Cebu Run Route # 8: “The Shoe”

Yet another running adventure completed tonight. =)


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

This route looks like more of a woman’s shoe, because of the heels marked by KM6 to KM9. Don’t mind the representation of “shoelaces” on KM1 and KM11-12. Really, they don’t go well with heels. Hahaha! =P

Unfortunately, this is officially my second run for the week (the first one was last Sunday, where in I did a 10K). I wasn’t able to run much this week because I have been arriving home from work in a drained and quasi-wasted state, making me all the more lazy to get off from the couch to get into gear and run. It’s a good thing I was reminded about the upcoming Milo Marathon, which will happen in around 2 weeks. Thankfully there wasn’t that much to do today, although I got bogged down with several testing procedures, so I was all the more inspired to run. And boy, did it feel goooooooood. =) No walk breaks here, and no hydration stops. One good run indeed.

I want to do another run on Saturday so that I attain my weekly mileage. But I’ll shorten the distance so that I’ll be pumped up the next day for a new running route that will get me and my 1063s moving for nearly 23 kilometers. =D When I finish that one I’ll be posting about it.

From the condominium, head off to a slow start until you get to Sarrosa Hotel. Then make a left and go straight to Alpa City Suites. Once you reach this section run against the vehicles that go towards you. You will be passing along an intersection with a flyover – although you’re supposed to go straight, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO ABOVE IT, unless you want to end your life right away. Continue running until you get past Makro. Turn left at the intersection nearest to SM City Cebu, then make another left at the end. You’ll now be at S. Osmena Avenue, so remember to go against traffic – and try to bear with the carbon-loading as much as possible. Exhale all that bad juju while you’re running. Just follow the majority of the cars playing along this road so you won’t get lost. When you cross Mandaue City, make a left at the city’s hospital, then go straight. Turn left at the second intersection with the stoplight, not the first one. Upon making that left, keep your eyes on the road for this section will be dim, if you run this route at night. Slow down if necessary – you’re going to need it. You’ll be making a left to M. C. Briones upon seeing a flyover. Once you reach this path, you now have the chance to go along with the jeeps since they don’t speed that much, but do be careful for them. At the end of the stretch, you’ll be seeing another intersection with a flyover (you passed this on earlier – it’s your landmark that you’re almost home). Make a right, go straight, then left upon seeing Alpa City Suites, and head home, while not forgetting to make a right at Sarrosa to head back to base camp. All in all, this route bears a length of 12.36K. I only did 12.05K since I had warmed up and cooled slightly near the hotel, and I ran that 12.05K at a 6:55 min/km pace. Very nice run indeed.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

I’ll be running again this weekend, with Sunday being the longer one. Probably I’ll head to the I.T. Park on Saturday and do something less than 10K. But what I can’t wait for is the 23K LSD… this should be a thrilling run. =D


2 responses

  1. Rod

    dude… try to get in touch with other cebu based runners. i forgot the name, pero there’s one i saw earlier sa SB and he’s/she’s from cebu. i’ll try to catch the person tomorrow and inform about your runs. ingats bay! =D

    Hi Rod,

    Aba, okay yan a. Actually I’ll be interacting with more Cebu runners pagdating ng July kapag sumali ako sa homegrown events nila. =) Pero thanks for the news, bro =)

    June 19, 2009 at 1:41 AM

  2. Hi Carlo. Perfect description of the course.

    Hopefully, the NB1063s are working well. I tested the shoes last year for New Balance and they were the best cushion shoes ever under the NB brand.

    Take care and have a good weekend!

    Hi there Wayne, good to hear from you!

    Yup, my 1063s are indeed taking me further, and I have to admit, I won’t ever replace these shoes for another, unless New Balance comes up with something better – hopefully they’ll implement full cushioning shoes one of these days. =)

    Tomorrow I’ll be taking a new course, do wait for it.

    Have a good weekend as well!

    June 20, 2009 at 3:26 AM

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