Cebu Run Route # 2: “Hey, J!”

Now THIS was the running route that I was supposed to take yesterday. =)


I call this one “Hey, J!” because of the route’s shape. It also serves as a tribute to the Eraserheads. If you’re a die-hard fan of them like myself, you’ll understand what I mean.

From Castle Peak hotel (again), make your way to Juan Luna, then run at your own pace while not minding the vehicles and the people you pass by. Make sure to keep your eyes on the right – by the time you see the spire of a church, that’s your landmark to turn left. After turning left to M. Briones, just go straight all the way. But be mindful of the path you run as some portions do not have sidewalks. As such, there comes a point when you will have to stop and walk. Continue traversing the path until you see a flyover at some intersection. Once you hit that point, make a u-turn then run all the way back to the hotel. From this point on you will have no choice but to go along with the traffic (i.e. running in the same direction as them) so watch your back – LITERALLY – to avoid being run over by anything with 2, 3, or 4 wheels.

Route length is 5.25K. Do twice of this and you’ll be going a little over 10K. I just did a single “J” after work since I’ll have a long run this Saturday – I need to prepare myself for yet another half-marathon. =) This route’s even more carbon-filled because you’ll be plying a national road, so better get your lungs ready for this.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

The route I’ll take on Saturday will pass through the Asiatown IT Park. When I’ve completed the route, I’ll post about it. Hopefully I’ll have pictures taken by that time.


3 responses

  1. Jo Paiso

    Hey bro, try these routes:

    Early morning is best


    Hi Doc Jo,

    If I’m not mistaken, I think these are the same ones you sent before in a previous comment.

    I’ll be trying out the 21K tomorrow by 4AM so that I get to run the 2 bridges.

    Many thanks! =)

    May 7, 2009 at 10:34 PM

  2. Jo Paiso

    I think you’re right. Sorry for being insistent:)

    Enjoy the run and bring a camera or phone for the sunrise!

    Just remember to watch out for the taxis…the driving habits are generally more aggressive than in Manila, I’ll tell you firsthand! Magaling ka umilag dapat.

    There’s one particular route i wanted to try before but it’s UPHILL. you start in front of UP then go up to the hill. 7km i think but UPHILL and easy 7km downhill. My bro uses it for his bike route but warned me about that the grade is steep. He had to go slow and was surprised to be overtaken by boxers in training going up the hill!

    K good luck in run-exploring in Cebu! Enjoy

    Hi Doc Jo,

    I just accomplished the run this morning. Thank goodness wala namang taxi na gustong mangbangga sa akin. =P

    I took some pics from my camera phone, but I can seem to port them to my PC. Oh well. But the view was good and the experience was worthwhile =) You literally cross 3 cities in a just single run!

    May 8, 2009 at 6:14 PM

  3. rod

    adik!!! musta na bro?

    may mumu dyan sa castle peak. wehehehe.

    Hi Rod!

    Okay naman ako. Pagod, pero masaya.

    Buti na lang pala umalis na ako ng Castle Peak… Nasa may condo na ako now. Hehehe. =P

    May 9, 2009 at 1:56 PM

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