More Races for April 2009!

I wasn’t able to train last week due to a holy week trek with my family at the southernmost part of Luzon. Hence, this is why I am pitching in a few more races before April ends:

April 18 – SlimmeRUN @ The Fort, distance of 5K
April 25 – Sun Fest Fun Run 2009 @ Ayala Alabang, distance of 10K

Clearly, running 300 meters barefoot on white sand wasn’t enough for me. Hehehe!

There’s another reason why I’m joining the aforementioned races. It’ll all be made clear tomorrow, when I get further details from my superiors. For sure, my next post will be a mix of smiles and tears…


One response

  1. gil

    hello, there..

    is it not injury prone to join a race for two consecutive sundays? because there is more intensity in running in the race than just a usual practice or jog. just asking

    hello gil,

    technically, joining two races in a row means more chances of injury – for example, having a 10K on saturday then doing a 21K on sunday is a silly idea. but with regards to your scenario, having a race for two consecutive sundays is not bad at all, as long as you get the appropriate rest. last march 2009 i engaged in a race EVERY sunday, with the exception of march 29.

    April 14, 2009 at 9:09 AM

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