Race Review: Greenfield City Run, April 19

Race number 8 for the year, and my second shot at the 21K category. =)

Another 21K? Why not? I proved my limits during the Condura Skyway run and I have shown to the world that I can finish a half-marathon with a pretty decent time. That’s why I signed up for another 21K race this year – besides, there’s a finisher’s medal. Hehehe!

The night before the race, I was with Pat, Pojie, Mac, Raff, and Ellen, and we went to Mhel’s place, located near the race circuit himself. Mhel has generously offered his house to anyone who wants to sleep in it (and eat as well!) before participating in the race. We had an immense carbo-loading session, as all of us were doing the half-marathon, including the host himself. After that… well, I’ll just keep the details to myself. No one must know about it. Trust me. =)

We woke up at 330AM on race day to get ourselves prepared after having four hours of sleep. After 30 minutes of preparations, we headed to the race site, which was around 15 minutes from Mhel’s place. On the way we passed along the race route. There were blaring speakers already and there were kilometer markers. In addition, race marshalls were at their positions and water stations were preparing their booths. This is what I like about Rio-sponsored events – nothing gets left out because everything is well-planned and organized. Kudos to you, Coach. =) At the race site we met some of the other members of takbo.ph, all who were running mixed categories, but around 75% of us are part of the 21K race.

The race started promptly at 5AM. It was time to attack Santa Rosa. For the first few kilometers I was feeling great. There’s nothing like fresh air to assist you in your jog. But just a little before the 5K mark I was feeling a tinge of pain on my left thigh, and I couldn’t run faster than my usual pace. I was planning to beat my personal record of 2:31. It looks like this will have to be scrapped because I can’t risk injuring myself further and I want to arrive at the finish line in one piece! I went back to my old target – sub 3:00. So I kept my pace as much as possible, stopping frequently in between kilometer markers to get some rest. But things got worse at the 14K mark – the pain was growing worse. Although I could still run, it feels as if I’m limping while running (if that makes sense). As a result, it was now time to bring in the run-and-go strategy – the same thing I did for the remainder of the Condura Skyway run. But when I was nearing the finish line, I gave it my all, and still was within target – I finished with an official time of 2:44. Not bad, but like many other things, it could have been better.

The major factor that contributed to my slowdown in the race was the fact that I’m not used to running over concrete paths. I read from a running site that as much as possible, avoid concrete while training. Asphalt provides more comfort to runners. Hence, this is why I do my training on asphalt-laden surfaces. Next time, I’ll include concrete roads as part of my running routes. Lesson learned indeed.

After the race, some of the takbo.ph members went back to Mhel’s house for breakfast, where we reaped the fruits of our labors. Some of us beat our PRs, some didn’t (like myself), but what matters is that we reached the finish line and once again, we have endured this obstacle. GO TEAM! =)

So, here’s my review of the race.

D (direction) – start from Paseo de Santa Rosa, then pass the road leading to South Luzon Medical Hospital, then enter Pramana Residences (very nice village, indeed). Exit the village then upon reaching the Greenfielf City toll plaza, make a u-turn, then go back all the way you came from, but veer right in order to head to the Greenfield Autopark, and to Mamplasan itself. Pass the curves and straightaways on the way to Mamplasan exit, then make another u-turn before you reach the toll plaza itself. From there, it’s all the way up to the finish line. I’ll rate the difficulty here as a medium since there’s not much asphalt to comfort your feet, and there are gradual inclines, especially after reaching the 16K mark.

R (registration) – you can register for the race via http://www.finishline.ph and pay using your credit card. That’s what I did. How cool is that? =)

U (uhaw) – a water station every 2K or so? If you dehydrate in this race, it’s your fault.

M (money) – though I wasn’t able to get the freebies in the end, my 500 bucks was spent well since I got a cool finisher’s medal and I had the glorious experience of running in the greens of Santa Rosa. It’s a good running place indeed.

S (safety) – LOTS of race marshalls and medical teams present. You wouldn’t get lost along the way and they’re really willing to help you out. Like any other race, runners are top priority for them.

Pictures follow.


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