Officially Registered For The Greenfield and ATC Runs!

Last night was perfect night to do errands after doing a 3K run. One of those errands would be to sign up for a few road races. As of last night, I’m officially registered for my only road race in April and one of the few races in May – the Greenfield City run and the Alabang Town Center Southern Race.

Here are some pictures:

I like my race number for the Greenfield bib. Remove one of the 8s, and then append a jack in the end, and I have a straight hand in poker. =) There’s the usual barcode on the left, and the stub. If you’ll notice, the lower right hand corner is missing already. One of the race sponsors, Chris Sports, is hosting a raffle during the run itself. The missing part is the raffle stub which you will drop off at Nike Bonifacio High Street, after completing the registration process. I didn’t ask what the prizes were, but I’m sure they’ll be giving away some good stuff.

The picture’s not that clear, but I’m racer # 7 for the 10K category in Alabang.

Oh, a little info for those registering for the ATC run: the race packs are not available as of yet. You’ll have to come back on April 6 to get them. No problem with me regarding that one, since I live near Alabang. I’ll come back for it after the LSD on April 12 at Santa Rosa.

Can’t wait for my third finisher’s medal this year – and for the scenic run at Alabang! See you all there, folks! =)


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