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Globe-Ayala Run For Home Results NOW UP!

Click here to go to Runpix and select the “Run For Home” event.

Some quick stats for myself:
– 458th place among all those who participated in the 21K category; 473 finishers behind, and about 49% of finishers ahead.
– 405th place among the male 21K runners; 372 finishers behind, and about 52% of finishers ahead.
– 69th place among the male 21K runners aged between 20-29 years old; 64 finishers behind, and about 51% of finishers ahead.
– from KM11 onwards, I passed 93 runners, while 11 passed me.


These are relatively good stats. When visualized, this puts me somewhere in the median. And I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. It’s a good thing that these results can be printed in PDF format. =)

The results also show you your location when the male and female winners in your division finished, as well as where you were when the average runner completed the race. How cool is that? In addition, it gives you a bird’s-eye view of the runners in front of you and behind you when you reach the finish line.

The timing chip used for this event was VERY accurate. I punched the start button of the GF 305 upon stepping on the timing mat. Finish time recorded by the device was 2:16:10. Net time recorded by the timing chip is 2:16:11. A one-second differential? Not bad at all! =D

For those who are checking their results already, there will be two times shown to you on your computer screens: gun time and net time. Gun time, taken from the term itself, is the time when the starting gun let off with a bang. Net time is your ACTUAL race time, minus the jostling to the timing mat at the starting line. In other words, this is your recorded time from the very moment you step on the electromagnetic field at the starting line all the way until you step on it again when you finish.

So the long wait for these results did pay off. The Championchip does work, and I can’t wait for its repeat performance come the Urbanite Run on August 15 (oh, and just as a reminder, have you signed up already?).

There’s only one problem, though. They got my name wrong. =P

But what the hell, as long as I have my bib number in memory then it’s no big issue. I hope there will be no problems when other runners view their statistics – then again, no plan is perfect. =(

All that’s left to wait for are the pictures from Photovendo! When will this go live for the public to see? =D

A Warm Welcome to New Running Gear


I got these new singlets yesterday. Yahoo! Now I’ll have more to choose from when I want to join a road race. =)

Unfortunately, I haven’t thought of names for them yet, due to laziness. Any ideas, folks?

Before I end this post, I wish the best to as it celebrates its first year. Kudos to everyone managing it and everyone part of it! =)

Race Review: Globe-Ayala Run For Home, July 19

This is my second half-marathon for this month, and shot # 4 for the 21K category.

After having a good 21K experience 2 Sundays ago, I thought if I could further bring my current 21K record down further – even by a few minutes or so. My initial fear was that the route will be traversing the Kalayaan flyover. During the Condura Run several months back, that flyover got the best out of me. I thought that this section of the route was going to beat the crap out of me and would prevent me from getting my much-coveted PR. In fact, I could actually see myself walking on that section, especially on the way back to The Fort. That was no laughing matter.

Add to that, I kept thinking to myself if two weeks’ worth of training after the Cebu Milo Marathon was going to cut it. This wasn’t going to be enough if I wanted some improvements in my pace – I needed at least a month. I trained solely for Milo! When I consulted Runner’s World on what my training schedule should look like after, it consisted of several easy runs, 2 tempo runs, and just one long-distance effort. That long run was supposed to be scheduled July 12th, but since the alcohol I had consumed the night before kept me from waking up, I had zero mileage last Sunday. A disappointment for me, indeed – and I missed that chance to run along with some of the peeps. They did an LSD on a portion of the race route while I was at home trying to detoxify myself. Shame.

What’s more, I was the “marked man” for this race. It seemed as if like I was marked for death or humiliation, so to speak. After telling my running friends that I had drastically improved from 2:44 (garnered during the Greenfield City run) to 2:17, they considered me to be the benchmark. (Almost) everyone was going after my time. All the more pressure for me! I knew about this after several conversations in the shoutbox days before the race. They were telling me to beat my time in this next race, or at least maintain it.

But despite the fear of the flyover, lack of mileage, and “peer pressure”, I WAS ABLE TO BREAK MY 21K RECORD – AGAIN! =D For me, the secret was tempo running. I already had my long runs previously and I was lacking in the tempo run department. If I was going to maintain the pace I had during the Milo Marathon, the treadmill would be my best friend for this one. Last week I did a couple of consecutive tempo runs so that my body will adjust and my cardio would be at optimum. 2 nights before the race, I thought of pitching in just one more. But it’s a good thing some people stopped me from doing so. Had I been that stubborn I could have been wasted on the day of the race itself. Thanks, guys. I owe you one. Also, “severely cutting down” really helps. *wink* 😉

The night before the event I set up the pace zones of my Garmin. During Milo it was set to a max of 6:15 min/km and a min of 6:45 min/km. I decided to up the ante if I was going to break my PR. The pace range was now going to be 6:10 to 6:40. This is going to be quite fast for me, but what the hell. I have nothing to lose. I was going to aim for a finish time of 2:15 – and God willing, anything above it. Like what I did the last time, I didn’t equip myself with a hydration belt. This is a Rio-organized race and I’m sure there will be plenty of water stations around. Besides, that hydration belt will drag me as it is quite heavy, especially when the bottles are filled to maximum level.

It was race day. I met the 21K peeps at the starting line, pumped up to run along the streets of Makati. Good thing the race started at 5AM – it wasn’t going to be that hot after approaching the halfway point all the way to the finish line. The thought of the flyover was sitll lingering above my head at this point. I was praying that it wasn’t going to kick my hiney. I’ll just run as much as I can when I’m on top of it.

With a fully-charged Garmin, warmed-up legs, and a small prayer, I headed off to a slow start. On the way to the flyover I kept to a pace of 6:40 so that I’ll have enough energy to attack the Kalayaan flyover. The first ascent was quite bearable. Fortunately, my legs weren’t screaming yet, so I kept my pace as it was – a steady 6:40. While on top of the flyover I met up with some members of the team – Bong, Ellen, Migs, Sam, Florence, and Timmy. But on the way to the Makati CBD itself, it was time to bring it up a notch. As I was making my way to Buendia, I sped up a bit. It was a steady downhill at this point. But I reminded myself not to speed too much as I’ll be needing some more energy on the way back to the flyover.

Upon KM6 my Garmin pace readings were jumping. Sometimes it indicated that I was within 4:00 min/km, while at times it registered 7:00 min/km. This was due to the high buildings that I had come along the way. I stuck with my current tempo that time to make sure I don’t go above or below my pace limit. It normalized when I got along Paseo. Upon checking the elapsed time, I realized I was still doing good, so I kept up with what I was doing. At the first u-turn at KM8, I had my first dose of an isotonic sports drink – boy, was it refreshing. Then I saw some of the other 21K runners on the way – Mhel, Pojie, Doc Lyn, Rico, Gab, and Neil, to name a few. This was Neil’s first 21K today and Pojie paced him ot make sure he crosses the finish line. On the way back the Garmin was jumping again, but it ceased to do after KM10.

At KM12, I was nearing the flyover. It was time – it’s now or never. Whether walking or running I must cross this bridge and get over it once and for all! After going for a hydration stop, I summoned all the energy I had that time and gave it all out on the ascent. I tried tp keep my pace within 6:25 min/km, but after completing halfway of the ascent, I was already panting. With no choice left, I had to walk until I reached the apex. But when the road suddenly evens out (that was at KM13), it was time to resume running again. I got another cup of 100 Plus and ran all the way to the end of the flyover. I even managed to pace with Rod and the Running Diva. =)

There was one final challenge left – Lawton Avenue. After crossing KM15 I could imagine the finish line ahead. But when I checked my time I had the feeling that I wasn’t going to make the 2:15 mark. But I still ran as fast as I could without overspeeding so that there’s enough time to push after getting out of Bayani Road. Somewhere within KM16, I passed by Luis, who was already walking. Apparently, both of his knees had given in! =O He started the race with a 5:30 min/km pace. I thought that he would end up having a good finish time, being that he is one of the fastest in the group. So I walked with him for a bit, hoping that he doesn’t get injured any further. After a few meters or so I got on the road again. Since I feared that I might not make it to the finish line by 2:15, I peaked my pace to around 6:10. There was no time to lose – I have to get to that finish line as soon as I can! I kept that pace until reaching KM18, where I had a gulp. From here I decided to break the speed limit already. Screw the pace zones! It’s time to push! I tried to keep my pace within 5:55 min/km to 6:10 min/km until a reached KM20. With only a few minutes left, there was less than a kilometer to go. After making some quick calculations, I really wasn’t going to make the 2:15 cut – HOWEVER, there was still hope for 2:16! Breaking my PR by just a minute is STILL a record! So I managed to peak at 5:55 min/km again without stopping. Just a few meters from the finish line I could see the timer – it was within the 2:16 range. I gave it all I got. Though I was panting in the end, I beat my record by a minute! =D

Because of all that excitement, I forgot to do one thing – COOL DOWN. After meeting up with some of the finishers, my left ankle was slightly “frozen”, and I had cramps on my right leg. It was SO painful that my screams could be heard from within a 50-meter radius. It was embarassing, really. It seemed as if I was giving birth. Hahaha! =P But after a few minutes of stretching, I finally got up, limping but happy. I couldn’t believe that I had set a new record today. A little sacrifice and perseverance did go a long way indeed. =)

The event culminated with almost all the finishers having breakfast at Jollibee. As always, I ate a lot to replenish all that energy I lost. It’s one of the perks after completing a race. Also, I got my new singlets (I’ll be showing them tomorrow) and met some new members in the process.

Yesterday was a good day indeed. I was able to beat my time, and I couldn’t feel any better. So that leaves me and the Kalayaan Flyover with an even score. Got my revenge on you, buddy. Hahaha!

So, here’s my review:

D (direction) – from the starting line, make your way to 11th Avenue then 26th Street. Turn right at Rizal Drive then make a left to access the Kalayaan Flyover. Run the whole of it, then head all the way down to Buendia, making sure to turn left at Ayala Avenue. Upon seeing Paseo de Roxas, make a left, then immediately head right upon reaching Makati Avenue. Head to Glorietta 5 via Ayala Avenue, then make a u-turn and go back all the way you came from using the same roads you ran on. After crossing Rizal Drive and 26th Street, turn right at 5th Avenue to access Lawton Avenue. Make a left at Bayani Road, then make a u-turn midway after reaching the Philippine Army Gym. Now head back to the finish line. Medium route difficulty – but it surely does get easy when you run across the Makati CBD.

R (registration) – whether online or not, I have read from many blogs that many people are complaning about the registration process. Those who went online were overcharged and haven’t been given their refunds yet! Add to that a chaotic scenery when claiming the race kits! What has happened here? How could a premier telecommunications company allow something like this to happen? Tsk tsk. Sorry guys, but I put my thumbs down on this one.

U (uhaw) – at least there were ample water stations scattered across the route. No need for a hydration belt. =)

M (money) – my sister registered for me and she said that it was quite expensive. And there weren’t even freebies??? Come on! Again, I put my thumbs down on this one. You could have done better!

S (safety) – volunteers from the Makati police managed to keep the traffic orderly and protected runners from harm.

Here’s a map of the route (click here to zoom in):


As well as a split analysis.


Some pictures follow:


On the way to the finish line… (c/o Argo and Pepsi)


Time check! (c/o Argo and Pepsi)


A portion of the team.




Class pic #… Hmmm, 1?


Cramp attack!


Labor pain? Hehehe.


Yet ANOTHER class picture.


Men in tights!


Showing off the new singlet…


Wow! TV interview!!! =D

Next up – the Urbanite Run in August. I’ll try to beat my 10K record. =) Time to train again!

Officially Registered For The Urbanite Run!

I went to the Cebu branch of Kenny Rogers to make myself part of this race. Fortunately the branch there is enabled for registration – I thought I had to go all the way to Manila for this one. It’s too bad that I can’t claim the race kit here in Cebu. Oh well, I’ll be in Manila a day or two before the race anyway. =)

Here’s what you get upon accomplishing your registration.


Your race kit claim stub (claim days are from August 13-14, from 3:30PM to 11:00PM at Nike Park, BHS); and


Race stubs. There are supposed to be three of them, actually – a run voucher which signifies your intention to run the race (the branch manager present during the registration will be getting it), a food stub, which you can use to claim the Urbanite meal until October 15th of this year at any Kenny Rogers branch, and a donation stub for the race’s beneficiary, Hands On Manila.

600 bucks gets you in the event.

I’m running a 10K on this one. I was torn between 10K and 15K, but I had a calling to improve my time on the former. =P

So far this is my only race for August. Let me see if I can throw in another one. See you guys in this event! =)

The 33rd Milo Marathon Cebu Leg Results

Finally, I found it. It was there all along at the Milo website.

Click here to view the results and download whichever category applies to you. Scroll down until you see Cebu.

Some concerns, though:
1 – Why were the results located in the year 2008?
2 – How come there’s no 10K category?
3 – For the 21K runners that finished beyond 2:15 (like myself): WHY WERE OUR FINISH TIMES DEFAULTED TO 2:24:23? That’s quite unfair…

It’s a good thing I brought my Garmin with me in this run, so I’m sticking with my official time of 2:17. Apparently, some of the results here are highly inaccurate and need a great deal of clean-up. Race organizers, I hope you can do something about this…

My Disappointing Sunday

Yesterday, I was supposed to join a portion of the team at The Fort to participate in a long run as practice for the Globe-Ayala run this coming sunday, as replacement for my non-participation at the Fit and Fun Buddy Run. I was hoping to peak at least 15K while maintaining a semi-relaxed pace. Besides, I was following the short training program offered to me by SmartCoach. I only have one long run allocated in my schedule – 11K at 7:21 km/min. I thought 11K wasn’t going to be enough so I might as well break it. It’ll be good for me anyway.

Rod and I weren’t able to get in the race yesterday because all slots were completely gone – how sad. Oh well.

Unfortunately, the night before that run, I had too much fun. Let’s leave it at that.

As a result, I got home and turned in quite late. The end result? I wasn’t able to wake up, even though I had set my alarm for 430AM. I suddenly woke up when I heard my phone ring – it was set on the loudest setting and I had the most blatant ringtone anyone has ever imagined. I checked the visual and I saw one of my runner friends, Rodel, calling me. He was asking me where I was. Half-awake, half-asleep, and fully groggy, I told him I was still in bed trying to get more sleep. That left me wondering why in the world he would call me at 530AM. It was only today that I realized that he needed a partner for the Buddy Run after his partner failed to wake up as well. Dang, a lot of things happen on a Saturday night. I’m not really sure if he still pushed through with the race (since the primary requirement is a buddy for you to run along with).

Yesterday was quite lacking for me. Not a single race, not even a practice run.

Which is why I’m running long tonight. Heck, I don’t care if it rains hard (I can see thick clouds hovering above from my office window), as long as I get to run.

Curse those beer bottles I had to chug… =T

Pictures: July 5 Milo Marathon, Cebu

I have to admit, finding sets of pictures from this event was hard to find over the web. Fortunately, I was able to stumble on one. I grabbed a few select ones and I’d like to share them:

At the starting line, located at Abellana.

The long journey begins!

Props to this lady for braving through the 21K course with a costume on. She’s got the bravura! That must have been a lot of wind resistance. =O

Celebrity # 1: Dr. Yong Larrazabal, running pioneer in Cebu.

On the way to KM8…

Still going strong!

Yup, the smiles are still up… I was making good time. =)

Just passed KM12! =D

We were free to run in the middle of the road. Ain’t that cool?

Need more proof?

Celebrity # 2: Donna Cruz, wife of Dr. Yong Larrazabal, and my childhood crush – until now.

Celebrity # 3: Sen. Pia Cayetano, donning her signature pink attire, complete with bodyguards.

Forget the sabong, just watch the race instead! =P

Many thanks to dstdiego for these pictures. That was a good picture stream. Kudos to you, sir!