Cebu Running Event # 2: 33rd Milo Marathon

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this one. Hahaha!


This will be my first time to join a race sponsored my Nestle Philippines; it’ll also be my first 21K here in Cebu. Initially I was planning to go back to Manila to join my running team for this one (the Manila and Cebu legs are scheduled on the same day), but I let it go for a change in running environment. So I’ll be representing the team here in Cebu. Too bad that they won’t let me wear the singlet – regulations state that all runners MUST wear the Milo Marathon singlet, otherwise they won’t be allowed to run. I guess this is for added identification when runners pass by the numerous water stations along the race course. Oh well. Can’t do anything about that. =)

Since I’m gotten used to running long distances without the use of a hydration belt (case in point: my 16 Earth Run in which I did particularly good), I’m thinking whether not to use for this race. There will be many water stations along the route anyway. But we’ll see. If I get to peak a 21K LSD without my Nathan bottles, then I should be fine.

I got myself registered for the 21K elimination run this morning at the administration office of the Cebu City Sports Complex. Here’s what you get:

The usual race bib and race map; and…
…the Milo Marathon singlet. Quite soft on the skin, actually. Here’s the front view…
…and the back one. Gives you the push. =)

Registration is only 100 smackeroos. 5K and 10K runners enter at 50, while the 3K kiddie run is priced at 40. Before you do register, make sure to have one empty Milo packet with you, weighing at least 300 grams. It’s an important requirement – but I don’t exactly know what they’re going to do with this, though. Good thing I have a pack of Milo back at my unit, so I just emptied it and stored the remaining contents in a bottle. When I looked at the accomplished registration forms it looks like that there will be many who will take the half-marathon challenge. Wow, this should be exciting. And I’m hyped up for this one.

This race is scheduled on July 5, and there’s less than a month left.

I managed to map the routes for the different events via MapMyRun. The start and end point of the race is the registration site itself – the Cebu City Sports Complex.

3K course (click here to zoom in further)
From the starting line, go straight to Puente Osmeña via Jones Avenue. Cross the rotonda and head straight to Osmeña Boulevard. Once you see Jovens Grill, make a u-turn then head back all the way you came from. Easy as pie.

5K course (click here to zoom in further)
Same as the 3K course, but this time, once you reach Jovens Grill, continue until you reach the provincial capitol. Make a left at N. Escario, then take an immediate right that will lead you to M. Velez. Continue straight, then upon reaching the V. Rama, turn left. Run all the way until you see B. Rodriguez, at which point you should make a left. Head straight to Puente Osmeña, cross the rotonda, then turn right and run all the way to the finish line. Oh, FYI, the official length of this one extends 300m further, as per my mapping. So it’s 5.3K.

10K course (click here to zoom in further)
Same as the 5K course, but instead of making a left to B. Rodriguez, continue going down V. Rama. When you see Bacalso Avenue, make a left, then speed all the way to M. J. Cuenco. It’s one straight stretch. Just follow the road. Remember to make that u-turn slightly after the Hippodromo, then run all the way back to the finish line.

21K course
Okay, here’s the problem. I tried mapping it out, but I’m 5K short of the official route. But it’s similar to the 10K route, only that instead of making a left to Bacalso Avenue from V. Rama, you have to make a right instead. Then head straight to some u-turn point located near Arbecs Bakeshop (which I couldn’t find on the darn map!), then run all the way to M. J. Cuenco and Lopez Jaena. Upon seeing the Innodata XML Factory, make another u-turn, then it’s all the way to the finish line. So unfortunately, I couldn’t provide a map for this one – for now.

As far as experience goes (thanks to my LSDs), all courses will be run on flat land. Not much hill attacks here. So there’s a big chance for me to beat my 21K PR here – and reach the official cut-off time of 2:30. =)

This is going to be one good race!


4 responses

  1. eiroomd

    hey!! go, carlo!! sayang you won’t be running here…i signed up for the support group 😛 water-girl cum cheerer 😀 good luck and have a good run!! 😀

    eire 🙂

    Thanks, Eire! =)

    Actually I had plans to do the 21K in Manila. But since I wanted a change in running environment I opted to run it in Cebu instead. I’ll be representing the team here.

    And Jinoe told me that he’ll do the 21K in his hometown – Bacolod. =)

    Why not run Milo? Kahit 5K lang? =D

    June 9, 2009 at 7:42 PM

  2. Nice Carlo! At least there is something to expect in Cebu diba?
    Galing galing!

    Hi Argo!

    Yup yup, kaya hindi naman me napapalayo sa Manila somehow kasi may mga kapwa tumatakbo… Pero I’d still want to run with you guys =)

    Mag-MILO ka ba?

    June 13, 2009 at 11:13 PM

  3. First Timer

    Just wondering if it’s possible to register late? A couple of days before the event?


    Hello there First Timer,

    There’s a possibility that the organizers may accept late registrants. But I think it’s best that you get yourself in the race a week before it actually starts.

    Good luck and train hard!

    June 17, 2009 at 2:08 AM

  4. felixberto

    asking for cebu 33rd milo marathon result… thanks

    Hello there Felixberto,

    I’ve been looking for the results myself since yesterday, but they’re not on the Milo Website yet. I’ll be posting it on the web once it’s been released.

    July 7, 2009 at 2:24 PM

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