Cebu Run Route # 3: “The Kite”

This is my first LSD in the queen city of the south, accomplished yesterday, May 9, 2009. This one totals a full 21K!


(Markers are shown in miles.)

In order for you to get the best results, you must wake up by 4AM and then get running by 430AM. Given a constant 10 min/km pace, you’ll be able to finish the run by 8AM, or even faster if you’re hungry, just like what happened to me. The reason why you have to wake early is for you to catch the sunrise at one of the sections of the route. Arrive any later than 6AM and you would have missed the good part. Also, starting the run early allows for decreased chances of inhaling carbon dioxide and for running across the national roads itself (i.e., not on the sidewalks), without fear of getting hit by any vehicles.

I finished the LSD 20 minutes ahead of time, when gave me further time to prepare for breakfast and other activities – after the run I moved out of the hotel into my condominium and visited the famed Taoist Temple at Beverly Hills. Seriously, that’s the name of the village where it’s located.

The route itself is shaped like a kite, and it will take you to 3 different cities: Cebu City itself, Mandaue City at the midway, and Lapu-lapu City, home of the Mactan-Cebu international airport. If you do plan on going the distance, you can actually visit the airport. That’s a few additional kilometers to your route but it will all worth the visit. =)

From Castle Peak hotel, walk around for a few minutes until you get to Juan Luna. Once you’re feeling the heat, you can start your run, but make sure to keep a very slow pace so you’ll get to your destination. Once you see SM Sheraton hotel, make a left. You would have done 2K at this point. Now continue onwards until you penetrate Mandaue City. Along the way you’ll be passing several gas stations, some shipping ports, and the Cebu Doctor’s University. To make sure you don’t get lost while you’re running, just follow the path where all the taxis are going because majority of them are bound to go to the airport. Once you get to UN Avenue, turn right. At that point you will be seeing a lot of joggers, and you’ll get all the opportunity to join them go up the bridge. Just go straight along the sidewalks and run onward until you see the bridge. Keep that determination once you get to the ascent, because it’s a long way up the top. You’ll be facing around 650 meters of 40-degree incline. Stop when you get to the apex, catch you breath, and enjoy the view. =) You can get there by 550AM if you’re that excited.

Have a break from around 5-minutes then head downward. Upon reaching the Quezon National Highway, turn right and run all the way to access the other bridge. Somewhere along this highway is the halfway point. Keep your eyes peeled on the right side of the road – upon seeing the bridge, turn right. There’s another ascent, so keep the willpower alive until you reach the apex. Rest a bit and enjoy the sights, because by this time you would have done 12K. There’s only a few more left so you do not want to give up! Again, stay for a few minutes then run down until you see an intersection with a stoplight. This is your cue to turn left. Now traverse the path and run all the way you came from. In case you run out of fuel on your hydration belt, stop by a gas station and drink as much as you want, because by the time you get there the sun would start to fry you. When I got to the Shell gas station along Osmeña avenue, I had less than 3K to deliver. A little patience would help at this point. Continue running until you see Juan Luna. There’s only less than 2K to go! Once you make up your way to F. Cabahug, turn right, then immediately make another right on the first street. Make a left on the first street you see, then do the same thing again. Upon reaching F. Cabahug again, sprint all the way to the hotel, and your run is done. =)

Oh, by the way, I took my camphone and got pictures of the sights.

My gear for the run. Wouldn’t forget that singlet. =)

The streets at 5AM.

Approaching KM9…

Just before turning right to head to the bridge. And no, I didn’t cause that accident. =P

Going up…

The clouds blocked my sunrise, but it’s alright…

Vanity pose # 1

About to enter Lapu-lapu City.

What lies below the bridge.

Cool graffiti.

A major road at 630AM. Still not much vehicles. =)

Ah, that’s better. =) Do you see that other bridge in the distance?

On the way to the second bridge.

Mandaue City/Cebu City. Somewhere over here is my condominium.

Vanity pose # 2

Gee, no wonder there are many Koreans in Cebu…


Indeed. No wonder they have great bands, like that of Urbandub.

The KM2 and KM19 marker.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

Next time around, I’ll make sure to visit the airport. =) Definitely there will be more discovery runs for me after the success of this LSD.


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  1. rod

    nice run pre! kamusta mga chickas natin jan? hehehe

    Yo Rod!

    Thanks thanks… Okay naman sila, mababait naman so far… Wahahahaha 😛

    May 11, 2009 at 8:57 PM

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