Cebu Run Route # 7: “The Infinity Run”

Before anything else, I extend my congratulations to all those who ran the Mizuno Infinity Run 2009 at The Fort this morning. I hope everyone had a good time (and broke their own PRs as well).

As a replacement for the aforementioned run (which I wasn’t able to attend due to budget constraints), I made up a replacement route so that somehow I’ll be running with the team in spirit. This one was completed a few hours ago, just before night broke in.


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

Total run length for this route is 10.5K. And it’s very obvious that this route has the shape of an infinity loop. Hence, the name. No need to explain the reason why. =P The run was done this afternoon, while the sun was hiding from the clouds and while there was minimal humidity and heat. Add to that a semi-strong breeze that keeps you fresh somehow until you finish your run. Again, I’m faced with the usual problem of carbon loading, since I ran on national roads, and walk breaks due to the numerous amount of intersections I had to stop at. Better safe than sorry, right?

My training program told me to peak at 10K with a 7:42 pace. I finished mine with 6:54. Trying to keep up with the tempo so that I won’t slack off come the Cebu Milo Marathon.=)

From the condominium, have a slow start until you get to Sarrosa hotel. Make a left, then take a right to Hernan Cortes upon seeing Alpa City Suites. Go straight to the wet market/flyover then make another right to Lopez Jaena. Then run all the way until you see the next intersection with a stoplight – that’s Juan Luna. Now make a right and ensure that you run against traffic because many jeeps will be plying on this road. Go straight until you pass the F. Cabahug and Archbishop Reyes intersections. When you do, prepare to muster your strength, because you’ll be going through an uphill battle after crossing the Waterfront Hotel and the I.T. Park. Keep that momentum you have until you reach JY Square Mall. You can resume your speed after you have made your left on the said mall – now you are at Gorordo Avenue. Now you run as fast as you want to, because you’ll have a rolling path from this point. Again, run against traffic because this is another of them national roads that you should be careful of. And if you get to see any bikers along this stretch that greet you, respond to them. =) After you see Asilo de la the Milagrosa church, slow down so that you’ll know when to make your left to Cardinal Rosales. Once you’ve done that left, run along with the traffic as there’s not much public transportation there, but stay along the sidewalk just to be sure. Keep the momentum until you reach the Juan Luna intersection, then push yourself as you run all the way back to the hotel.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

My long runs are scheduled every Sunday. I’m planning another LSD soon so that I get to peak another 21K. It’s a breakaway from my training plan, but what the hell. =)


One response

  1. Hi Carlo. Looking at the map, it’s like a figure eight route which makes it interesting. Sometimes in my training, I try to come up with routes like yours. Sometimes, out and back routes and loop routes do get boring, especially when you do them a lot.

    Anyway, please take care and keep on running! – Wayne

    Hi there Wayne,

    I took a second look at the map and yeah, it does look like a figure 8. I did try my best to come up with an infinity sign, though. =P Yes, I have to agree with you, running the same route over and over again does get tiresome at times. That’s why I use MapMyRun to discover new running routes (and at the same time embark on a new running adventure).

    Thanks again for visiting! Keep on running! =)

    June 8, 2009 at 1:27 AM

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