Pictures: April 15 LSD @ Bluewave Macapagal

As part of our training for the Greenfield City 21K run on April 19, Pojie has initiated an LSD which will go through the car-filled sections of Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. Starting point is at Bluewave Macapagal, then will head down south until we reach Uniwide Coastal, then we make a u-turn and go up north to where we came from. After that, head west to SMX and attack the Mall of Asia sea loop. Once completing the sea loop it will go back to Diosdado Macapagal Avenue again, then will pass by the Folk Arts Theater, PICC, and CCP. Once that’s done, we head back south to our starting point. In fact, we were so hyped up that we even managed to include a 250m uphill training session at the CCP driveway before finishing our run.

The original route was supposed to go further up north to Manila’s famed KM 0 (i.e. Luneta Park), then to Anda Circle in Intramuros, which will be our u-turn point before meeting up with Bluewave once again. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable commitments from some of the runners, we had to cut it short. In the end, our LSD garnered a distance of 15.3K instead of the original 20K. Here is a picture of the actual route we took.


And this time around, I took pictures before, during, and after our run. Among those who participated in the LSD were Pojie, Gab, Rod (who caught up with us in the middle of the run), and myself. Chelly, Jonas, and Doc T were supposed to come, but couldn’t make it due to circumstances beyond our control. Here they are!

Definitely it’s taper mode for all of us now, it was a tiring run (and dangerous one at that, for the fact that there were many cars and there’s lot of carbon dioxide emissions). But I’ll be running a 5K this Saturday at the SlimmeRUN event for warm-up purposes. =)

P.S. Gab, what’s with you and the number 3? =P


One response

  1. red


    sa maga chefs ko nakikita yang sign na yan eh.
    baka dating chef si gab sa past life nya.



    hi rod!

    baka nga. he hasn’t gotten rid of the habit 😛

    April 18, 2009 at 10:44 AM

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