My 33rd Milo Marathon Training Program c/o Runner’s World

Since I want to improve my time on my next 21K, I took a visit to Runner’s World to check on what kind of preparation I should be doing. Here’s what its Smartcoach gave me.


Looks good in itself, but somehow I want to modify it. Since I’m gotten used to having much longer runs on a sunday (i.e. anything exceeding 10K), I think I’ll be changing the Sunday distances so that I get to reach 16K to 21K. At least I get to peak just before the race. That’s more LSDs for me! Yahoo! =D

But I’ll be following the assigned distance this Sunday, June 7. I have made up a good route to serve as a replacement for the Mizuno Infinity Run, since I won’t have the privilege of attending it due to lack of budget. =( More on that soon.


One response

  1. gingerbreadrunning

    Carlo, your long runs can only increase your base endurance level, I am confident you’ll handle the 21k a lot easier this time. And with your new 305, things will be so much easier šŸ˜›


    Hi Luis! =)

    Yup, I’m positive that this 21K will be my best one by far. I know the route already and it’s purely flat. In fact I’ve ran a portion of it before so I know what to expect.

    Oh yes, with that 305 of mine, I’m sure I’ll be able to beat my 2:31 21K PR. =)

    Wish me luck, man. I’m representing the team here in Cebu. =)

    June 6, 2009 at 11:04 AM

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