Cebu Run Route # 6: “The Warped Tank”

This is LSD # 4, completed just a little over an hour ago. =)


Why the name? Well, if you use your imagination, it REALLY looks like a misshapen, distorted tank. Hahaha.

Here’s a confession: I was supposed to do this run early this morning, around 4AM. But since my cellphone’s alarm clock refused to cooperate with me – yes, I put the blame on the alarm clock and not on me accidentally hitting the stop button instead of the snooze – I decided to do this after work instead. Before I started I prayed that it wouldn’t rain because I don’t want that squeaky feeling in my shoes. Thankfully, the heavens granted my request, and I was able to run well.

This LSD is so special for the following reasons: (1) it’s the first one to reach the farther western part of Cebu City: (2) I had highly minimal breaks while running (I was forced to stop while crossing intersections and streets, I had no choice!); and (3) I didn’t bring a hydration belt, just to test my limits. This is why as of the moment I’m typing this post with 2 Gatorade bottles beside me. Hahaha! The only long break I had during the run was when before I hit KM15 – my body was yelling for fuel. Good thing there was a gas station so I took a stop there and prepared for the final stretch of the run.

And might I say, the view of the Cebu Provincial Capitol and the Crown Regency Towers is impressive at nighttime. Too bad I didn’t bring along my phone for this run, I could have taken a few shots. Since this run was approaching the downtown section of Cebu, I didn’t want to take the risk of having my phone stolen in the middle of the road. Better safe than sorry. But the memory is fresh in my head. =)

From the condominium, get yourself warmed up until you reach F. Cabahug. After you make a left, start running, then go straight until you see Alpa City Suites, at which point you should make a right. Go straight until you see the flyover, but don’t go up it. Instead, turn right upon reaching the intersection underneath it. This brings you directly to Lopez Jaena, one of the many national roads you will be running, so make sure to run against traffic. Go straight then cross the intersection fronting the Mabolo Church. You’re now officially at M.J. Cuenco. Keep on going straight until you see a signage leading to Puente Osmeña. Turn right at the intersection. You’ll know you’re at the right path if you immediately see a cemetery to your side. When you get to a fork at the end, take the left path at this will lead you to Puente Osmeña. When you do pass St. Theresa’s College (and get a grand view of the Crown Regency Towers), that’s the signal you’re near the circle. Battle the semi-uphill path then make a right. Take the street that will lead you directly to the capitol – it’s only a kilometer away. It’ll be flat land on the way to the capitol so run like the wind if you want to. At the intersection fronting the capitol, make another right, then tackle the uphill and downhill paths leading to the University of the Philippines in Cebu. Once you’re past that, you’re halfway done. Just continue running straight and make sure to make a right when you see a signage leading to the port area. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you see JY Square Mall within the vicinity. You’ll have another chance to run like the wind because it’s another downhill ride for you! But when you see the Asiatown I.T. Park, make a left, and do an 8-loop. Once you’re done, exit the park, and head to Gov. Cuenco Avenue. Run straight until you front Gaisano Mall, then make a right at the signage leading to VECO. Now head back to Gov. Cuenco Ave. via J. Panis street, then upon reaching the flyover, make a left at Juan Luna, make another left at a side street leading to F. Cabahug, then speed all the way back to the condominium. That’s 16.9K for you.

When I passed by St. Theresa’s College, I saw that they’re hosting a race on July 19. Categories and the race routes are unknown, so I’ll contact the organizers regarding this one. The run is entitled “Move With Air”. Looks like this will be my second race from the month of July – the other one is the Milo Marathon, simultaneous with Manila.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

Another LSD soon? Why not? But I need to train for the Milo Marathon 21K. I’m looking forward to beat my current time of 2:30. =)


2 responses

  1. jazzrunner

    Carlo, you seem to be having great runs in Cebu. I’ll take note of your routes in case i visit the place in the very near future.

    take care!

    Thank you, Sir Rene! Good to hear from you again.

    I hope you’ll find these routes useful when you visit Cebu. =)

    May 30, 2009 at 2:59 PM

  2. gingerbreadrunning

    Wow Carlo. These LSD’s of yours are piling up man! Looks like you will be covering nearly the entire city na! I am pretty confident that this intensified training regimen of yours would be resulting in a vastly improved time! See you at Earth Run buddy 🙂

    Hi Luis!

    Yup, I think I’ve almost covered the entire city. But there are still sections of Cebu that I have yet to run on. And yes, thanks to these LSDs I came up strong yesterday during the Earth… Managed to keep a constant pace of 6:40 to 7:00 c/o a Fort Striders pacer, leading me to a 1:46:29 finish =) Damn, now I REALLY need a Garmin to measure my pace! I can’t just rely on my chronometer anymore…

    Nice meeting up with you again, bro! =)

    May 30, 2009 at 6:09 PM

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