Cebu Run Route # 1: “The Face”

This is my first running attempt in Cebu (which I completed a few hours ago). Ever since I have arrived here since Monday for work requirements the main question that has been lingering on my mind is where in the world I would run, aside from the Asiatown IT Park, of which I’ve been getting good reviews from fellow runners. Thanks to the makers of Geodistance, I was able to map out some good routes for myself. I’ll be sharing some of them soon, but for now, the route I’m about to post came about as a result of me getting lost due to a missed turn at a landmark. I call this route “The Face”.


The name speaks for itself. Use your imagination and you’ll see what I mean. =)

From Castle Peak hotel, make your way up the vehicle-filled streets of Juan Luna. Once you get there, turn left, then make sure to dodge every single obstacle that gets in your way – including chickens being roasted and barbecues being grilled. Once you see the street fronting SM City Cebu, turn left. Go straight then make a u-turn once you reach a tire shop. Go all the way back to the hotel using the path you went through. Once you get back to the hotel, just continue going straight until you reach the end of F. Cabahug. You’re near when you see Sykes. At the end of the street, turn left to Hernan Cortes. Important thing – WATCH OUT WHERE YOU’RE GOING. The road is small and there isn’t that much space to run on. When you see trucks coming your way, stop for a while until they clear out, then run again. And another thing – ALWAYS FACE INCOMING TRAFFIC. Once you see A.S. Fortuna, make a left. Your landmark is a barbecue restaurant. Now run all the way while battling mini-inclines averaging 10 degrees. On the distance is a flyover. That’s your cue to turn left. You’ll be tackling Archbishop Reyes Avenue at this point. Go straight, but after crossing a bridge, there’s a small street with a “no entry” sign across it. Turn left and you’re at J. Panis street. You can run on the right side of the road since many people are practically blocking the other way, to begin with. Upon completing this section, you’ll be back at Archbishop Reyes again. Go straight until you see another flyover again. Make another left and you’re back at Juan Luna. Keep your eyes peeled at this point because there might be hidden holes on the sidewalk. And again, run against traffic. A traffic light will signal that you’re at F. Cabahug again. You can sprint all the way back to Castle Peak from this point.

Length of the route is 10.65K. Carbon-filled, but it’s fun. In fact, this can be considered as a “discovery/familiarization” run. I passed along my office using this route. Heehee. Now at least I know how to get there when I’m late – I’ll just run for it. =P

To zoom in on the map, click here.

The REAL route I was supposed to take is reserved for tomorrow. It’s a 10K route, and I’ll be blogging about it in the next 24 hours. =)


One response

  1. Hey Carlo! Nice to know you’re back on the running scene. Looks like Cebu has a lot of promising places to run onto. Ingat lang baka naman umitim ang baga mo dyan, hehehe. 😀

    Hi Dennis,

    With all the routes I’m seeing (and creating at the same time), Cebu definitely is another home for runners. Yun nga lang, there aren’t that much road races here, unlike in Manila. I’m definitely back to running (even though I’ve been tackling polluted paths) since I’m training for the Baguio run. It’s another 21K for me! Yebah! =D

    May 7, 2009 at 6:55 PM

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