A (Temporary) Farewell

In just a few more days, the “event” is bound to arrive. I have happiness and sadness both in my hands. For one, this will be another chance for me to shine in terms of my work. However, I’ll be far away from the team. =( Talk about wrong timing – just about when everything has been established a departure has to take place. Indeed, good things are never really meant to last.

Last Tuesday night, April 28, takbo.ph members were present @ Music 21 Jupiter to hold a farewell party for me. Even though I’ve been granted frequent trips back to Manila, I still decided to hold one, since it will be quite a while before I get to see – as well as run – with them again. It was good to note that many of my friends came along, especially the really close, hyper, and quirky ones. It was a fun experience with them, actually. We don’t just run. We also sing our butts off. Something cool indeed.

Some of the highlights during the videoke session that night…
– pojie (Mar) was note for singing practically in EVERY song on our impromptu playlist.
– kelcy33 and ross (Ellen and Ross, respectively) surprised us with their REALLY impressive voices. If they’re not working in their day jobs right now, singing would be their primary career for sure.
– sheerwill (Rico) took in old, vintage songs which I myself wasn’t aware of.
– theRuntimer and intimmyd8 (Raff and Timmy, respectively) filled the room with love songs. DUET!
– vickyras (Vicky) pitched in songs that would make everyone dance.
– lauren (Lauren) lets her voice loose and dishes out “Bring Me to Life”.
– pepsi (Girley) had her induction at takbo.ph by singing ABBA’s famed “Dancing Queen”, and was linked to bong_z (Bong) that night.
– japorms25 (Mac) selected none other than OPM. It’s that or bust for him.
– argonaut (Rodel) sings with matching movements, especially when did “Livin’ La Vida Loca”. Can you spell PERFORMANCE LEVEL??? =P
– and to my shame, I did “Careless Whisper”. I had no choice; it was a favor for Ellen.

The right amount of food and beer that night made it the perfect carbo-loading session. =)

Some pictures from the event follow, all coming from my camera.

Now that the trip is nearing, it’s time to get packing. Most of my stuff is in here…

Of course, I won’t forget to bring the most important weapon in my arsenal…

I still have one more race to participate in just before I leave – the ATC Southern Race on May 3. I have to give my best on this one. Now I’m really serious about beating my personal record of 1:05. Since the running path is primarily concrete, I’ve done a couple of practice runs of my village oval to make sure that my feet adjust well. Thanks to the benefits of forefoot running (and a little Cobra), I can say I’m now ready to tackle the Ayala Alabang course. All that’s needed is to taper, to rest, and to get a really relaxing massage.

To the team, I’ll see you soon. No goodbyes, please. Do visit me in Cebu; let’s run together. =)

GO TEAM!!! See you when I see you.


3 responses

  1. well written bro.
    i’m sure we’ll still see you at the SHOUT BOX which was practically our online hangout place before, DURING and after office hours.
    we’ll still be seeing you soon πŸ˜‰ and hang out somewhere again, walang kamatayang liquid CLP haha.



    i drink vitwater everyday, you know?


    Yes bro, don’t worry. You will still see me at the shoutbox. πŸ™‚

    I just hope I’ll have internet access in my workstation, though. In the case that the scenario turns otherwise, I’ll find a way. The shoutbox has become part of my daily habit… just like Vitwater. You know??? πŸ˜›

    May 3, 2009 at 10:15 PM

  2. rod

    SM & Ayala Cebu is a wi-fi hotspot. Just get a location where the signal is strong & you’re good to go. hehehe

    Ingat bro!

    Thanks for the info, Rod. Goodie, another place for free internet! =D

    May 4, 2009 at 11:20 AM

  3. Carlo… ugh the day we have been dreading man. Nice to see you on the SB. How are the Cebuanas? πŸ™‚ Miss ka na namin agad.

    Hi Luis!

    Yeah, I’m glad that I got to visit the shoutbox a while ago. I was surprised to know that it was dead this morning (May 4). Wooooooooooooooah.

    Cebu is good, but the girls are better. Many of my friends have said they are pretty and I’m verifying their claims.

    I miss you guys as well! Don’t worry, I’ll be participating in the Baguio run. I hope you’ll be there. =)

    May 4, 2009 at 6:17 PM

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