Cebu Run Route # 9: “The Signature”

Completed 5:30 this afternoon. =)


(Markers are shown in kilometers. Additional note: the route was directly imported from my Garmin.)

This route looks like a signature to me, especially when viewed from afar, so I was able to so I dubbed it as such. This run took me to the further western part of Cebu City, particularly downtown, where the pasalubong area is.

Initially I was supposed to do 23K today. But unfortunately, I felt tired upon passing KM12. That’s why I had to cut my run short a while ago. On top of that, I had to battle with some uphill paths a while ago under the afternoon heat, especially on the way to KM6. Finally, the thirst factor. Again, I did this run without the use of a hydration belt. I had to stop somewhere before passing KM15 for a couple of water bottles. I was already thirsty and my body couldn’t wait for the next passable gas station. Oh well. But what the heck, I’m glad that I accomplished a long run today. =)

And just between the two of us, this run was supposed to be done early this morning. My bed kept me lying down for a few more hours until I realized later on that I have woken up late for my training. Again, what the heck, I’m glad that I accomplished a long run today. =)

From the condominium, run all the way to Pres. Roxas Street. Make your way down then make a right at F. Cabahug. Ascend all the way to Juan Luna, then make a left at Archbishop Reyes Avenue. Veer to the right until you get near the flyover. Upon seeing Parklane Hotel, make a right, then just go straight. Currently, you are at N. Escario. Run straight until you get to the capitol. Make an immediate after the capitol, then take the first left. Go straight until you reach the second intersection which will take you to V. Rama Avenue. Head right, then tackle the uphill path. You’ll know you’re near your u-turn point when you reach Petron. When you do, go the opposite way, and run like the wind until you reach the end of V.Rama. Make a left to N. Bacalso and bear with the uneven path. Upon seeing Central Bank, make a left, then head to Puente Osmena, then run all the way back to the capitol. Take a right to N. Escario, and upon reaching the end, make a right at Gorordo. Slow down to make your left at Cardinal Rosales Avenue. Go straight until the second intersection, then make a right at Juan Luna. Turn left at M. J. Cuenco and run against traffic as much as possible. Keep your eyes peeled for Tres Borces street – you’ll make your left there. Again, another uphill battle for you. Upon seeing F. Cabahug, turn right, then just go straight until you see Pres. Roxas Street. Now head home. This is a total of 17.85K all in all.

I garnered an average pace of 7:05 min/km for this LSD. Not bad at all. =) Also, I got the following data from my Garmin:
KM Length (km) Pace (min/km)
1 1 6:56
2 1 7:03
3 1 7:03
4 1 6:54
5 1 6:54
6 1 8:24 (darn uphills)
7 1 6:43
8 1 6:33
9 1 6:31
10 1 6:34
11 1 6:48
12 1 6:54
13 1 6:52
14 1 6:55
15 1 7:00
16 1 7:00
17 1 8:43 (again, hills!)
18 0.85 6:36

Though short of a little over 5K, I’m pretty sure this is enough for me to finish that Milo 21K 2 weeks from now. =)


2 responses

  1. Hi Carlo. It is a signature but the description says that it’s a challenging course. It looks like you’re getting the kilometers in. Take care an stay injury free.

    Hey there Wayne!

    Yeah, it’s a slightly challenging route because of the long uphills. But this should help me for my next half-marathon – which is due in around 2 weeks. =)

    You take care too, bro!

    June 22, 2009 at 7:56 AM

  2. Hi Caloy! You had a good run with your Route #9. That was a good prep for the Milo 21k.

    Were you in Manila during the PTAA run?

    BTW, I am looking forward to run with you when I visit our branch in Cebu in July.


    Hi there Eric!

    Yup, I do believe so. This should be enough long distance running for the 21K. =) And yeah, I was at the PTAA Run last Sunday. Which reminds me, I still have to give a review of the race on my blog.

    Sure thing bro, when you’re here, tell me. Let’s run together. =)

    June 22, 2009 at 9:54 AM

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