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Race Review: 1st PTAA Charity Run, June 14

Race number 13 for 2009, and shot # 5 and the 10K category.

Just before I left back for Cebu I decided to pitch in a race. However, there was none within the vicinity of Makati, so I had to choose this one due to lack of options. Besides, this race was met by a lot of newbie runners in the forum, and I wanted to meet them personally. Honestly, my activity in the shoutbox has been significantly reduced ever since my new work assignment. Truly, I am as busy as I ever will be. So there’s that feeling that I got left out and all. But what the hell. At least ties were reunited with some of the old members – and new ones were made alike. I got to meet Doc Iris, Mike, Rhods, Ron, Chief, and Joseph for this event.

Since the race route was already familiar to me, I decided to gun for a new 10K PR. I did accomplish this – I beat mine for just 5 seconds. It may not mean much, but hey, it’s still a record, RIGHT? =P Unfortunately, I had a lot of walk breaks in this race due to a positive split. Darn it, I really have to change the way I start a race. I always aim for a negative split, much to no avail. Heck, it’s easier said than done. But don’t worry, I’m practicing it. Hopefully I get the new habit soon. =)

So, here’s my review of the race.

D (direction) – if anyone joined DocFit 2009 this year, it’s the exact same route. =)

R (registration) – a friend of mine registered me for this race while I was in Cebu so I cannot pass judgment on this one. But it’s enough to say that if you live in the north, you have the advantage of registering easily.

U (uhaw) – Rio-organized races NEVER leave you dehydrated.

M (money) – 250 bucks for a finisher’s shirt and a whole bunch of freebies? Money well spent. Too bad I wasn’t able to get my finisher’s shirt, though, because I was in a rush.

S (safety) – a regular Sunday on UP Diliman doesn’t have that much vehicles. The course is safe. =)

Pictures follow.

Without Zorro…

With Zorro. And sword.

Now a boomerang? Okay, better back off a bit. Hehehe. =P

The girls…

And their leading men! YEEEEEEEEES! =P

Confession Of A Running Addict


I had this shirt custom made over the independence day weekend and I have been wearing it ever since I made it. Without a doubt, I confess that I am a total running addict. After getting the Garmin and a brand new pair of shoes, there are several moments during a single day when I ask when and how long I’m going to run. There’s the feeling that if I don’t run, my day won’t be complete. Even a simple 5K run would do for me, as long as I get to opportunity to move my legs and propel myself to other places I’ve never been to.

It’s such a wonder what running does to your life. Not only do you lose weight in the process, but the distances are somehow relative near to you. Instead of driving a 5K on your car to a certain, why not run for it? Come back to your point of origin and you would have done a 10K already. There’s that certain viewpoint that gets stuck in your brain that when you want to get from point A to point B and you know that you can do it on foot, the best thing to come out of your mouth is, “kayang takbuhin ‘yan.” =)

But of course, running addicts need rest also. As much as I would like to run everyday (even a short distance every other day would suffice), my legs and feet need some time off as well. Too much of it and I’ll suffer a great loss – not only in terms of performance, but also in determination.

As Doc Iris has mentioned, it feels so good to be active. Case in point – an excess, violent rush of happy hormones after each running session. (Doc, you know what I mean by this one. Hehehe.)

Yeah, I’m glad I adopted running into my lifestyle. And there’s no way I can eradicate this from my system – it’s a vice that I must cater and heed to when I feel its calling. To run or not to run? Let rhetorics speak for itself. You know the answer. So join and adopt my addiction. BE A RUNNING ADDICT. Heaven knows that you will NOT regret your decision. =)

Cebu Run Route # 9: “The Signature”

Completed 5:30 this afternoon. =)


(Markers are shown in kilometers. Additional note: the route was directly imported from my Garmin.)

This route looks like a signature to me, especially when viewed from afar, so I was able to so I dubbed it as such. This run took me to the further western part of Cebu City, particularly downtown, where the pasalubong area is.

Initially I was supposed to do 23K today. But unfortunately, I felt tired upon passing KM12. That’s why I had to cut my run short a while ago. On top of that, I had to battle with some uphill paths a while ago under the afternoon heat, especially on the way to KM6. Finally, the thirst factor. Again, I did this run without the use of a hydration belt. I had to stop somewhere before passing KM15 for a couple of water bottles. I was already thirsty and my body couldn’t wait for the next passable gas station. Oh well. But what the heck, I’m glad that I accomplished a long run today. =)

And just between the two of us, this run was supposed to be done early this morning. My bed kept me lying down for a few more hours until I realized later on that I have woken up late for my training. Again, what the heck, I’m glad that I accomplished a long run today. =)

From the condominium, run all the way to Pres. Roxas Street. Make your way down then make a right at F. Cabahug. Ascend all the way to Juan Luna, then make a left at Archbishop Reyes Avenue. Veer to the right until you get near the flyover. Upon seeing Parklane Hotel, make a right, then just go straight. Currently, you are at N. Escario. Run straight until you get to the capitol. Make an immediate after the capitol, then take the first left. Go straight until you reach the second intersection which will take you to V. Rama Avenue. Head right, then tackle the uphill path. You’ll know you’re near your u-turn point when you reach Petron. When you do, go the opposite way, and run like the wind until you reach the end of V.Rama. Make a left to N. Bacalso and bear with the uneven path. Upon seeing Central Bank, make a left, then head to Puente Osmena, then run all the way back to the capitol. Take a right to N. Escario, and upon reaching the end, make a right at Gorordo. Slow down to make your left at Cardinal Rosales Avenue. Go straight until the second intersection, then make a right at Juan Luna. Turn left at M. J. Cuenco and run against traffic as much as possible. Keep your eyes peeled for Tres Borces street – you’ll make your left there. Again, another uphill battle for you. Upon seeing F. Cabahug, turn right, then just go straight until you see Pres. Roxas Street. Now head home. This is a total of 17.85K all in all.

I garnered an average pace of 7:05 min/km for this LSD. Not bad at all. =) Also, I got the following data from my Garmin:
KM Length (km) Pace (min/km)
1 1 6:56
2 1 7:03
3 1 7:03
4 1 6:54
5 1 6:54
6 1 8:24 (darn uphills)
7 1 6:43
8 1 6:33
9 1 6:31
10 1 6:34
11 1 6:48
12 1 6:54
13 1 6:52
14 1 6:55
15 1 7:00
16 1 7:00
17 1 8:43 (again, hills!)
18 0.85 6:36

Though short of a little over 5K, I’m pretty sure this is enough for me to finish that Milo 21K 2 weeks from now. =)

New (Running) Toys To Play With!

Last weekend I went back to Manila to reunite with my family, to be with my significant other, and to get some new toys for myself – related to running. Look at what I got.


A new pair of New Balance 1063s, which I got from Rico for half the regular price. He said these babies had only gone 50K. Though it had its maiden voyage already, I wouldn’t miss out on his offer. It still looks good and it hasn’t gone that far yet. Besides, NB 1063s treat my feet quite well! Now I have a pair which I will use solely for road races. My other pair will be used thoroughly during my training sessions. Thanks, Rico! =)

I have thought of silly names for my running shoes: the old pair will be named Copy, while this newly acquired pair will be named Paste (IT professionals FTW). Hahaha, got the idea from an attachment I received on e-mail before. =P


A new pair of running shorts. They’re a tad shorter than the yellow shorts I frequently use, but its comfortable nonetheless. The good thing about these shorts is that they fit the well. Apparently, one of my fellow runners keeps on “scolding” me for wearing them yellow shorts – in my defense, they go well with my current footwear. Hahaha. But these new shorts mean worlds to me because my significant other gave this to me as a birthday present. Thank you so much, baby! Lots of hugs and love to you… I miss you and love you so much. =*


And finally, a Garmin Forerunner 305, which I got for a huge, discounted price from Doc Lyn. I have been becoming conscious about my pace lately (especially after the good time I showed during the Earth Run), that’s why I decided to get one of these. In addition, I want to improve my pace so I can set new PRs – hopefully – and it’ll tell me when to speed up or slow down when I’m running. Coolness, huh. Cheers to you, Doc Lyn! =)

(Originally I was planning to buy the Suunto t3c Running Pack, which I mentioned in a previous post. But since the opportunity to get the Garmin at a lower price was there, might as well take it!)

I gave all three a test drive last Sunday at the 1st PTAA Charity Run. In the end, I ended up having a new 10K PR. =)

To Rico, Doc Lyn, and the love of my life… thank you so much for being supportive of this addiction of mine. Can’t wait to be with all of you again when I come back to Manila. =)

Cebu Run Route # 8: “The Shoe”

Yet another running adventure completed tonight. =)


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

This route looks like more of a woman’s shoe, because of the heels marked by KM6 to KM9. Don’t mind the representation of “shoelaces” on KM1 and KM11-12. Really, they don’t go well with heels. Hahaha! =P

Unfortunately, this is officially my second run for the week (the first one was last Sunday, where in I did a 10K). I wasn’t able to run much this week because I have been arriving home from work in a drained and quasi-wasted state, making me all the more lazy to get off from the couch to get into gear and run. It’s a good thing I was reminded about the upcoming Milo Marathon, which will happen in around 2 weeks. Thankfully there wasn’t that much to do today, although I got bogged down with several testing procedures, so I was all the more inspired to run. And boy, did it feel goooooooood. =) No walk breaks here, and no hydration stops. One good run indeed.

I want to do another run on Saturday so that I attain my weekly mileage. But I’ll shorten the distance so that I’ll be pumped up the next day for a new running route that will get me and my 1063s moving for nearly 23 kilometers. =D When I finish that one I’ll be posting about it.

From the condominium, head off to a slow start until you get to Sarrosa Hotel. Then make a left and go straight to Alpa City Suites. Once you reach this section run against the vehicles that go towards you. You will be passing along an intersection with a flyover – although you’re supposed to go straight, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO ABOVE IT, unless you want to end your life right away. Continue running until you get past Makro. Turn left at the intersection nearest to SM City Cebu, then make another left at the end. You’ll now be at S. Osmena Avenue, so remember to go against traffic – and try to bear with the carbon-loading as much as possible. Exhale all that bad juju while you’re running. Just follow the majority of the cars playing along this road so you won’t get lost. When you cross Mandaue City, make a left at the city’s hospital, then go straight. Turn left at the second intersection with the stoplight, not the first one. Upon making that left, keep your eyes on the road for this section will be dim, if you run this route at night. Slow down if necessary – you’re going to need it. You’ll be making a left to M. C. Briones upon seeing a flyover. Once you reach this path, you now have the chance to go along with the jeeps since they don’t speed that much, but do be careful for them. At the end of the stretch, you’ll be seeing another intersection with a flyover (you passed this on earlier – it’s your landmark that you’re almost home). Make a right, go straight, then left upon seeing Alpa City Suites, and head home, while not forgetting to make a right at Sarrosa to head back to base camp. All in all, this route bears a length of 12.36K. I only did 12.05K since I had warmed up and cooled slightly near the hotel, and I ran that 12.05K at a 6:55 min/km pace. Very nice run indeed.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

I’ll be running again this weekend, with Sunday being the longer one. Probably I’ll head to the I.T. Park on Saturday and do something less than 10K. But what I can’t wait for is the 23K LSD… this should be a thrilling run. =D

Cebu Run Route # 7: “The Infinity Run”

Before anything else, I extend my congratulations to all those who ran the Mizuno Infinity Run 2009 at The Fort this morning. I hope everyone had a good time (and broke their own PRs as well).

As a replacement for the aforementioned run (which I wasn’t able to attend due to budget constraints), I made up a replacement route so that somehow I’ll be running with the team in spirit. This one was completed a few hours ago, just before night broke in.


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

Total run length for this route is 10.5K. And it’s very obvious that this route has the shape of an infinity loop. Hence, the name. No need to explain the reason why. =P The run was done this afternoon, while the sun was hiding from the clouds and while there was minimal humidity and heat. Add to that a semi-strong breeze that keeps you fresh somehow until you finish your run. Again, I’m faced with the usual problem of carbon loading, since I ran on national roads, and walk breaks due to the numerous amount of intersections I had to stop at. Better safe than sorry, right?

My training program told me to peak at 10K with a 7:42 pace. I finished mine with 6:54. Trying to keep up with the tempo so that I won’t slack off come the Cebu Milo Marathon.=)

From the condominium, have a slow start until you get to Sarrosa hotel. Make a left, then take a right to Hernan Cortes upon seeing Alpa City Suites. Go straight to the wet market/flyover then make another right to Lopez Jaena. Then run all the way until you see the next intersection with a stoplight – that’s Juan Luna. Now make a right and ensure that you run against traffic because many jeeps will be plying on this road. Go straight until you pass the F. Cabahug and Archbishop Reyes intersections. When you do, prepare to muster your strength, because you’ll be going through an uphill battle after crossing the Waterfront Hotel and the I.T. Park. Keep that momentum you have until you reach JY Square Mall. You can resume your speed after you have made your left on the said mall – now you are at Gorordo Avenue. Now you run as fast as you want to, because you’ll have a rolling path from this point. Again, run against traffic because this is another of them national roads that you should be careful of. And if you get to see any bikers along this stretch that greet you, respond to them. =) After you see Asilo de la the Milagrosa church, slow down so that you’ll know when to make your left to Cardinal Rosales. Once you’ve done that left, run along with the traffic as there’s not much public transportation there, but stay along the sidewalk just to be sure. Keep the momentum until you reach the Juan Luna intersection, then push yourself as you run all the way back to the hotel.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

My long runs are scheduled every Sunday. I’m planning another LSD soon so that I get to peak another 21K. It’s a breakaway from my training plan, but what the hell. =)

Cebu Running Event # 2: 33rd Milo Marathon

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this one. Hahaha!


This will be my first time to join a race sponsored my Nestle Philippines; it’ll also be my first 21K here in Cebu. Initially I was planning to go back to Manila to join my running team for this one (the Manila and Cebu legs are scheduled on the same day), but I let it go for a change in running environment. So I’ll be representing the team here in Cebu. Too bad that they won’t let me wear the singlet – regulations state that all runners MUST wear the Milo Marathon singlet, otherwise they won’t be allowed to run. I guess this is for added identification when runners pass by the numerous water stations along the race course. Oh well. Can’t do anything about that. =)

Since I’m gotten used to running long distances without the use of a hydration belt (case in point: my 16 Earth Run in which I did particularly good), I’m thinking whether not to use for this race. There will be many water stations along the route anyway. But we’ll see. If I get to peak a 21K LSD without my Nathan bottles, then I should be fine.

I got myself registered for the 21K elimination run this morning at the administration office of the Cebu City Sports Complex. Here’s what you get:

The usual race bib and race map; and…
…the Milo Marathon singlet. Quite soft on the skin, actually. Here’s the front view…
…and the back one. Gives you the push. =)

Registration is only 100 smackeroos. 5K and 10K runners enter at 50, while the 3K kiddie run is priced at 40. Before you do register, make sure to have one empty Milo packet with you, weighing at least 300 grams. It’s an important requirement – but I don’t exactly know what they’re going to do with this, though. Good thing I have a pack of Milo back at my unit, so I just emptied it and stored the remaining contents in a bottle. When I looked at the accomplished registration forms it looks like that there will be many who will take the half-marathon challenge. Wow, this should be exciting. And I’m hyped up for this one.

This race is scheduled on July 5, and there’s less than a month left.

I managed to map the routes for the different events via MapMyRun. The start and end point of the race is the registration site itself – the Cebu City Sports Complex.

3K course (click here to zoom in further)
From the starting line, go straight to Puente Osmeña via Jones Avenue. Cross the rotonda and head straight to Osmeña Boulevard. Once you see Jovens Grill, make a u-turn then head back all the way you came from. Easy as pie.

5K course (click here to zoom in further)
Same as the 3K course, but this time, once you reach Jovens Grill, continue until you reach the provincial capitol. Make a left at N. Escario, then take an immediate right that will lead you to M. Velez. Continue straight, then upon reaching the V. Rama, turn left. Run all the way until you see B. Rodriguez, at which point you should make a left. Head straight to Puente Osmeña, cross the rotonda, then turn right and run all the way to the finish line. Oh, FYI, the official length of this one extends 300m further, as per my mapping. So it’s 5.3K.

10K course (click here to zoom in further)
Same as the 5K course, but instead of making a left to B. Rodriguez, continue going down V. Rama. When you see Bacalso Avenue, make a left, then speed all the way to M. J. Cuenco. It’s one straight stretch. Just follow the road. Remember to make that u-turn slightly after the Hippodromo, then run all the way back to the finish line.

21K course
Okay, here’s the problem. I tried mapping it out, but I’m 5K short of the official route. But it’s similar to the 10K route, only that instead of making a left to Bacalso Avenue from V. Rama, you have to make a right instead. Then head straight to some u-turn point located near Arbecs Bakeshop (which I couldn’t find on the darn map!), then run all the way to M. J. Cuenco and Lopez Jaena. Upon seeing the Innodata XML Factory, make another u-turn, then it’s all the way to the finish line. So unfortunately, I couldn’t provide a map for this one – for now.

As far as experience goes (thanks to my LSDs), all courses will be run on flat land. Not much hill attacks here. So there’s a big chance for me to beat my 21K PR here – and reach the official cut-off time of 2:30. =)

This is going to be one good race!