Why I LOVE Running

Before I made my own hate list on running. In pretty much the same manner, I’ll be mentioning why I love to run. Thanks again to the Running Fatboy for the inspiration. =)

10 You get to go over your limits. When I was still a couch potato, I used to think that 5K was very far. But now that I’m highly engaged in running, 5K doesn’t cut the mark at certain points – you get to craving to move more.

09 Finisher’s medals, freebies, and those colorful singlets. Lots of proof that you can pass on to future generations.

08 A much leaner body? Running is the key!

07 It helps reduce carbon emissions at a certain point. Saves you on gas, too. Instead of driving to your destination that’s just 1.5 kilometers away, why not run for it (or walk, as the case may be)?

06 Before, eating used to be called “lamon sessions”. Now, it’s called “carbo-loading”.

05 You get to go to places you never thought you could reach on foot. Case in point – reaching the Mactan airport in Cebu 11 kilometers away from my condominium simply by running. How cool is that? =)

04 This is a sport which doesn’t need lessons (unless you’re aiming for competition-level running). All you need is a pair of legs, some comfortable shoes, and determination. =)

03 Increased aerobic capacity. The more (and the longer you run), the more your respiratory system can tolerate. IMHO, chicks dig men with huge chests. =P

02 It gives you that unexplainable “high” that no other sport can give.

01 Why walk when you can run? =)


4 responses

  1. gingerbreadrunning

    Because you get to hang out with fun, unpretentious people who share the same passion as you do šŸ˜› Haha come back na CArlow.



    Hi Luis!

    Oh yeah, I forgot to put in that one. Thanks for the input, bro! šŸ™‚

    Don’t worry. I’ll come home from time to time to join you guys.

    May 28, 2009 at 9:33 PM

  2. the last one “Why walk when you can run”…reminds me of a Air Converse shoes ad that says “Why walk when you can fly” hahaha…7yrs old pko nun. Anyway, its nice to see you still regain your running form kahit nsa Cebu ka.

    Add me to your blogroll šŸ™‚


    Hi Sam!

    Yeah, that ad was ages ago. Someone’s feeling nostalgic here, hahaha. I am glad because even though I’m far from the source (i.e. Manila), I still get to run. Hope to run with you and the rest of the team once again.

    Added you to my blogroll, bro. Do the same for me. šŸ™‚

    May 29, 2009 at 12:05 AM

  3. rod

    wtf?!? wala ka na naman sa manila? you just flew back here to travel & run in baguio & make tutut also? bwehehehehe. misyunabro! pasalubongkow! ahhhh.. rhyme neh… =)

    Make tutut? What do you mean by tutut? Ikaw ha… =P Musta na bro?

    May 29, 2009 at 6:27 PM

  4. eiroomd

    hi, carlo! šŸ™‚ naa ko friends and cousins dinha sa cebu…dr. emil jaca ug jed daproza (lahug) šŸ˜€ anyway, nice points you mentioned there. i used to be so conscious about losing weight, now, with running, i realize that my goals have changed…being able to run longer and farther, going beyond what i was able to do the week previous, etc…and losing weight just followed naturally, and i wasn’t even thinking about it anymore šŸ˜€ and i agree about the unexplainable high…i do get that, especially when i’ve gotten to walk-run more than what i expected to do šŸ˜€

    Hi there Eire!

    I have to agree. Before my running goal was to lose weight. But now this is only second nature – the bigger goal is to run longer at a comfortable pace. Don’t worry, with constant practice you’ll be doing your first 21K in no time at all. Kaya mo ‘yan! =D

    Walay man ako friends dinhi sa Cebu… pati cousins hehehe =P Buti ka pa meron =)

    June 3, 2009 at 12:22 AM

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