Race Review: Run For Their Lives @ The Fort, March 15

This is race number 5 for this year, and my 3rd 10K road race.

Initially, I was planning to skip this event because of the following excuses: (1) I came from a drinking session with college friends the night before the race, and (2) I had lack of sleep. My inuman was held at Quezon City and I had to drive all the way back to Parañaque.

But what the hell, I might as well run it anyway, it’ll be part of my training for the Condura Run half-marathon.

The weather was just right for running. The sky was filled with dark clouds and it was hinting at rain, but thankfully the gods decided to let us run on dry asphalt. Besides, I’m not used to running under the rain. I’m scared of pneumonia. As expected, there were a lot of running groups present. But the groups that caught my attention were the following: (1) a contingent of Koreans who ran the 3K course – I think there were around 30+ of them; and (2) an all-female group who ran the 10K course wearing toy tutus. Quite cute, actually. Now that’s establishing group identity. Way to go, guys! And for the first time, I got to experience a road race with a mass start – meaning, the 3K and 10K runners started at the same time. Usually, the long distance runners would head off first before the short distance one.

I had a lot of walk breaks in this race, unfortunately, but I still managed to finish it in 1 hour 7 minutes (according to the race clock). It’s 2 minutes off my personal record for 10K, but still relatively within the 1 hour range, so it’s still somehow favorable.

So, here’s my review:

D (direction) – starting point was near the NBC Tent, then right to 26th Street, then another right at Rizal Drive; once you get to Chowking, right at 32nd Street and then turn right once more when you get behind the Serendra Condominiums; just go straight then make a couple of turns until you get to where Essensa is; then head to Lawton Avenue, where you will run past along the American Cemetery; once you get to McKinley Hill, turn left then start battling all those uphill climbs near Accenture and the British Embassy; make your way back to Lawton Avenue then run your way to the NBC Tent. Overall, it was a course of medium difficulty. You will have to exert extra effort when you get to the McKinley area.

R (registration) – registration centers were present in most New Balance shops across the metropolis. Not bad at all. I got myself registered at the New Balance outlet in Alabang.

U (uhaw) – the idea of giving a bottle of mineral water before you get to 32nd Street was a very good idea, but it proved to a hassle for those who weren’t used to carrying bottles during a road race, like myself. But don’t get me wrong, there were also lots of hydration centers giving cups of lukewarm mineral water. You wouldn’t get dehydrated in this race for sure.

M (money) – 250 smackeroos for a 10K course with a finisher’s medal? No complaints. Period.

S (safety) – the only “unsafe” portion of the race was in Lawton Avenue, when many runners had to cross the street just to get to McKinley Hill without getting run over and while keeping their running momentum. But everything else proved to be good.

Next race: the Condura Skyway Run. Let’s hope my legs don’t fail me on this one! And I’ll be awaiting my second finisher’s medal for the year!


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