Race Review: SlimmeRUN, April 18

Race number 7 for the year, and a comeback at the 5K category for me. =)

This race wasn’t supposed to be in my list of planned races for the year. Unfortunately, due to the Cebu re-assignment, I had to pitch this one in the list so that I’ll be able to run as much as I can before leaving. I only signed up for a 5K run since I have a half-marathon event the next day, and I don’t want to waste myself before this event (I’ll be writing my review on that half-marathon experience soon). In turn, this made me shift into a “chill run” pace, of which I ended up completing the 5K course in around 35 minutes. I could have been faster, given that I am very familiar with the race route itself, but I don’t want to sacrifice my quads.

takbo.ph members also participated here. Some of them couldn’t make it to the Greenfield City Run even the next day so they signed up for the 16K category. Among those who came short of completing a half-marathon were Bong, Timmy, Efren, Marvin, and Chelly. A few fellow runners also joined with me in the 5K event, like that of Carina and Josiah. Pat was feeling the need for intense speed so he went for the 3K category. It was merely a simple speed run for him. Note that since he’s practicing to become an ultra runner, 3K was a cinch for him. Chelly had a couple of blisters during the event, but Bong and Pat (they had already completed their run) came to the rescue, so she had a couple of people to pace with. But nevertheless, she crossed that finish line with a smile, after much support.

What made the race even more interesting – pleasing to the eye, even! – was the fact that the contestants of Miss Bikini Philippines 2009 were actually there, while dancing to the beats of “Jai Ho”. Can you spell EYE CANDY? =P Good thing that I was toting my camera during the run, so I was able to take some shots of them beautiful contestants, some of which I will be posting later on. Number 17 FTW, man! =P

In addition, there were a couple of highlights:
– 2 16K runners reached the finish line on their bare feet. They must have removed their shoes in the middle of the race because their shoes were already damaged or something, or they just really felt that they could perform better without their running shoes. Now that’s intense.
– A 5K runner did 20K! She got lost along the way and her mother was looking for her. She even reached up to the vicinity of the C5 stretch. As a result, she was the last person to complete the 5K category. But my kudos goes to her for breaking her limits and doing a half-marathon.
– “Zorro” was there. Nuff said. He did a 5K as well.

Here’s my review:

D (direction) – start from the back of NBC tent, then make a left to 26th Avenue, then left again to McKinley Parkway, then another left to 32nd, then once you reach McDonalds, left to Rizal Drive. From there, head on to Lawton Avenue. Make a u-turn just before you reach the American Cemetery, have a water break, then head back to the finish line. Very easy course indeed. If I didn’t have an event the next day I would try to break my personal record for this one (32 minutes).

R (registration) – if you live near the registration site (located at Caloocan), there would be no problem for you. But if you live somewhere far from the site, just like me, you can opt to pre-register by faxing your details and paying the necessary fees via a bank deposit. Just add an additional 40 bucks so that your bib will be delivered straight to your home. Thanks to this option, registration for the race wasn’t that hard at all.

U (uhaw) – lots of water stations. No need for you to bring your hydration belts.

M (money) – the race registration fee costs 150. I added 40 to have the race packet delivered to my home. Not bad at all. In the end you’ll get lost of freebies, plus a shirt.

S (safety) – there are not enough race-sponsored marshalls to conduct traffic (especially when you reach the Lawton area). If you want to cross the street, keep your eyes open for any vehicles that will come in your way. In addition, you can easily cheat on your race route because of the lack of these marshalls.

Pictures follow:

Our guests leading the exercise.

“Zorro” was feeling the fire.



FTW again!

Zorro rocks!

While waiting for Chelly…

Sir Efren’s still missing…

There we go. Now we’re complete!
BACK: me, Sir Efren, Bong, Carina, Chelly, Cele (who didn’t participate, she was just dropping by), Pat, Rodel
FRONT: Marvin, Timmy, Josiah


One response

  1. Sam

    I hope those slimmer’s world dancers were in Greenfields.

    The Running Ninja

    Hi there Sam,

    Too bad they weren’t present at the Greenfield City Run. Had that been the case I could have beaten my 21K personal record to get more photos with them, even though I was in pain already. Hehehe! 😛

    April 23, 2009 at 9:37 PM

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