would be too good to miss out the following restaurants/food chains that I will mention successively in this post. Wear your shoes and tights, folks, and load up on the petroleum jelly where it’s needed – because we’re running 28.02K worth of concrete, asphalt, hills, and food joints. I’ll be your tour guide for this run, so please hold all questions until the end of the run. Don’t worry, we’re accomplishing this at an easy pace. And we start off at strictly 430AM!

We’ll be starting off first at Sarrosa hotel, heading towards Hernan Cortes, then we go south to M.J. Cuenco. We’ll go straight all the way until Imus Avenue, so watch out for dark spots and small potholes! Upon reaching Maxilom, we’ll make a right, then go up the hills. We’ll be stopping first at Mango Square, though; your first not-to-miss restaurant is in here.

KM5.78: Sunburst Chicken
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Get the Sunduo Ribkeel (chicken breast) and Drumstick. Order extra coleslaw and have lots of catsup in hand. Their chicken has a distinct taste from that of Jollibee, McDonald’s, or even Max’s.
OTHER BRANCHES? Definitely. There’s one in SM, Ayala, and A.S. Fortuna.

After this we go down to F. Ramos and enjoy for ourselves a downhill ride until we arrive at Imus Avenue again. The Central Bank of the Philippines at the downtown intersection indicates that we must make a right. Again, we’ll be stopping before we reach the Fuente Osmena rotonda.

KM8.43: Crown Regency Hotel
For those of you who have been to Cebu before, you might recognize this hotel for possessing the world’s first Skywalk and Edge Coaster. But there’s more to that! If memory serves me right, there is a restaurant on the 36th floor aptly named “Cafe 36″. You’ll be greeted by a glorious, sinful smorgasboard of Western and Asian cuisine, desserts include. This buffet is usually packaged with the Skywalk adventure, but if you just want to pig out with class, then this is a good place to do so.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Go for the Western section. Their servings of fish are outstanding. Oh, and load up on the sushi, salmon, yang chow fried rice, and desserts. If you’re lucky, you might even see a chocolate fondue fountain.
OTHER BRANCHES? Sorry, this is the only one.

We go straight down Osmena Boulevard, passing by the rotonda. Watch out for cars. Head straight to the capitol and make a left to M. Velez. Slow down upon reaching the V. Rama intersection. As we’ll be making a right here. We’ll go run the gradual uphill until we reach the northern endpoint of the road – and say a little prayer.

KM11.85: Guadalupe Church

Once we’re done, we make a u-turn back to V. Rama. Peel your eyes for the next stop!

KM12.53: CnT Lechon
Words cannot describe how scrumptious this lechon is. You can eat it even without any sauce! No wonder people from Manila take home kilos and kilos of this delicacy back home. This is by far the best one I’m ever tasted. Should you decide to try this one, don’t consume more than 2 kilos per week, lest you want your arteries to clog. =P
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Order 2 kilos of lechon, stock up on rice, and order a bowl of boiled oysters plus the cold bottle of Saint Michael. Make sure the oysters are boiled though, or you might end up in a hospital, like what happened to me before!
OTHER BRANCHES? There’s a small stall in SM and a big resto down at CIFC. It’s across SM. I prefer the latter because they never seem to run out of lechon there, unlike when you’re in the mall.

We’ll continue down V. Rama. Take note that we’ll be making a left at the second intersection with a stoplight – that’s B. Rodriguez street. We’ll run all the way to Fuente Osmena, but make another stop shortly before reaching it to get ourselves a little snack. =)

KM14.95: Alberto’s Pizza
Pizza lovers, you are bound to like this one for sure. The size of their pizzas are not as big as the ones you usually have in Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, Don Henrico’s, or Yellow Cab. What separates this pizza from the others is its distinct taste. It’s quite hard to describe it, honestly. But suffice it to say that you must try it out for yourself. With regards to toppings, they’re quite generous with it – in fact, it’s OVERFLOWING with toppings. =)
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Get their best-selling variant with lots of onions, ground beef, and mozzarella cheese (I forgot what it’s called). You won’t regret it.
OTHER BRANCHES? Definitely. Alberto’s is sporadically placed in Cebu. Ask them for the one nearest you.

We’ll go back to Fuente Osmena, make a left at Osmena Boulevard, and have another meet-and-greet with the capitol again. Make a right at Escario and enjoy the rolling path leading to Gorordo. Once we get there we’ll make a left at go uphill, so save your strength. Turn right at JY Square and start speeding, because it’s purehill from this point. Do stop when you see Cebu Northwinds, because 2 restaurants will be there for the taking.

KM19.23: Chika-an sa Cebu
They’re well-noted for all-Filipino food, but with a twist. Some of the viands here are quite spicy and have a tinge of coconut milk, which makes it all the more delicious. =9
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Crispy pata, baked scallops, mongo soup with coconut milk, and kinilaw na tuna. Feel the need for more rice? Don’t worry, it’s unlimited! =D
OTHER BRANCHES? This is the only one.

Just a little after that is its sister.

KM19.26: Golden Cowrie
The said restaurant offers almost the same menu as Chika-an, so if by chance it’s full, you can always drop by here.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Crispy pata and grilled fish. Not sure if the rice is unlimited also.
OTHER BRANCHES? If you need to eat before leaving Cebu, their other branch is located along the airport road.

We’ll go straight down until we make a left at the IT Park. We’ll be stopping frequently here as most of the good food finds are located on this very place. =)

KM19.88: Casa Verde
Literally translating to “green house”, this restaurant offers big servings of Western food at a VERY reasonable price. If it’s your first time in Cebu, you have to try this out.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Bryan’s Ribs. For Php188 you get a huge – and I mean HUGE – plate of barbecued ribs that can be good for 2-3 people, or just 1 if you’re really THAT hungry. =P
OTHER BRANCHES? The other branch I know of is in the 3rd floor of Ayala Center Cebu.

KM19.97: Mooon Cafe (take note, that’s 3 O’s.)
Located at the entrance of The Walk, Mooon Cafe is well-known for its Mexican delicacies. It attracts much people especially during the nighttime because of the al fresco dining experience – and the barrels of beer they offer.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Get some chimichangas and mojitos. Don’t worry about getting wasted. The mojitos are not as treacherous as you think.
OTHER BRANCHES? I think this has only one branch.

KM20.53: Patio Ecila
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: After having a party at Loft (a club located right behind it), stay here for a few more rounds and meet new friends. The ambiance is great. Worry not, the beer ain’t expensive.
OTHER BRANCHES? Its sister resto, Bistro Ecila, is located at Ayala Center Cebu, right next to Casa Verde.

KM20.78: Tara’s Cafe and Restaurant
This is the ONLY restaurant I know of that serves a 24-hour buffet. That’s right, their buffet tables are heating up food ’round the clock. If you think Crown Regency is too far for you, then this is your other option. Breakfast buffet is at 179, lunch and dinner buffet go for 249. Not bad, right? Oh, if you plan on going on here soon, make sure you just came from a hunger strike. =P
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Eat EVERYTHING presented to you with a glass of juice. If you don’t end up full after this experience, something’s wrong with you. =P
OTHER BRANCHES? Sorry, this is the sole branch.

KM20.80: Ila Puti
This quaint little restaurant offers a hefty serving of Asian fusion cuisine. Although it does take time to cook some of their treats, it’s worth the wait.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: For starters, mushroom soup with curry and chicken fingers. Then you can either match it with a BIG breakfast that is sure to beat McDonald’s or beef stroganoff pasta. Drink it all down with a glass of semi-sweet calamansi juice.
OTHER BRANCHES? I’m not really sure.

KM21.01: Abuhan Tres
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Pochero. That equates to “bulalo” in Manila terms. =)
OTHER BRANCHES? One is in F. Ramos, aptly named Abuhan Uno. As to the location of Abuhan Dos, I have no idea where it is.

Whew, that was a whole lot in the IT Park, right? We’re not done yet, though. We still have a few more to cover! Let’s exit the IT Park and make a left to Salinas drive. When you see a flyover in the distance, turn left. We’ll be tackling M. J. Cuenco, the final stretch of this run. We’ll head east-bound first to The Crossroads and stop for the following:

KM21.64: La Marea
Primarily a dessert place, this cafe responds to the inner sweet tooth inside our mouths. Upon entry, one can’t help but look at and eventually crave for what they have to offer!
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Brownie cups. Nuff said.
OTHER BRANCHES? None, sorry.

KM21.74: Olio
This is one of the few restaurants that is recommeneded by the Department of Tourism. You’ll know why when your gorge in their fares. It’s quite pricey, though, but if you’re after the experience, go for it.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Try out any pasta variant with a glass of wine.
OTHER BRANCHES? None as well.

Let’s exit The Crossroads and head eastbound again. Upon seeing Banilad Town Center, make a right and look for this:

KM23.32: Spice Fusion
Much like Ila Puti, they also specialize in Asian fusion cuisine. As a confession, my officemates and I would default to this place when we can’t think of anywhere else to eat – it’s also good to try out this one.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Clam chowder, black pepper udon, stir fried radish cake, and pork belly. Get a roti as an appetizer.
OTHER BRANCHES? There’s another branch at the north wing of SM.

Now we exit Banilad Town Center and head left to A. S. Fortuna. Just deal with the little uphill path going to the following:

KM23.91: Giuseppe
This restaurant offers a real taste of Italy. It can’t be seen easily, but when you do visit this place, you’ll be wanting to savor their pasta, pizza, and gelato.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Carbonara, pasta marinara, quattro formaggio pizza and baked fish fillet. Truly sumptuous! =9
OTHER BRANCHES? There’s only one of them.

KM23.92: Hola Espana!
Craving for something Spanish? You’ve come to the right place. This restaurant offers nothing short of Spanish cuisine, from paellas to tapas – and even the best wines from select countries. =)
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Get a black paella with extra mayonnaise, roasted pata, and some chorizos roasted in olive oil and garlic. Match that with your drink of choice – preferably a beer. The Spanish love to drink beer, so you might as well yourself. Hehehe!
OTHER BRANCHES? A more suitable location can be found in The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu.

Let’s go down a little bit to find this baby right here.

KM24.06: The Gustavian
When you want to define class and distinction, this restaurant has got it all. From foreign cuisine to imported alcoholic drinks from all over the world, this one is sure to amplify your dining experience. Of course, such class and distinction does come with a price, so make sure you’re financially armed before entering. =)
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Go for the alcohol and taste their beers and alcohol mixes. You will end up drunk, though, but the memories will be all worth it.
OTHER BRANCHES? Yes! Should you need a shot before boarding your plane back home, there’s one before you reach the airport.

Let’s go back to the starting line and finish this run, shall we? But first, we’ll pause to check out this other place.

KM25.75: Cafe Georg
Providing a ‘homey’ feel, this restaurant serves a lot of people every single day. Their salads, pastas, rice meals and desserts are sure to provide a wonderful taste to the palates.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: As an appetizer, have the mozzarella dip with spinach. Your main course can either be Singaporean-style steamed fish, carbonara, or Hungarian sausage with a small notch of salad on the side. For your dessert, make sure to get a slice of chocolate decadence. It was awarded as one of the best desserts in Cebu. Imagine a small slice of semi-fudgy chococake cake with whipped cream on top. Yummy, right? =9
OTHER BRANCHES? Only one I know of. It’s offshoot, ‘Oh Georg!’, can be found inside Ayala Center Cebu, near Metro Department Store.

After all that, let’s run back to where we started. At the intersection, make a left to Juan Luna, another left at F. Cabahug, and head back to the condominium. But wait, it ain’t over yet. There’s one more restaurant we haven’t seen!

KM28.02: Abaseria
Also providing a ‘homey’ feel, this restaurant is managed by a family, and primarily caters Filipino food to village residents living near it. Sometimes it does get closed down for special occasions, but when it’s open, it’s worth your time to visit it. =)
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Order their monggo, grilled squid, and a plate of bangus. That should be enough to keep your belly satisfied.
OTHER BRANCHES? None. This is the only one.

Congratulations, we have just completed the Cebu Food Run! Now keep in mind the restaurants I have mentioned the next time you go back to the Queen City of the South. I hope I had stimulated your appetite! But alas, I cannot really chow down on these as much as I want to, for I am engaged with my running group’s Biggest Loser Challenge. As such, I have no choice to default to this:


As parting words, I leave you with the following: Bakit masarap ang bawal? Kasi masarap talaga siya! =P

Here’s a map of the route


And my splits. I’m quite surprised that I ran this one at a fast pace. =O


‘Til Devastation – The FINAL Long Run Before Condura 2010

Matira matibay.

These were the two words lingering on my mind before doing this final major run for Condura 2010. After performing Project Cuarenta back in December there was still a need to extend the mileage so that somehow I’m close to simulating a full marathon. Usually, I would do long runs on a Sunday, but I did this one early Saturday morning instead. The Sunday that came after this run was the Sinulog parade – and I couldn’t afford to miss that one. =)

The night before the run it was raining heavily. In fact, it had been raining several times last week. I wanted to do this run immediately since I should be tapering for the remaining Sundays before the marathon. However, I became paranoid, as I was putting myself at risk of getting high fever, or worse – pneumonia. I had to get a lot of second opinions from my running buddies. The big question on my mind was if it was safe to run long on possibly stormy weather. Half of them said yes, while the remaining told me to keep myself safe. They had good points. But after several minutes of reconsideration, I skipped my after-work activites last Friday and headed back to the sack to get some early shut-eye. I will do this run no matter what.

Thankfully, when I woke up Saturday morning, it was only drizzling. It wasn’t raining as hard as I was expecting it to be. After 5 hours of frequent hydration, hardcore music, and running in tights, I ended up having this route, which took me from west to east and back. Total distance ran on foot – 36.22K, accomplished 16 January 2010.


Unfortunately, upon hitting KM32 I was more than exhausted. That led me to walking the entire stretch of KM35. But I soon as I got passed that, my second wind suddenly knocked on my door and I ended up reaching the finish line with a smile. Overall, my splits were still favorable. =)


My legs were tired my shoes were beyond dirty after completing this run. But at least there was no chaffing and more importantly, no injuries. I was feeling good in the end that the next day, I couldn’t help but party at the Sinulog festival. =)


Now I seriously have to taper in the coming days. Sunday will still be long run day, but I won’t go beyond 30K.

For those joining Condura, I hope you have accomplished your farthest run. Let’s save our legs for the race and good luck to all of us! =)

Race Review, PART 2 – Cebu City Marathon, January 10

Finally, the long-awaited review of the Cebu City Marathon. Sorry it took some time to compose this baby. =)


DAY 3 – January 10

After 2 days of carbo-loading parties and a night of fun with some of the running core, it was time run my first race for the year. Might I say that this race is very significant for me because not only did I run my maiden 2010 road race outside of Luzon, but also because I was once again reunited with my running playground. The route is highly familiar to me since I have treading on it for around 8 months so I somehow knew what to expect, with the exception of the downtown area and the SRP. While I was working in Cebu last year, the Marathon Foodie had told me that the stretch of the entire South Road Properties was a really nice place to run on. More than 20 kilometers of concrete will be greeting you along the way. The only problem is that there aren’t that much stores for you to buy water/energy drinks on, so it’s best that if you bring your own hydration source. Nevertheless, the SRP provided a good view of the coastal area – perfect for viewing the sunrise along the horizon.

As a result, I have set my sights on running along its roads. Unfortunately, you do need to secure a permit from the local government, so getting in there won’t be as easy as it looks. On this day, this little dream of sorts is about to become a reality. For the first time ever, I will be running along the Cebu stretch afronting the coastal area. =)

My alarm clock rang off at exactly 3AM. I got into my black singlet, got into my usual cycling shorts, which later on was covered by a pair a loose black running shorts having small patches of color matching that of the white and crimson in the singlet, and semi-high knee socks, with the NB1063s I use during practice runs. I was having second thoughts of not bringing along a hydration belt for this race. But since I anticipated humid conditions, I brought it nonetheless, being that I have learned that during some of my early morning runs in Cebu that it can get REALLY hot as early as 7AM. In addition, I packed in my iPod Shuffle to keep me pumped for the entire duration of the run. It has been a long time since I used that while running, hehehe.

I made my way to the starting line at the IT Park. Along those who were going to run this race – for the 21K category, at least – were Vic, Rico, and Luis. I met up with Vic initially, then later on saw Rico and Luis at the 21K coral. One of my running buddies, Noreen, a native resident of Cebu, greeted me while I was doing some stretching. She had told me that this was going to be her first half-marathon, and she’s running it along with a friend though she didn’t have that much long distance training. I wished her the best of luck on that one – and even agreed to come back and pace her for the last few kilometers after I have crossed the finish line. It was okay with me since I was planning to extend my run for a few more kilometers – I was still in Condura 42K training, and I needed additional mileage.

While waiting for the race to begin, we were greeted by this…


How’s that to get your spirits up and at par? Nah, these aren’t actual fireworks from the race. Had I brought the Powershot that time I would have taken pictures. Since the D3000 was checked in at the courtesy booth this sample image would have to suffice. But if you were there, it was a wonderful sight. =)

On the final minutes before the gun sounded off, I patted my running buddies on the back and greeted them good luck. If memory serves me right I think I told them to enjoy the route also. =)

The race timer started a little after 510AM. We were now making our way out of the IT Park and into the halfway point at the SRP, with one lane cordoned off and entirely closed to traffic for those running along the route.

KM 1 to 5: Monstrous Splits!

At the first kilometer I was taking it real slow, since it was a gradual ascent to JY Square. I have told my friends that this was one of the hills that we will be encountering along the way, so it’s best that we keep at first gear as much as possible. Upon making the left at JY Square, it was a downhill path on the way to Escario. The first water station came in shortly before reaching KM2 – how convenient was that? EVen though if I didn’t bring in any hydration I would still survive this race! But it was too early too tell that time. I skipped the first water stop and kept on running downwards. As we were approaching UP Cebu there were students cheering for all the participants while giving water at the same time. That kind of support was very crucial for me, and it provided further inspiration for me to speed up. As a result, I kept myself at a really speedy pace, sustaining it even after making the right to Escario and attacking its hill.

While running, I have noticed that water stops were now occuring more frequently. Indeed, the organizers have outdone themselves!

We made a left at the intersection in front of the Capitol. From them on it was a rolling path all the way to the downtown area. I kept running at a fast pace, thereby leading to a sub-30 finish at the end of KM5. There was no stopping now – it was time to unleash the cheetah inside of me!

KM 6 to 10.5: Conquering the SRP

The approach to KM6 took runners to the downtown area leading to the Cebu City Hall and the site of Magellan’s Cross. Much like the first quarter of the route, the lane was still cordoned off to accomodate all those running along the area, water stations were still abundant, and there were even more cheerers being placards of positivity, like “Run your own race” or “Keep running” or “You can do it!” It was warming to see such support along the route. In addition, race marshalls ensured that there was no one that will enter along the cordoned area of the race. Anyone not wearing a race bib was forced out. Bike supports were allowed, but they were only to ride outside of the closed-off area. Even race marshalls didn’t hesitate to give hydration to anyone who needed it.

After crossing the city hall and Magellan’s Cross, we made our way to the SRP. Above the entrance was a banner indicating of one of targets: TO CONQUER THE SRP. We started off first at the coastal area and running above the bridge that interconnects it to the rest of the highway. Gulp, a bridge. Thankfully it wasn’t as hard as the hills of McKinley or the Kalayaan flyover. But the gradual incline was enough to put you down, so I shifted to gear on this one, and resumed to full speed upon reaching flat ground.

Before reaching the halfway point, there were some Sinulog dancers providing entertainment to those running the route. They had provided a little preview of what the Sinulog will look like, and it was enticing runners to stop for a while and touch the Sto. Nino for good luck. I did just that, hehehe! Again, I regret not bringing a camera.

The turnaround point was close to Kawit Point. There I saw Tiffin’s husband, Mark, who gladly took a picture of me before heading back to the finish line. Many thanks! Now I have proof that I ran the SRP. =)


The GF 305 indicated that I have accomplished a sub-60 mark upon crossing KM10. This was a good sign for me. If I kept up with what I was doing now, I might be able to achieve a new 21K record. There was no stopping now – it was my moment to shatter my personal best!

And might I say, the turnaround point was quite accurate! It was off by around 40 meters, but that was negligible!

KM 10.51 to 15: I Have Conquered the SRP!

At this stage the sun had broken out of the horizon and making its way up. While running along the coastal area I couldn’t help but admire the sights – that helped me relax a bit. But there was no time to slow down. I kept within a 6:00/min pace to make sure that I’ll be able to beat my record no matter what. On the way back I saw Rico and Noreen making their way to the u-turn. Also, I caught up with one of our fellow triathletes, Jayson, who was at that time running the full marathon. I saw also Vic in the distance. He was a little ahead of me and I decided to catch up with him.

After crossing the final section of the bridge I saw the same banner that greeted us when we first entered SRP. But at its back, the words bore a congratulatory remark because we have conquered it! At the back of the banner was the following statement: “Congratulations, you have conquered SRP!”

Once again, runners were to pass the city hall. Cheerers once again were presented and they provided the much needed push for us to finish the race. However, before reaching KM15, I felt that I was running short of air and slowly decreasing in speed. This wasn’t good, but it will still end well. There was enough time to beat my record, even if I do it at a pace of 7:00/min. I planned to use the Galloway strategy for the remaining 1/4 the run route. This was going to work, I thought, since there were some hills that will come across, and I was slowly getting tired.

KM 16 to 21: Oh No, Not Again!

so far, so good. The Galloway approach was helping me indeed. I ran around 6:00/min to 6:30/min for around 6 minutes, making sure to stop to walk for a full minute before repeating the process all over again. Vic and I were running side by side at this time, and I was feeling great…

Until after reaching KM18.

I felt a major jolt on my right leg before making the final ascent to Gorordo. Without a choice, I had to slow down. Upon making the left, I walked towards the side because I wanted to stretch my right calf so that I wouldn’t feel that blasted jolt again. But when I was about to run and finish KM19, KABOOM!


My right calf had cramped and I sat down on the sidewalk. The pain wasn’t as severe as the one I had at the QCIM before, but my right calf was hurting a lot nonetheless. A race marshall immediately attended to me and helped me stretch my leg. Another one approached later on and radioed an ambulance to come over. Support staff came a few minutes after and rushed to where I was. One of the members of the medical team compressed my leg with some bandage after helping me stretch my leg. That was a relief. Later on, the medical team asked me if I needed to be taken to the finish line. I adamantly refused and I told them that I will finish the race no matter what! Nonetheless, I offered them my gratitude for their immediate assistance. They helped me get up, and before you know it, I was on the road again, hellbent on accomplishing the run.

I checked the clock. There was no way I going to beat my record. The primary objective has been revised – FINISH THE RACE.

I was walking towards UP Cebu initially. Students were encouraging and cheering me to run. But I couldn’t just yet as I might have a relapse. So I continued walking until I got to the uppermost section of the hill. There I saw an overpass with a banner bearing the following words: “If you can read this, you will finish the race!” That was another useful, inspiration banner!

I later on felt the heat before reaching KM20. I ran again, but made sure to keep it at a snail’s pace. Thankfully the last few kilometers to the finish line had a downhill path. After 2 hours and 23 minutes, I stepped on the finish line, disappointed, but contented. I wasn’t able to beat my record, but what the heck. My first race for 2010 was completed, and I was looking forward to more in the coming months. Obviously, since I was injured, I couldn’t go back and pace for Noreen, much more extend my run. Instead I got my injured leg massaged and waited for those running the 42K to finish.

This was me with my bandaged leg. Oh well, you can’t win them all. =)


While waiting there was also a presentation of top finishers in each category.

Tiffin won 10th for the 5K race.

Tina also came in 10th, but for the full marathon category.

Sir Jovie was present watching the festivities…

Along with Kenyan runners.

Later on, those who finished the 5K and the 21K went near the finish line to welcome those who did the 42K.

The Marathon Foodie with her signature braids.

Since she’s one of my idols, I couldn’t resist having a picture with her! =)

Joseph with extremely short shorts!

Now with his medal.

Ah, these sweet taste of victory, as personified by Chris.

Next up, Pojie and Gerard

Who are proud of their accomplishments.

Of course, what would a running event in Cebu be with the following personalities:

Mang Rening Ilaya, one of Cebu’s veteran runners, and…

Miss Twinkle Ignacio, who ALWAYS wears a costume in every run – which she makes herself. =)

Finally, we waited for the head honcho of, Jinoe, who ran his first full marathon that very day.

So who’s his biggest fan? =P
Oh, a little note. I made that banner. It was originally meant for Condura 2010. =)

And here he is, looking strong!

He finishes his first 42K in a little over 6 hours. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Here he is again, with his wife, Que, and another well-known running personality in Cebu, Doc Raymond Reel Bontol of Reel Running.

Now that we’re complete, it’s time for a class picture!

As a reward for our victory, we rewarded ourselves with lunch at the Golden Cowrie @ Lahug, best known for its crispy pata and its mouth-watering lechon. Hahaha, who couldn’t resist?

Even Junrox matches that with a cold bottle of beer. =)

After all that, here’s my review of the race.

D (direction) – you start off at the IT Park, make your way up to JY Square, left at Gorordo, right at Escario, left at Osmena leading downtown, cross the city hall going to SRP and move straight until you move to the turnaround point and ran where you can from. The course is generally flat, with the exception of some hills, so I’ll give this one an easy to medium difficulty. To some of my running buddies, my bad when I said the course was completely flat. I should have known better. =P

Check out the route.

R (registration) – Manila-based runners were allowed to register via RUNNR BHS. Claiming the race kit was a cinch – it was well-organized and race personnel were accomodating. =D

U (uhaw) – even if you don’t bring a hydration belt, water will be flowing at almost every kilometer! Good job! =D

M (money) – simply put, the money you pay for in this race is ALL WORTH EVERY SINGLE PESO. No need to expound on this one.

S (safety) – marshalls present everywhere, one lane closed off for runners, strict implementation of race rules/regulations, and immediate response by the medical team. What more can I say??? =D

Here were my splits. Too bad it got ruined at KM19 due to cramps… =(

To team CCM, I hope you had fun as much as I did, and I hope you liked my running playground.

And to those involved in the organization of this race, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It is by far the best road race I have participated in and is now my benchmark for future races to come.

DAGHANG SALAMAT, CEBU! I will see you next year!!! =D

Race Review, PART 1 – Cebu City Marathon, January 10

I bade goodbye to the Queen City of the South last year after 7 months of systems development projects and parties, but I mentioned that I will be back when it hosts its first ever international marathon.

On the morning of January 8, I took a plane back to Cebu – to be reunited with my running playground once again. =)


DAY 1 – January 8

A little story before I continue: sometime in December I received an e-mail from my former clients that will be needing me back once again this year in Cebu. I was glad upon hearing this news because Cebu is a really nice place to stay in. That meant me heading back once again to my old condominium, although not necessarily in the same room. That was good news for me, because that would mean less damage – I wouldn’t have to spend much on hotel lodging. The one I previously booked – and the one which I recommended to my running buddies who will be flying in to Cebu over the race weekend – was REALLY close to the starting line. Anyway, upon landing at Cebu, I took a cab back to the condominium, where in I went to my assigned room for the duration of the project and rested a bit.

I was also happy upon receiving the news because that would mean I would get to see the Sinulog festivities. =) But that’s for another day.

In the afternoon, some of my friends had already informed me that they had already arrived at Cebu and were about to check in at their respective hotels. We later on agreed that we would be meeting up at the Ayala Center Cebu Terraces, the site where the carbo-loading party for the Cebu City Marathon will be held. Luis, Tin, and Rico had previous reservations at Cebu Northwinds, upon my recommendation. Jinoe and Que were staying at one of their college friend’s residences. The rest will be following the next day as they made their bookings on a Saturday and will be extending their vacation until Monday. Just before dusk I went to the Active Zone to get my race bib, timing chip, singlet, and the official souvenir shirt of the marathon.

We met up later in the evening to be part of the carbo-loading celebration. We saw some running personalities, like that of Sir Amado; Attorney Haide Acuna, who gave a speech that night; and Sir Jovie AKA Bald Runner. Others who I heard were present (and whom I didn’t get to meet personally) were that of Sir Jonel of Team Hardcore; Miss Jaymie AKA The Bull Runner; and Doctor Yong Larrazabal and his wife, Donna Cruz.

Team Bald Runner and Sir Amado

Totoy, myself, Jinoe, Sir Amado, and Sir Jovie

Also, on this night I got to meet one of my climbing buddies, Dess, who is now part of Team Hardcore, and Tina, also part of

The CLP was well-participated in. Thank goodness it didn’t rain that night. There were 6 restaurants at that time that were offering pasta-based set meals for only 150 bucks. It was really cheap and from the looks of it, it’s really good.



Mayor Tomas Osmena giving the opening remarks

One of the restaurant stalls

Another one

Luis, Tin, Rico, and I were later on deciding where we would get our carbohydrates that night. One of us had suggested that we eat at some restaurant that cannot be found in Manila. We ended up heading to the second floor of the mall to partake our dinner at Sunburst Chicken.

Totoy, Jinoe, Luis

Tin, Q, Tina

But later on we weren’t contented. Our dinner was so good that there was a need for dessert. Hence, we made our way to The Crossroads and taste some sumptuous desserts at La Marea, known for its brownie cups – BAD for those in a diet like myself. =P

Trying to resist temptation =P

Most of us didn’t have that much rest the previous night, so after dessert, we went back to our lodgings and got some massive shut-eye.

DAY 2 – January 9

I was proposing a second round of the CLP to make way for those who will be coming in on this day. Since the running core is well-known for hosting its CLPs at The Old Spaghetti House, I told them that we could have our lunch there. But later on it was suggested that we eat once again at a restaurant that cannot be found in Manila. The first thing that came to mind? Spice Fusion located at the Banilad Town Center. When I was working back in Cebu last year my officemates and I would default to this place if we couldn’t decide anywhere to eat. The food is really palatable here, so I thought it would be a good idea for them to taste their specialities – and true enough, they did like it. Luis, Tin, Rico, and Totoy were first on the scene. I came in late because I had to deal with something that morning.

Unfortunately, Jinoe, Que, and Tina couldn’t be with us that lunch due to separate affairs, but they were replaced by Vic and Pojie, who arrived earlier during the day.



They weren’t able to get race packs yet, so we immediately made our way to Ayala and looked for the Cebu City Marathon booth. We got to meet Dennis AKA The Running Fatboy and his wife along the way. =)

Mar’s bib – look at the sponsor on top. PANGMATAGALAN!

Sorry for the blur.

Luis displaying the CCM singlet

Again, like what happened the previous night, a good meal at Spice Fusion must be followed with dessert. Since we were at Ayala, what better place to some sweet treats than the Dessert Factory. Geez, there goes my diet again. The cakes they offer here are nothing short of mouth-watering.



After eating our rations, Wilnar, Joseph, and Ziggy (part of the running core who has Cebu for its homecourt) met up with us. Jinoe and Que also made their way to our location. By chance, Dennis was also near where we were seated. As a result, you get the following picture.


To complete our day, we went to Crown Regency Tower at Fuente Osmena, home of the famous Edge Coaster and the Skywalk. Prior to releasing our adrenalin and letting go of our fear, we had a buffet. Carbo-loading part 3? You can say that. But the food was unavoidable. The buffet was part of the thousand-peso package which includes the Edge Coaster, the Skywalk, the 4D Theater, and a visit to the Gentleman’s Club.

Look at that…

Makes you want to eat, right?

We had our fill. Seriously.

After eating, we first strapped ourselves in the Edge Coaster, where most of us uttered 4-letter expletives to combat our fear of heights while riding on the edge of a building tilting 55 degrees to the ground. Later on we walked the skies while enjoying the night lights of Cebu and gaining a little preview of the race route.



Lying prone…

Standing on one foot…

And a ‘katorse’ pose. Syet.

Showing off our certificates

Once we were done, we headed to the Gentleman’s Club. Well, you figure what happens. =P We were supposed to head to the 4D Theater afterwards but it was closed. Thankfully we were allowed to go to it the next day.

So how does all of this affect our performance at the Cebu City Marathon? That’s coming soon. =)

Race Review: 1st Jacinto Velez Memorial Run, November 22

This event marks my second to the last road race in Cebu. There’s a little story before I event to this event, actually… =P

The night before the event my office colleagues and I went out to a bar since it’s the last week for some of us temporarily based here. We went to the IT Park where we had ourselves a couple of rounds and practically danced all night long while holding bottles of alcohol on our hands. As a rule, a runner must not ingest any alcohol the night before the run as dehydration is highly likely to occur, causing him/her to weak for the most part. Even though the race was scheduled at 530AM, we still partied until 330AM Sunday morning. Being that it would be a stupid decision to get any more sleep, I decided to go shotgun – upon reaching home I immdiately got dressed, had myself half a liter of water to flush out any alcohol remaining in the bloodstream, and downed a bottle of Gatorade to get energy pumping into my system. Initially, I had that fear that something will go wrong while running, but what the hell – this was an important race so might as well gun it.

Upon reaching the starting line at 430AM, I immediately registered. Thankfully the folks there allow for onsite registration. I was starting to feel the morning chill while waiting for the starting gun so I had to keep myself moving. Good thing that the organizers pitched in a warm-up session – after that, I couldn’t feel any better. Suddenly I felt my blood rising. But even though I was pumped, I couldn’t risk getting heart failure after coming from a party without sleeping. Thus, I set the pace zones of the Garmin between 6:30 to 7:00 min/km.

The gun starts blasted around 615AM, with rainy skies hanging above our heads. This provided a cool start for all of us so it’s no wonder many runners gave it their all during the first few kilometers. It wasn’t that humid and their was a cool breeze blowing against us. I was surprised when I checked the splits during the first 3K – I went beyond the maximum pace zone, hahaha. On the next few kilometers I completed slowed down because it was an uphill course. Besides, I served as a pacer for a 10K first timer. We took the hills together gradually while keeping her company. I didn’t mind the slow splits we were having – it does feel good to be a pacer no matter how slow you might get. =) Upon reaching the apex of the course (and the halfway point as well), she thanked me for helping her conquer the hill, though she was panting heavily. From there I resumed my regular pace and sped on the downhill section of the race route, with rainshowers dissipating my body heat all the way until KM9.5. The approach to KM10 located at Mango Square was another uphill, steeper and tougher than the road to the halfway point of the course. It was also at this point that I realized that the course was going to be overshot, so I told myself to take it easy once the GF 305 reads its 10th lap. From then on I maximized the walk breaks I had until reaching the highest point of Mango Square. Once I was done I resumed running again back to the finish line, where I finished with a relatively good time of 1:18:54, covering a total distance of 11.39K.

Yup, it was indeed a good run. Though I had several amounts of contraband before this race and though I had no sleep at all, I still had the energy to run. In fact, after coming home from the race I couldn’t get sleep immediately, resulting to me being awake for more than 34 hours. =P My sleepiness only kicked on at sunset. But rest assured that I will never race after coming straight from a party. Although I have proven that my body can take it, what I did was quite risky. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again – for now. =P

Here’s my review of the race:

D (direction) – the route will take you to the following:
> from the starting line, right to F. Ramos
> right to Imus Avenue
> right to Osmena Boulevard
> upon reaching Puente Osmena, go right at Robinson’s leading to Maxilom
> left at Gorordo
> conquer the uphill route then go right at JY Square to Salinas Drive
> go straight downhill to access Juan Luna
> right at M. J. Cuenco upon reaching Mabolo Church
> right at Maxilom upon reaching Carreta Cemetery
> beat the uphill then left to F. Ramos again to access the finish line

Visual representation as follows:

It’s a brand new 10K route, but difficulty is placed at medium due to 4K worth of uphill stretch. Still, it’s a route worth taking when doing training runs.

R (registration) – take your pick: either register onsite or one of the allocated registration centers. Either way, there’s no chance you can miss this race.

U (uhaw) – lots of water on this race so no need for a hydration belt.

M (money) – 150 bucks gets you your usual race bib, map, and singlet. Though its a good offer, I wasn’t able to get my singlet because they ran out of it. Oh well. =)

S (safety) – volunteers/marshalls from the Cebu Road Runners Club (CRRC) assisted all runners along the way in terms of traffic control and race guidance. They’ll even let you run on the middle of the road. Just look for that yellow flag and you won’t get lost. =)

Here are the splits that I incurred…


Thanks again to Dr. Raymond Reel Bontol for organizing this race. Will see you soon (along with Atty. Haide) in the Cebu City Marathon next year.

Cebu Run Route # 13: “The Cathedral”

Another Cebu run route completed last night.


When looked at a map, the route is really aptly named for its shape. =P

Total distance of the route covers a flat 10K, traversing on national roads. Be warned though, this is no easy 10K course. There are lots of gradual uphill roads here, especially once you reach Gorordo Avenue. You’ll need that strength and spirit – but of course, if all else fails, you can always go for a walk break, which I did before and after reaching KM6 and 7. Thankfully it was raining last night so the remainder of the route proved to be easy (add to the fact that it was a downhill track). Like always, I ran this one without the help of a hydration belt, so weariness and exhaustion came in just before I reached the halfway point.

I chose to run this course because there are some parts of it that comprise the official 10K route for my final race in Cebu this Sunday. (Yes folks, come this Sunday, I’ll be participating in my last race here in Cebu – my second to the last one, to be exact – before I officially go back to Manila. The official last race is slated for 10 January 2010 – the Cebu City Marathon, of which I plan to do 21K.) So might as well familiarize an re-familizrize myself with the route so that I don’t get shocked come race day.

Memorize these if you want to take on the course:
> condominium
> left to F. Cabahug
> right at Hernan Cortes upon seeing Alpa City Suites
> right at Lopez Jaena upon reaching the wet market/flyover
> straight to Mabolo Church
> right at Maxilom, slightly slowing down before reaching the fork
> right at Gorordo to reach JY Square
> right to Salinas Drive all the way to Juan Luna
> left at F. Cabahug all the way back to the condominium

Here were my splits. Again, they were very uneven. The pace times in the middle of the route indicates slow-but-sure attacks on the uphill portion. But I sped up again once reaching the downhill portions. =)


This should be enough preparation for my 10K race this weekend. Hmmmm, maybe I can pitch up a 5K tempo run tonight. We’ll see.

RUNNR Cebu To Postpone Opening to December 2009

The original planned date for RUNNR Cebu’s opening was supposed to be today (or tonight, as the case may be). However, as shared by Nicole of Toby’s, there were problems with store construction.

Due to this, RUNNR Cebu’s opening will be slated to the first week of December 2009. Too bad I would have officially gone back to Manila by then… =(

Actively running Cebuanos can now look forward to the opening come December – and have for themselves a merry running Christmas, thanks to new running gear. Hehehehe! =)

Cebu Run Route # 12: “The Trailer”

It’s been a long time since I did Cebu running routes. I have to admit, for the most part, I have been using the same routes I have uploaded before or I do my runs on a treadmill. Sometimes I don’t even get to run at all because of the recent increase of intensity at work. Thankfully, last Monday, I was able to accomplish another long run in relatively good conditions. I apologize for posting this only now – I have a good excuse for it.

Here’s the route that I took…


This may well be one of the remaining run routes in Cebu that I will be posting in the next few days as my stay in here is about to come to a close. So I will do my best to make some more in my remaining days here so that other runners may try it out. The route has the shape of trailers that are connected together – hence, the route’s name. Like any of my previous run routes, this is quite carbon-loaded as 95% of it passes on major thoroughfares. There are also a few dark spots so be aware of where you’re going and what you’re stepping on. So if you wish to give this a shot, here’s a tip – BE CAREFUL.

Nevertheless, this is a relatively challenging route, providing an even mix of flatland and uphill. Don’t worry about getting dehydrated in this route since this one has my most hydration stops by far.

To take on this route, memorize the following course.
> condominium
> left to F. Cabahug
> right at Hernan Cortes upon seeing Alpa City Suites
> right at Lopez Jaena upon reaching the wet market/flyover
> right at the Hipodromo section to reach Samar Loop
> left at Archbishop Reyes
> left at Gorordo on the way to Maxilom
> right at Maxilom, just after Jollibee
> straight to Puente Osmena
> right at Osmena Boulevard on the way to the Capitol
> left at Escario
> right at the road leading to M. Velez
> left at M. Velez
> left at V. Rama
> left at B. Rodriguez
> left at Osmena Boulevard to reach the Capitol again
> right at Escario
> go straight until you reach Ayala
> left at Siquijor until you get back to Ayala
> left at Archbishop Reyes
> from here it’s a free-for-all – you can then take small roads leading back to the condominium to attain a 15K (like what is shown on the map)

All in all, this course totals 15K, good for a long run.

I’ll be posting another long run route soon – it will take us once again to the airport. =)

Here are my splits when I did this run.


Cebu City Marathon Registration NOW OPEN!

Details can be found at

Make yourself part of this historic road race! =D

RUNNR Cebu To Be Launched 19 November 2009



With the success of its first branch (and only one so far) in Bonifacio High Street, the folks at RUNNR have expanded their services by making their way to the Visayas.

According to the marketing division of the said establishment (to whom I got in touch with early this afternoon), RUNNR will be making its debut in the queen city of the South – Cebu City – with a launch targeted on November 19, 2009! This is indeed very good news to the running community in Cebu as the sport is increasingly attracting individuals from all walks of life, whether young or old alike. Might I say, the folks at RUNNR will not regret making their way to Cebu and serving the rapidly growing running population here. =)

It is expected that this new branch will be offering the same services as in BHS – particularly the gait analysis. I’m pretty sure that they will have this one also so that newbie and experienced runners will be guided in choosing the right shoe that will take them to places. GO RUNNR! =)


Cebu runners, mark off November 19 from your calendars and head to the launch of RUNNR at Ayala Center. Trust me, this is one event you would not want to pass. Who knows, you might get your next pair of shoes here, as well as additional running gear – and be part of Team RUNNR Cebu! =D

Oh, and speaking of which, RUNNR Cebu is actively looking for people to be part of their team. Only one requirement is needed – ardor and passion for running. If you wish to try it out, send your resumes to

Hoping to see you all of there. I will post more news regarding the opening as it comes along.

(Thanks to Nicole of RUNNR Marketing for sharing this information.)

A Tribute Run To Cory Aquino / Cebu Run Route # 11


This is what greeted Cebu headlines yesterday. Pretty much the same headline would be applicable for the running community today as majority of the members have staged their own tribute runs for former president Cory Aquino. We want to take it to the streets not through violence (like what happened back in 1986), but in the form of a running revolution. According to Pojie, 3 runs have been organized in 3 different places across the metro (I suppose it’s up to the members to decide which location is more convenient for them). I consider today to be the fourth simultaneous run, even though I’m far from Manila right now, as I pay my respects to Cory by running, duly accomplished at 6AM today. What better way to do the tribute run than by wearing this:


I ran along with the Marathon Foodie (aka Haide), a lawyer/journalist working full time in Cebu. She also wore the same top as well and we ran the streets of Cebu early morning. Here’s the route we took.


It was a good run done at a relaxed pace, playing between 6:50-7:20 min/km. The mere fact that there was someone to talk to and someone to run with made this tribute run even more enjoyable, though it was just the two of us. Any uphill paths didn’t present much of a challenge as we pushed one another until we got to the apex. In addition, we were able to run continuously with not even a walk break, although there were some portions where in we had to slow down to cross the road and ensure that we were running against traffic. Along the way we had met some of the Marathon Foodie’s friends. Wow, she’s really that popular indeed.

She’s my first running buddy in Cebu and indeed, it was really an honor to have run and to have exchanged tidbits and anecdotes with someone who’s into the sport as much as I am. I do hope that I get to meet more runners here in Cebu so that we may run together, whether it be a long-distance run or otherwise. Many thanks to you, Haids; I look forward to the next running adventure. =)

This tribute run culminated with breakfast at Jollibee. It’s really nice to get that carb back after a good run.

From the rear entrance Ayala-FGU tower (near Starbucks), make your way to Mindanao Avenue. Turn right at Archbishop Reyes then gain access to the I.T. Park. Do an 8-loop; once done, make your way back to Salinas Drive and head up to JY Square. Make a left to Gorordo, then attack the downhill path until you see the intersection that will take you to N. Escario, and eventually the capitol. Run your way there, then access V. Rama through M. Velez. Head down V. Rama, but turn left to B. Rodriguez, and go straight to Puente Osmena. Take the road back to the capitol, head right at N. Escario, then finally, go all the way back to Mindanao and finally, to Ayala-FGU. That’s 11.38K all in all.

To zoom in on the run route, click here.

Here’s a split analysis as well. The pace was quite consistent.


Some pictures follow:

The Marathon Foodie and Drum and Run.

With Jollibee behind us. Too bad he’s not facing us, hahaha!

Cory, habangbuhay ka mananatili sa aming mga puso. May your soul rest in peace. The running community (as well as every Pinoy) will always be with you.

Cebu Run Route # 10: “The Island”

First up, I apologize for not having blogged a long time. I have been rather busy with work, especially the last week. As a result, I couldn’t find the energy to run, even if I wanted to, as my mind is telling me to take the night off and get some well-deserved rest. For the last 2 weeks, I did bad in my mileage report card – only ran a disappointing 10K all in all. In addition, I ran into some “emotional trouble”, if you know what I mean, at which point I’m trying to resolve already, with some positive results somehow.

With only 2 weeks left before my first major race this month, I vowed to get back into training and get my running form back. Although I quite struggled in the last few kilometers due to exhaustion, I’m still happy to have accomplished a long run with minimal walk breaks and one major hydration stop. This route was completed last night.


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

I’m telling you, I felt grrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeat after that run, and I couldn’t feel any better. =) Yup, I’ll be racking in the miles starting this week and next. Hopefully, I’ll be able to break my 10K record come next Saturday. I don’t care if I’m being marked as the baseline again, like what happened during the Globe-Ayala run; as long as I finish the course then that’s the accomplishment.

From the map itself, the course looks like a small island of shorts. Therefore, the name. Lack of creativity for creating the course name? Well, possibly. Alright, I really couldn’t think of any other label, so I decided to stick with this one.

From the condominium, make your way to Alpa City Suites. Turn right upon reaching the flyover, then run straight all the way to the Carreta cemetery, making sure to turn right at Gen. Maxilom. Upon reaching the fork, take the uphill path at Gorordo – when you get to this section of the route muster all the willpower you have because it’s going to be an uphill struggle. Thank goodness I didn’t stop running during this time, and I was still able to keep within my pace zone. When you see Asilo de la Milagrosa, turn right to Archbishop Reyes, then run all the way to the nearest intersection to Salinas Drive. Make a left, then head right to enter the I.T. Park. Do half of an 8-loop (i.e. encircle the building where NEC is located), then end it at Jose Maria del Mar. Now keep running straight until you see the less-travelled section of the I.T. Park. There is a small patch of concrete there which will lead you to M.J. Cuenco, at which point you should turn left to gain access to A.S. Fortuna. Now make a right and run as fast as you want to, because from here it’s pure downhill. If you do want to stop for a water break (which I did shortly after passing KM12), do so, so you’ll have fuel to run the remaining roads along the route. When you reach Jollibee, make a right at M.C. Briones, then go right at the flyover at Hernan Cortes. Finally, cross the Alpa City Suites, make a left, and run back to the condominium while keeping your spirits up. At the end of course, be happy, because yo would have accomplished a little over 16K.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

I’m also appending my split analysis during this run. Much signs of positive splitting, but it’s alright. I just got the heat back in my legs again. Hahaha. =P


Tomorrow, I’ll be running for former president Cory Aquino, along with some Cebu-based runners. This one’s for the first female president of the country, who gave us the gift of democracy (which tends to be abused most of the time, but what the hell). Hats off to you! The running community will be honoring your contributions through simultaneous tribute runs across the country, as a show of our thanks.

The 33rd Milo Marathon Cebu Leg Results

Finally, I found it. It was there all along at the Milo website.

Click here to view the results and download whichever category applies to you. Scroll down until you see Cebu.

Some concerns, though:
1 – Why were the results located in the year 2008?
2 – How come there’s no 10K category?
3 – For the 21K runners that finished beyond 2:15 (like myself): WHY WERE OUR FINISH TIMES DEFAULTED TO 2:24:23? That’s quite unfair…

It’s a good thing I brought my Garmin with me in this run, so I’m sticking with my official time of 2:17. Apparently, some of the results here are highly inaccurate and need a great deal of clean-up. Race organizers, I hope you can do something about this…

Pictures: July 5 Milo Marathon, Cebu

I have to admit, finding sets of pictures from this event was hard to find over the web. Fortunately, I was able to stumble on one. I grabbed a few select ones and I’d like to share them:

At the starting line, located at Abellana.

The long journey begins!

Props to this lady for braving through the 21K course with a costume on. She’s got the bravura! That must have been a lot of wind resistance. =O

Celebrity # 1: Dr. Yong Larrazabal, running pioneer in Cebu.

On the way to KM8…

Still going strong!

Yup, the smiles are still up… I was making good time. =)

Just passed KM12! =D

We were free to run in the middle of the road. Ain’t that cool?

Need more proof?

Celebrity # 2: Donna Cruz, wife of Dr. Yong Larrazabal, and my childhood crush – until now.

Celebrity # 3: Sen. Pia Cayetano, donning her signature pink attire, complete with bodyguards.

Forget the sabong, just watch the race instead! =P

Many thanks to dstdiego for these pictures. That was a good picture stream. Kudos to you, sir!

Race Review: The 33rd Milo Marathon (Cebu Leg), July 5

According to a well-known movie, revenge is a dish best served cold. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. After a disappointing run at Greenfield City in Laguna several months ago, I vowed to myself that I would be improving my 21K record sometime soon. The race route took on me completely – and besides, I wasn’t that well prepared for it. My second chance to get a 21K was during the Baguio run; however, that one doesn’t qualify since it was short by 3 kilometers. I told myself that someday I will get my chance – even if it means training really hard for it.

I’m quite happy that I got that chance today – here in Cebu. It’s far from my hometown, but I’m here for a project. So might as well take the opportunity. Who knows, something positive might happen. Thankfully, something glorious and wonderful was bestowed upon me today. And I couldn’t be more happier with this achievement. =)


Today’s run was simultaneous with the Manila elimination leg for the national finals. According to the race organizers here in Cebu, statistics show that there are more participants here rather in Manila. Honestly, I found this quite surprising. But the difference was only in thousands. Apparently, there are more dedicated runners here, including students from various schools and universities. No wonder there’s a lot of them.

I had around a month of training before I got myself in this race. Lots of easy runs and tempo runs comprised my program, not to mention distance running exercises. In addition, there was also a speedwork session, which I completely missed due to carelessness (and other commitments). Oh well, I just made up for it by running longer during my long runs and going above the pace that was required of me when I was tasked to do an easy run. Bad? Not really. It did pay off in the end. And it served as practice to maintain the race pace that was required of me today. Along with the training came the numerous carbo-loading sessions (most of them in solid form, anyway). So I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained a few pounds in the process.

Just before the race I set up the pace zones in my Garmin. The training regimen said that I should maintain a pace of 6:46 min/km on race day itself. As such, the Forerunner will alarm me if I go any lower than this. At the same time, it will tell me if I’m going way too fast when I’m running. Anything beyond 6:16 km/min would be bad for me and I would end up hitting the wall in the end. Also, I was thinking whether I should enter the race with a hydration belt or not. This was quite a big decision for me. But since I’ve been doing a couple of Cebu LSDs without it, I might as well gun it. Heck, there will be many water stations along the way. So I left my Nathans back here at the condo. I was completely sure that I will survive this race. Besides, the weather wasn’t that hot, and it wouldn’t dry me up completely.

At the starting line I found a handful of 21K runners ready to tackle the long course. Among them are – to my surprise – Donna Cruz, who still looks pretty to me after all these years (she was my childhood crush); Dr. Yong Larrazabal, her husband, who is a frequent participant at Cebu-based running events; and Sen. Pia Cayetano, donning her signature pink top. Darn To keep up with the team spirit, I wore my favorite singlet. My secondary objective was to promote the team to the runners here in Cebu, hehehe. I wanted to document this run, but since this was going to be a “revenge run”, there was no room for additional weight. It would be cool to have a picture of Donna Cruz beside me at the starting line! Oh well, I’m sure she’ll be present in many other races. There’s always next time.

With a fully-charged soul, my second pair of NB 1063s, warmed-up muscles, no hydration belt, no camera (not even a camphone), and nothing to lose, we started the race at 5:30 in the morning. It was off to the Cebu provinicial capitol and the beginning of a long journey.

At around KM4, I started to feel a tingly, numb sensation on my foot. It’s quite hard to explain what it really was, but for sure it felt like it had a shot of anesthesia or something like that. At first it was quite bearable, but when I got to KM5, it started to annoy me. But I wasn’t in a state of pain, so I still kept up with my face. After KM5 it was a uphill-downhill stretch at N. Bacalso Avenue, so whenever I had to go up I would speed, and whenever the road was going down I slowed down so that I’m still within race pace. But the road to KM9 (and the u-turn on the way to the remaining sections of the race) proved to be hard since it was a continuous elevated path. I kept my spirits up and run as if it were normal flatland. Thankfully there was a water station at the u-turn point, so I took a small break until I finished my water. From then on, it was running all the way back to N. Bacalso Avenue, all the way to Imus Avenue and M. J. Cuenco. The numb sensation on my foot stopped KM12, and I was on fire! I was making good time and there was a 75% chance that I will get a new PR. So I decided to step up a bit – I increased my speed to 6:25-6:30 km/min until I got to more familiar running ground. Oh, I got to greet Sen. Pia and Donna along the way. Hehehe. =P

Just after hitting KM15 my confidence level even grew, because I have been on this road before, and I know how it goes! My relatively fast pace lingered on until I got to the final u-turn point near KM17. There was only 4K to go, and I was still on time, so it was time to push it! I told the runners approaching the u-turn point that there was only 4K to go so that they will have that extra push and make it to the finish line faster. After KM19 I sped up a little bit, since I was traversing a downhill path. Ignoring the fast pace alert (I think I went as fast as 5:55 km/min), I kept my concentration and set my eyes on that finish line with a new record. But after running quite fast, I stopped a bit at KM20 to get some air and rev up for the final stretch of the route. After a minute, I gave it all I got with no fear of collapse or injury, battled a few uphill paths, made my way to the Cebu City Sports Complex, ran 300 meters on the track oval, and finished the race with a huge smile on my face. =)

According to my Garmin, the route was short by 60 meters. But I had beaten by 21K PR by 14 minutes! =D My personal record before stood at 2:31, but now it’s a 2:17. Now that’s awesome! High five! =D

Now THIS was a good race. Not only did I finish it without a hydration belt, but also I finished it faster than what was expected of me from my training program. I couldn’t be happier indeed. I wish the team were here to join me relish in the victory. But I know they’re cheering for me from up there. Here’s to you, guys! =) Darn it, I should have gotten an autograph from Donna Cruz on my finisher’s certificate as a replacement for a picture with her. Too bad I only thought of the idea when I was on the taxi going home. And if ever I did think of it before going home, I don’t have a pen. Waaah. =P

And God, if you only knew the rush of happy hormones I had a while ago, you sure wouldn’t be able to bear with the words coming from my mouth, if you know what I mean. =)

So, here’s my review of the race.

D (direction) – from the Cebu City Sports Complex, race all the way to the Capitol at N. Escario, make your way to M. Velez, then down to V. Rama. Turn right at N. Bacalso Avenue until you get to a portion of the Cebu South Road nearing F. Jaca, then make a u-turn then run straight all the way to Imus Avenue and M. J. Cuenco Avenue. Be careful, though, once you see Innodata, you’ll be making that final u-turn which will take you all the way back to the finish line. When you get to the complex, turn right, then run a partial of the track oval, and you’re done. Since I’ve ran a portion of the route before, I’ll rate this one as an easy to course. It only gets to medium difficuly on certain uphill paths.

R (registration) – you have to go all the way to the Cebu City Sports Complex to get yourself registered. That’s quite far from my current place of residence. Had there been a satellite booth at Ayala/SM, then it would have been much easier. Oh well.

U (uhaw) – abundant water stations. No chance of getting dehydrated along the race course. What’s more, they give it in small plastic bags for easy sipping and disposal. Not environment-friendly, though, but they sure are lightweight and do the trick.

M (money) – for 100 bucks, you get a (relatively good) singlet, with a slightly loaded loot bag in the end, and the much coveted finisher’s certificate. Not bad at all.

S (safety) – volunteers from the University of Cebu, PNP, and local government made this race really safe, to the point that you could even run in the middle of the road instead of the sides. =D

Here’s a map of the 21K course…


As well as a split analysis from the GF 305.


So what’s next in line for me? The Fit and Fun Buddy Run. I’ll make a return to the 5K category along with Rod. Time to take it easy until the Globe-Ayala run. A new PR again? Well, we’ll see about that. For now, I’ll just enjoy the victory I garnered today while gorging on lots of food to recover all those calories I lost for exerting major effort on today’s race. =)

I got my revenge today, and it feels good.

Cebu Run Route # 9: “The Signature”

Completed 5:30 this afternoon. =)


(Markers are shown in kilometers. Additional note: the route was directly imported from my Garmin.)

This route looks like a signature to me, especially when viewed from afar, so I was able to so I dubbed it as such. This run took me to the further western part of Cebu City, particularly downtown, where the pasalubong area is.

Initially I was supposed to do 23K today. But unfortunately, I felt tired upon passing KM12. That’s why I had to cut my run short a while ago. On top of that, I had to battle with some uphill paths a while ago under the afternoon heat, especially on the way to KM6. Finally, the thirst factor. Again, I did this run without the use of a hydration belt. I had to stop somewhere before passing KM15 for a couple of water bottles. I was already thirsty and my body couldn’t wait for the next passable gas station. Oh well. But what the heck, I’m glad that I accomplished a long run today. =)

And just between the two of us, this run was supposed to be done early this morning. My bed kept me lying down for a few more hours until I realized later on that I have woken up late for my training. Again, what the heck, I’m glad that I accomplished a long run today. =)

From the condominium, run all the way to Pres. Roxas Street. Make your way down then make a right at F. Cabahug. Ascend all the way to Juan Luna, then make a left at Archbishop Reyes Avenue. Veer to the right until you get near the flyover. Upon seeing Parklane Hotel, make a right, then just go straight. Currently, you are at N. Escario. Run straight until you get to the capitol. Make an immediate after the capitol, then take the first left. Go straight until you reach the second intersection which will take you to V. Rama Avenue. Head right, then tackle the uphill path. You’ll know you’re near your u-turn point when you reach Petron. When you do, go the opposite way, and run like the wind until you reach the end of V.Rama. Make a left to N. Bacalso and bear with the uneven path. Upon seeing Central Bank, make a left, then head to Puente Osmena, then run all the way back to the capitol. Take a right to N. Escario, and upon reaching the end, make a right at Gorordo. Slow down to make your left at Cardinal Rosales Avenue. Go straight until the second intersection, then make a right at Juan Luna. Turn left at M. J. Cuenco and run against traffic as much as possible. Keep your eyes peeled for Tres Borces street – you’ll make your left there. Again, another uphill battle for you. Upon seeing F. Cabahug, turn right, then just go straight until you see Pres. Roxas Street. Now head home. This is a total of 17.85K all in all.

I garnered an average pace of 7:05 min/km for this LSD. Not bad at all. =) Also, I got the following data from my Garmin:
KM Length (km) Pace (min/km)
1 1 6:56
2 1 7:03
3 1 7:03
4 1 6:54
5 1 6:54
6 1 8:24 (darn uphills)
7 1 6:43
8 1 6:33
9 1 6:31
10 1 6:34
11 1 6:48
12 1 6:54
13 1 6:52
14 1 6:55
15 1 7:00
16 1 7:00
17 1 8:43 (again, hills!)
18 0.85 6:36

Though short of a little over 5K, I’m pretty sure this is enough for me to finish that Milo 21K 2 weeks from now. =)

Cebu Run Route # 8: “The Shoe”

Yet another running adventure completed tonight. =)


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

This route looks like more of a woman’s shoe, because of the heels marked by KM6 to KM9. Don’t mind the representation of “shoelaces” on KM1 and KM11-12. Really, they don’t go well with heels. Hahaha! =P

Unfortunately, this is officially my second run for the week (the first one was last Sunday, where in I did a 10K). I wasn’t able to run much this week because I have been arriving home from work in a drained and quasi-wasted state, making me all the more lazy to get off from the couch to get into gear and run. It’s a good thing I was reminded about the upcoming Milo Marathon, which will happen in around 2 weeks. Thankfully there wasn’t that much to do today, although I got bogged down with several testing procedures, so I was all the more inspired to run. And boy, did it feel goooooooood. =) No walk breaks here, and no hydration stops. One good run indeed.

I want to do another run on Saturday so that I attain my weekly mileage. But I’ll shorten the distance so that I’ll be pumped up the next day for a new running route that will get me and my 1063s moving for nearly 23 kilometers. =D When I finish that one I’ll be posting about it.

From the condominium, head off to a slow start until you get to Sarrosa Hotel. Then make a left and go straight to Alpa City Suites. Once you reach this section run against the vehicles that go towards you. You will be passing along an intersection with a flyover – although you’re supposed to go straight, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO ABOVE IT, unless you want to end your life right away. Continue running until you get past Makro. Turn left at the intersection nearest to SM City Cebu, then make another left at the end. You’ll now be at S. Osmena Avenue, so remember to go against traffic – and try to bear with the carbon-loading as much as possible. Exhale all that bad juju while you’re running. Just follow the majority of the cars playing along this road so you won’t get lost. When you cross Mandaue City, make a left at the city’s hospital, then go straight. Turn left at the second intersection with the stoplight, not the first one. Upon making that left, keep your eyes on the road for this section will be dim, if you run this route at night. Slow down if necessary – you’re going to need it. You’ll be making a left to M. C. Briones upon seeing a flyover. Once you reach this path, you now have the chance to go along with the jeeps since they don’t speed that much, but do be careful for them. At the end of the stretch, you’ll be seeing another intersection with a flyover (you passed this on earlier – it’s your landmark that you’re almost home). Make a right, go straight, then left upon seeing Alpa City Suites, and head home, while not forgetting to make a right at Sarrosa to head back to base camp. All in all, this route bears a length of 12.36K. I only did 12.05K since I had warmed up and cooled slightly near the hotel, and I ran that 12.05K at a 6:55 min/km pace. Very nice run indeed.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

I’ll be running again this weekend, with Sunday being the longer one. Probably I’ll head to the I.T. Park on Saturday and do something less than 10K. But what I can’t wait for is the 23K LSD… this should be a thrilling run. =D

Cebu Run Route # 7: “The Infinity Run”

Before anything else, I extend my congratulations to all those who ran the Mizuno Infinity Run 2009 at The Fort this morning. I hope everyone had a good time (and broke their own PRs as well).

As a replacement for the aforementioned run (which I wasn’t able to attend due to budget constraints), I made up a replacement route so that somehow I’ll be running with the team in spirit. This one was completed a few hours ago, just before night broke in.


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

Total run length for this route is 10.5K. And it’s very obvious that this route has the shape of an infinity loop. Hence, the name. No need to explain the reason why. =P The run was done this afternoon, while the sun was hiding from the clouds and while there was minimal humidity and heat. Add to that a semi-strong breeze that keeps you fresh somehow until you finish your run. Again, I’m faced with the usual problem of carbon loading, since I ran on national roads, and walk breaks due to the numerous amount of intersections I had to stop at. Better safe than sorry, right?

My training program told me to peak at 10K with a 7:42 pace. I finished mine with 6:54. Trying to keep up with the tempo so that I won’t slack off come the Cebu Milo Marathon.=)

From the condominium, have a slow start until you get to Sarrosa hotel. Make a left, then take a right to Hernan Cortes upon seeing Alpa City Suites. Go straight to the wet market/flyover then make another right to Lopez Jaena. Then run all the way until you see the next intersection with a stoplight – that’s Juan Luna. Now make a right and ensure that you run against traffic because many jeeps will be plying on this road. Go straight until you pass the F. Cabahug and Archbishop Reyes intersections. When you do, prepare to muster your strength, because you’ll be going through an uphill battle after crossing the Waterfront Hotel and the I.T. Park. Keep that momentum you have until you reach JY Square Mall. You can resume your speed after you have made your left on the said mall – now you are at Gorordo Avenue. Now you run as fast as you want to, because you’ll have a rolling path from this point. Again, run against traffic because this is another of them national roads that you should be careful of. And if you get to see any bikers along this stretch that greet you, respond to them. =) After you see Asilo de la the Milagrosa church, slow down so that you’ll know when to make your left to Cardinal Rosales. Once you’ve done that left, run along with the traffic as there’s not much public transportation there, but stay along the sidewalk just to be sure. Keep the momentum until you reach the Juan Luna intersection, then push yourself as you run all the way back to the hotel.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

My long runs are scheduled every Sunday. I’m planning another LSD soon so that I get to peak another 21K. It’s a breakaway from my training plan, but what the hell. =)

Cebu Running Event # 2: 33rd Milo Marathon

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this one. Hahaha!


This will be my first time to join a race sponsored my Nestle Philippines; it’ll also be my first 21K here in Cebu. Initially I was planning to go back to Manila to join my running team for this one (the Manila and Cebu legs are scheduled on the same day), but I let it go for a change in running environment. So I’ll be representing the team here in Cebu. Too bad that they won’t let me wear the singlet – regulations state that all runners MUST wear the Milo Marathon singlet, otherwise they won’t be allowed to run. I guess this is for added identification when runners pass by the numerous water stations along the race course. Oh well. Can’t do anything about that. =)

Since I’m gotten used to running long distances without the use of a hydration belt (case in point: my 16 Earth Run in which I did particularly good), I’m thinking whether not to use for this race. There will be many water stations along the route anyway. But we’ll see. If I get to peak a 21K LSD without my Nathan bottles, then I should be fine.

I got myself registered for the 21K elimination run this morning at the administration office of the Cebu City Sports Complex. Here’s what you get:

The usual race bib and race map; and…
…the Milo Marathon singlet. Quite soft on the skin, actually. Here’s the front view…
…and the back one. Gives you the push. =)

Registration is only 100 smackeroos. 5K and 10K runners enter at 50, while the 3K kiddie run is priced at 40. Before you do register, make sure to have one empty Milo packet with you, weighing at least 300 grams. It’s an important requirement – but I don’t exactly know what they’re going to do with this, though. Good thing I have a pack of Milo back at my unit, so I just emptied it and stored the remaining contents in a bottle. When I looked at the accomplished registration forms it looks like that there will be many who will take the half-marathon challenge. Wow, this should be exciting. And I’m hyped up for this one.

This race is scheduled on July 5, and there’s less than a month left.

I managed to map the routes for the different events via MapMyRun. The start and end point of the race is the registration site itself – the Cebu City Sports Complex.

3K course (click here to zoom in further)
From the starting line, go straight to Puente Osmeña via Jones Avenue. Cross the rotonda and head straight to Osmeña Boulevard. Once you see Jovens Grill, make a u-turn then head back all the way you came from. Easy as pie.

5K course (click here to zoom in further)
Same as the 3K course, but this time, once you reach Jovens Grill, continue until you reach the provincial capitol. Make a left at N. Escario, then take an immediate right that will lead you to M. Velez. Continue straight, then upon reaching the V. Rama, turn left. Run all the way until you see B. Rodriguez, at which point you should make a left. Head straight to Puente Osmeña, cross the rotonda, then turn right and run all the way to the finish line. Oh, FYI, the official length of this one extends 300m further, as per my mapping. So it’s 5.3K.

10K course (click here to zoom in further)
Same as the 5K course, but instead of making a left to B. Rodriguez, continue going down V. Rama. When you see Bacalso Avenue, make a left, then speed all the way to M. J. Cuenco. It’s one straight stretch. Just follow the road. Remember to make that u-turn slightly after the Hippodromo, then run all the way back to the finish line.

21K course
Okay, here’s the problem. I tried mapping it out, but I’m 5K short of the official route. But it’s similar to the 10K route, only that instead of making a left to Bacalso Avenue from V. Rama, you have to make a right instead. Then head straight to some u-turn point located near Arbecs Bakeshop (which I couldn’t find on the darn map!), then run all the way to M. J. Cuenco and Lopez Jaena. Upon seeing the Innodata XML Factory, make another u-turn, then it’s all the way to the finish line. So unfortunately, I couldn’t provide a map for this one – for now.

As far as experience goes (thanks to my LSDs), all courses will be run on flat land. Not much hill attacks here. So there’s a big chance for me to beat my 21K PR here – and reach the official cut-off time of 2:30. =)

This is going to be one good race!

Cebu Running Event # 1: STAA Move With Air Run

Yehey, a running event in Cebu (apart from the Milo Marathon, that is)! =D

EVENT: St. Theresa’s Alumnae Association (STAA) Move With Air Run
LOCATION: St. Theresa’s College campus grounds, Cebu City (relatively near to the Puente Osmeña Circle)
DATE: 19 July 2009
REG FEE: Php200
REG LOCATION: Athlete’s Foot in Ayala Center Cebu; Yayoy’s Grill; PSC Office in Cebu; or the Cebu City Sports Complex.
CONTACT DETAILS: Iris Polotan, +639285041234

For those running in Cebu, you might want to consider this.

I will definitely be in this competition. =)

Cebu Run Route # 6: “The Warped Tank”

This is LSD # 4, completed just a little over an hour ago. =)


Why the name? Well, if you use your imagination, it REALLY looks like a misshapen, distorted tank. Hahaha.

Here’s a confession: I was supposed to do this run early this morning, around 4AM. But since my cellphone’s alarm clock refused to cooperate with me – yes, I put the blame on the alarm clock and not on me accidentally hitting the stop button instead of the snooze – I decided to do this after work instead. Before I started I prayed that it wouldn’t rain because I don’t want that squeaky feeling in my shoes. Thankfully, the heavens granted my request, and I was able to run well.

This LSD is so special for the following reasons: (1) it’s the first one to reach the farther western part of Cebu City: (2) I had highly minimal breaks while running (I was forced to stop while crossing intersections and streets, I had no choice!); and (3) I didn’t bring a hydration belt, just to test my limits. This is why as of the moment I’m typing this post with 2 Gatorade bottles beside me. Hahaha! The only long break I had during the run was when before I hit KM15 – my body was yelling for fuel. Good thing there was a gas station so I took a stop there and prepared for the final stretch of the run.

And might I say, the view of the Cebu Provincial Capitol and the Crown Regency Towers is impressive at nighttime. Too bad I didn’t bring along my phone for this run, I could have taken a few shots. Since this run was approaching the downtown section of Cebu, I didn’t want to take the risk of having my phone stolen in the middle of the road. Better safe than sorry. But the memory is fresh in my head. =)

From the condominium, get yourself warmed up until you reach F. Cabahug. After you make a left, start running, then go straight until you see Alpa City Suites, at which point you should make a right. Go straight until you see the flyover, but don’t go up it. Instead, turn right upon reaching the intersection underneath it. This brings you directly to Lopez Jaena, one of the many national roads you will be running, so make sure to run against traffic. Go straight then cross the intersection fronting the Mabolo Church. You’re now officially at M.J. Cuenco. Keep on going straight until you see a signage leading to Puente Osmeña. Turn right at the intersection. You’ll know you’re at the right path if you immediately see a cemetery to your side. When you get to a fork at the end, take the left path at this will lead you to Puente Osmeña. When you do pass St. Theresa’s College (and get a grand view of the Crown Regency Towers), that’s the signal you’re near the circle. Battle the semi-uphill path then make a right. Take the street that will lead you directly to the capitol – it’s only a kilometer away. It’ll be flat land on the way to the capitol so run like the wind if you want to. At the intersection fronting the capitol, make another right, then tackle the uphill and downhill paths leading to the University of the Philippines in Cebu. Once you’re past that, you’re halfway done. Just continue running straight and make sure to make a right when you see a signage leading to the port area. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you see JY Square Mall within the vicinity. You’ll have another chance to run like the wind because it’s another downhill ride for you! But when you see the Asiatown I.T. Park, make a left, and do an 8-loop. Once you’re done, exit the park, and head to Gov. Cuenco Avenue. Run straight until you front Gaisano Mall, then make a right at the signage leading to VECO. Now head back to Gov. Cuenco Ave. via J. Panis street, then upon reaching the flyover, make a left at Juan Luna, make another left at a side street leading to F. Cabahug, then speed all the way back to the condominium. That’s 16.9K for you.

When I passed by St. Theresa’s College, I saw that they’re hosting a race on July 19. Categories and the race routes are unknown, so I’ll contact the organizers regarding this one. The run is entitled “Move With Air”. Looks like this will be my second race from the month of July – the other one is the Milo Marathon, simultaneous with Manila.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

Another LSD soon? Why not? But I need to train for the Milo Marathon 21K. I’m looking forward to beat my current time of 2:30. =)

Cebu Run Route # 5: “The Airport”

Another LSD completed this morning – to be exact, nearly 4 hours ago. This is by far the longest LSD I’ve ever done. =)


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

This one is similar to the long run I had last Saturday, only that this time around, I took some time and effort to visit the airport. Hence, the route’s name. =P Again, I had to wake early for this one. I set my alarm to 330AM but I had a hard time getting my touche off the bed since it was cold in my room and I only had around 4 hours of sleep. But what the hell, it’s now or never. This LSD was supposed to be done yesterday but I stayed up late to watch a movie with my colleagues at work. Another reason why I got up early is that the sun rises quite early in Cebu, and I don’t want the heat to disturb my training. So I was out on the roads by 4AM. I thought that I would finish a little before 7AM, but the heat got into me as I passed the 16K mark and beyond. Yep, it was THAT hot already by 7AM and I couldn’t concentrate that much anymore. Admittedly, after KM16 I had to go with my usual run-and-go strategy so that I’ll have enough strength to get back to the condominium. In addition, I had to stop at the gas station to refuel my hydration belt, and drink some Cobra so that I’ll be pumped up somehow. Caffeine, glorious caffeine.

And yeah, I got to go through the twin bridges of Cebu yet again, with the usual crowd of morning joggers conquering the apex and doing their stretching. One thing I found very relaxing during the run was the fact it was breezy on top of the Marcelo Fernan bridge – there is a section approaching KM8 where in you can feel the breeze. I had to stop and feel it since it was really soothing to the body. After a few minutes of rest and appreciation of this wonder, I ran again.

Surprisingly enough, I finished the entire course in 3 hours and 18 minutes. The usual pace I would normally go for an LSD would be a constant 10 min/KM. Yes, my legs do feel tired as of now, but hey, at least I completed it though it was blazing hot in the last few stretches of the run. In the end I was semi-wasted but fulfilled, and eventually I rewarded myself with a sumptuous breakfast c/o Jollibee. =)

Starting from the condominium, work your day down to F. Cabahug, then make a left. Follow the vehicles until you get to Alpa City Suites. Make a right when you see this building. Continue running until you see a mini-flyover. Underneath it is M. Briones, one of the national roads will be traversing for this course of this run. Turn left, and make sure you run against traffic. It would be helpful if you bring along a light source at this section since there are many dark areas and you might trip on something, thereby causing you to lose your momentum. If you do see any flyovers along the way, do not attempt to go up them or you wil be run over. SERIOUSLY. Run until you see a signage showing the way to Mactan Airport. This is the time to go right, and when you do, you have passed KM5. Run along with the other runners that come your way – they will be making their way up to the bridge. When you get there and feel a rush of wind move across your body, stop a while and take time to appreciate it – it won’t be that windy after that. After crossing the bridge, make a left, and you will be heading to the Mactan Export Processing Zone. You will have some landmarks telling you when to make a right to the airport: (1) a welcome sign from the export processing zone itself; (2) a big clock from Timex, which will remind you of Big Ben in London; and (3) another signage. Now battle the gradual uphill path and continue running until you see the airport’s tarmac. Keep running until you see the arrows leading to the departure area. When you get to the actual airport itself, you’re halfway done with the course. Refuel and rest a while, then go back all the way you came from. After you’ve passed the big Timex clock and made a left, run to the second bridge. When you get down from it, you have 6K to tackle, but it will be hard if the sun’s already up, so head home as fast as you can with minimal breaks! When you see a flyover, make a left, then head your way to the second flyover, at which point you should make a right. Run until you see Alpa City suites again – you’ll have only a little over 2K so push yourself. At Sarrosa hotel, make a right, then run all the way back to the condominium.

I got some pictures c/o of my phone’s camera. =)

KM0. Actual time of departure: 407AM.

Just passed the 5K mark.

KM6. A little more before I get to the bridge…

This bridge looks familiar…

…and this one, too.
Heck, they’re both glorious sights with the lights on. =D

Admiring the view with the breeze from the left…

…now from the right.

One of them markers telling you you’re near the airport.

Actual road to the airport.

The tarmac from afar. Can you see the plane?

The hotel LITERALLY beside the airport. Cool, huh.

Wait, I covered the departures and arrivals signage…

Oh, there it is.

Hey, I’m not exactly leaving yet… =P

Welcome to the airport. It’s this busy already at 6AM.

Resting with the trees…

Time to go back.

A semblance of Big Ben, c/o the folks at Timex.

Wow, looks like the Golden Gate bridge from afar. Already passed KM15 at this point.

The Sykes building – the signal that you’re almost done.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

I think this should be enough training for the next race I’m about to join in. Time to taper. But I’ll still be running this week – it’ll be a bunch of easy runs from here on in. =)

Cebu Run Route # 4: “The Ocho-Ocho”

Yet another fabricated running route from me. This time, much of it is at Asiatown I.T. Park, home of a plethora of recreational runners/joggers. The place in itself is very breezy, though we can’t always discount the pollution. On a good note, though, not many vehicles pass through it, like the major roads of Cebu. That’s why the air is more breathable here than in my previous run routes. Along with the tall buildings you’ll find lots of fields where anyone can do practically almost anything – like stare at the stars or discuss in a group or simply talk to your friends.


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

Why do I name the route as such? Because when you get to the I.T. Park itself, you can run a route having the shape of an “8”, as shown on the map. An “8” is roughly 1.67K, a little over a mile, so you’ll gain a little over than 8K of mileage if you do five laps. If you deign to do 8 of them, however, you’ll garner 13.36K. So you can take your pick. Either:
– do 8 figure-8s; or
– do just enough figure-8s to run 8K.
No matter what happens, in the end, you would have gotten an “ocho-ocho”. =) I opted for the first choice since it’s really a good running spot and I wanted to maximize my time on it.

From the condominum, make your way down to Sarrosa hotel, then turn right. Battle the traffic until you get to Juan Luna, then make another right. Make sure to stay on the opposite side of the road. Go straight until after you cross the flyover. Once you do, veer to the right a bit, you’re almost about to enter the I.T. Park itself. Go to the farther end of the park as this is the starting point of the figure-8. Do as many as you want to, but make sure to listen to your body when you’re tired. When you’re done, run all the way you came from, making sure to run against traffic.

Going to the I.T. Park and back is 4.18K. Keeping in mind that an “8” is 1.67K, just multiply this to the number of loops you actually did and you’ll get your total mileage. As for me, since I completed 8 loops, that’s a total of 17.45K, making this my second LSD in Cebu. =)

To zoom in on the map, click here.

Can’t wait for the next LSD… =)


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