Pictures: March 20 Carbo-loading Party

Just before hit Fort Bonifacio for the ever-anticipated Condura Skyway run, it hosted a carbo-loading party (aptly dubbed as CLP) for all the members to accomplish the following objectives: (1) to have a high-energy meal so as to provide us all the necessary fuel during the race, and (2) to get to know some of the members. I didn’t know that much people yet, except for Erick, but thankfully Josiah (office colleague and official photographer) to keep me company somehow.

The food was provided by Kenny Rogers. Yummy. There was a big serving of spaghetti with humongous meatballs, potato salad (which I wasn’t able to chow down since I was quite full already), lots of iced tea, and their famous roasted chicken. Quite frankly, I was very satisfied with the food. I could have consumed more, but since I had a couple of pizzas for breakfast and a hefty serving of pasta for lunch during this day, I decided not to gorge down any further. It’ll make me much heavier (and lose my diet at the same time). Hahahaha!

A few noted personalities graced the event, like that of my idol, Sir Junie (aka BaldRunner), and Marc Nelson. I was rather hesitant to have my picture taken with Marc, but what the hell, I posed beside him nonetheless. Josiah took that picture and I’m waiting for him to send me my shots. It was also in this night that I met Sir Rene (aka JazzRunner), from whom I took the review of the Nathan hydration belt I currently own.

This event was a success. Not only did I get to know some of the members of, but also I went home with a happy stomach, armed and ready for the Condura Skyway run. Many thanks to the individuals who thought of this event. Without a doubt, it was the best, and I’m hoping that there will be many more of these in the days to come.

Here are some pictures coming from my camera. For those who are reading this post, feel free to grab as many as you want. =)

Sir Jinoe leading the prayer…

A not-so-stolen shot. Hehehe!

And yet another one… Nice one, Natz!

Pastor Craig and the group.

With BaldRunner himself. Big fan. =)

Class picture (without me =P)

For those who want soft copies, please leave a comment and I’ll mail you as soon as I can. =)


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  1. i2runner

    hi bro, kindly email me the pics at
    thank you very much!

    hi natz, it’s on the way. =)

    March 23, 2009 at 12:29 PM

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