Condura Run Finishers To Be Published!

I received word from that all those who registered for the Condura Run this coming Sunday, March 22nd, will have their names printed on the Philippine Star. When this will be coming out is something I don’t know.

This is really, really good news. Whoever conceived of this idea is a complete genius! Runners will have their names immortalized in history, so to speak, and it will add to that “runner’s high”. Being that this run will be my first half-marathon ever, I can’t wait for this one. However, there is that pressure to step up the pace so that you won’t wind up dead last in the category you signed up for. Honestly, I don’t mind coming in last, as my primary objective for this run would be to arrive in one piece without any injuries whatsoever, and to finish the race with a smile and a sense on fulfillment. Nevertheless, I will do everything I can to complete the run in under 3 hours.

This is another thing to share to my future offspring. I’ll make sure to laminate that section of the newspaper when it becomes available to the public.

Right now, I’m taking the week off from running so that I get to relax my muscles as much as possible. Admittedly, my left thigh is sort of strained from all the training I took, but after decreasing my mileage and getting enough rest, it’s relatively back in shape for running again. But I’m planning to pitch in one final 10K run to keep the fire burning. I hope that the strain doesn’t show itself again. Although it’s not that painful, it gets annoying and makes me lose my focus, especially after crossing the 10-kilometer mark.

That reminds me, I need a good full body massage as well so that I’m alive and kicking come March 22.

To all those who will be participating in the run – especially those running atop the Skyway – good luck! =)


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