Race Review: 1st PTAA Charity Run, June 14

Race number 13 for 2009, and shot # 5 and the 10K category.

Just before I left back for Cebu I decided to pitch in a race. However, there was none within the vicinity of Makati, so I had to choose this one due to lack of options. Besides, this race was met by a lot of newbie runners in the forum, and I wanted to meet them personally. Honestly, my activity in the shoutbox has been significantly reduced ever since my new work assignment. Truly, I am as busy as I ever will be. So there’s that feeling that I got left out and all. But what the hell. At least ties were reunited with some of the old members – and new ones were made alike. I got to meet Doc Iris, Mike, Rhods, Ron, Chief, and Joseph for this event.

Since the race route was already familiar to me, I decided to gun for a new 10K PR. I did accomplish this – I beat mine for just 5 seconds. It may not mean much, but hey, it’s still a record, RIGHT? =P Unfortunately, I had a lot of walk breaks in this race due to a positive split. Darn it, I really have to change the way I start a race. I always aim for a negative split, much to no avail. Heck, it’s easier said than done. But don’t worry, I’m practicing it. Hopefully I get the new habit soon. =)

So, here’s my review of the race.

D (direction) – if anyone joined DocFit 2009 this year, it’s the exact same route. =)

R (registration) – a friend of mine registered me for this race while I was in Cebu so I cannot pass judgment on this one. But it’s enough to say that if you live in the north, you have the advantage of registering easily.

U (uhaw) – Rio-organized races NEVER leave you dehydrated.

M (money) – 250 bucks for a finisher’s shirt and a whole bunch of freebies? Money well spent. Too bad I wasn’t able to get my finisher’s shirt, though, because I was in a rush.

S (safety) – a regular Sunday on UP Diliman doesn’t have that much vehicles. The course is safe. =)

Pictures follow.

Without Zorro…

With Zorro. And sword.

Now a boomerang? Okay, better back off a bit. Hehehe. =P

The girls…

And their leading men! YEEEEEEEEES! =P


One response

  1. Rod

    hahahhaa.. ayus! leading men!!! sabi nga nila “it’s better to be late… than early!” anodaw?!? =)

    So profound of you, Rod! Hehehehe! =P

    June 30, 2009 at 10:47 PM

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