Cebu Run Route # 4: “The Ocho-Ocho”

Yet another fabricated running route from me. This time, much of it is at Asiatown I.T. Park, home of a plethora of recreational runners/joggers. The place in itself is very breezy, though we can’t always discount the pollution. On a good note, though, not many vehicles pass through it, like the major roads of Cebu. That’s why the air is more breathable here than in my previous run routes. Along with the tall buildings you’ll find lots of fields where anyone can do practically almost anything – like stare at the stars or discuss in a group or simply talk to your friends.


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

Why do I name the route as such? Because when you get to the I.T. Park itself, you can run a route having the shape of an “8”, as shown on the map. An “8” is roughly 1.67K, a little over a mile, so you’ll gain a little over than 8K of mileage if you do five laps. If you deign to do 8 of them, however, you’ll garner 13.36K. So you can take your pick. Either:
– do 8 figure-8s; or
– do just enough figure-8s to run 8K.
No matter what happens, in the end, you would have gotten an “ocho-ocho”. =) I opted for the first choice since it’s really a good running spot and I wanted to maximize my time on it.

From the condominum, make your way down to Sarrosa hotel, then turn right. Battle the traffic until you get to Juan Luna, then make another right. Make sure to stay on the opposite side of the road. Go straight until after you cross the flyover. Once you do, veer to the right a bit, you’re almost about to enter the I.T. Park itself. Go to the farther end of the park as this is the starting point of the figure-8. Do as many as you want to, but make sure to listen to your body when you’re tired. When you’re done, run all the way you came from, making sure to run against traffic.

Going to the I.T. Park and back is 4.18K. Keeping in mind that an “8” is 1.67K, just multiply this to the number of loops you actually did and you’ll get your total mileage. As for me, since I completed 8 loops, that’s a total of 17.45K, making this my second LSD in Cebu. =)

To zoom in on the map, click here.

Can’t wait for the next LSD… =)


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