Cebu Run Route # 10: “The Island”

First up, I apologize for not having blogged a long time. I have been rather busy with work, especially the last week. As a result, I couldn’t find the energy to run, even if I wanted to, as my mind is telling me to take the night off and get some well-deserved rest. For the last 2 weeks, I did bad in my mileage report card – only ran a disappointing 10K all in all. In addition, I ran into some “emotional trouble”, if you know what I mean, at which point I’m trying to resolve already, with some positive results somehow.

With only 2 weeks left before my first major race this month, I vowed to get back into training and get my running form back. Although I quite struggled in the last few kilometers due to exhaustion, I’m still happy to have accomplished a long run with minimal walk breaks and one major hydration stop. This route was completed last night.


(Markers are shown in kilometers.)

I’m telling you, I felt grrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeat after that run, and I couldn’t feel any better. =) Yup, I’ll be racking in the miles starting this week and next. Hopefully, I’ll be able to break my 10K record come next Saturday. I don’t care if I’m being marked as the baseline again, like what happened during the Globe-Ayala run; as long as I finish the course then that’s the accomplishment.

From the map itself, the course looks like a small island of shorts. Therefore, the name. Lack of creativity for creating the course name? Well, possibly. Alright, I really couldn’t think of any other label, so I decided to stick with this one.

From the condominium, make your way to Alpa City Suites. Turn right upon reaching the flyover, then run straight all the way to the Carreta cemetery, making sure to turn right at Gen. Maxilom. Upon reaching the fork, take the uphill path at Gorordo – when you get to this section of the route muster all the willpower you have because it’s going to be an uphill struggle. Thank goodness I didn’t stop running during this time, and I was still able to keep within my pace zone. When you see Asilo de la Milagrosa, turn right to Archbishop Reyes, then run all the way to the nearest intersection to Salinas Drive. Make a left, then head right to enter the I.T. Park. Do half of an 8-loop (i.e. encircle the building where NEC is located), then end it at Jose Maria del Mar. Now keep running straight until you see the less-travelled section of the I.T. Park. There is a small patch of concrete there which will lead you to M.J. Cuenco, at which point you should turn left to gain access to A.S. Fortuna. Now make a right and run as fast as you want to, because from here it’s pure downhill. If you do want to stop for a water break (which I did shortly after passing KM12), do so, so you’ll have fuel to run the remaining roads along the route. When you reach Jollibee, make a right at M.C. Briones, then go right at the flyover at Hernan Cortes. Finally, cross the Alpa City Suites, make a left, and run back to the condominium while keeping your spirits up. At the end of course, be happy, because yo would have accomplished a little over 16K.

To zoom in on the map, click here.

I’m also appending my split analysis during this run. Much signs of positive splitting, but it’s alright. I just got the heat back in my legs again. Hahaha. =P


Tomorrow, I’ll be running for former president Cory Aquino, along with some Cebu-based runners. This one’s for the first female president of the country, who gave us the gift of democracy (which tends to be abused most of the time, but what the hell). Hats off to you! The running community will be honoring your contributions through simultaneous tribute runs across the country, as a show of our thanks.


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