A Tribute Run To Cory Aquino / Cebu Run Route # 11


This is what greeted Cebu headlines yesterday. Pretty much the same headline would be applicable for the running community today as majority of the takbo.ph members have staged their own tribute runs for former president Cory Aquino. We want to take it to the streets not through violence (like what happened back in 1986), but in the form of a running revolution. According to Pojie, 3 runs have been organized in 3 different places across the metro (I suppose it’s up to the members to decide which location is more convenient for them). I consider today to be the fourth simultaneous run, even though I’m far from Manila right now, as I pay my respects to Cory by running, duly accomplished at 6AM today. What better way to do the tribute run than by wearing this:


I ran along with the Marathon Foodie (aka Haide), a lawyer/journalist working full time in Cebu. She also wore the same top as well and we ran the streets of Cebu early morning. Here’s the route we took.


It was a good run done at a relaxed pace, playing between 6:50-7:20 min/km. The mere fact that there was someone to talk to and someone to run with made this tribute run even more enjoyable, though it was just the two of us. Any uphill paths didn’t present much of a challenge as we pushed one another until we got to the apex. In addition, we were able to run continuously with not even a walk break, although there were some portions where in we had to slow down to cross the road and ensure that we were running against traffic. Along the way we had met some of the Marathon Foodie’s friends. Wow, she’s really that popular indeed.

She’s my first running buddy in Cebu and indeed, it was really an honor to have run and to have exchanged tidbits and anecdotes with someone who’s into the sport as much as I am. I do hope that I get to meet more runners here in Cebu so that we may run together, whether it be a long-distance run or otherwise. Many thanks to you, Haids; I look forward to the next running adventure. =)

This tribute run culminated with breakfast at Jollibee. It’s really nice to get that carb back after a good run.

From the rear entrance Ayala-FGU tower (near Starbucks), make your way to Mindanao Avenue. Turn right at Archbishop Reyes then gain access to the I.T. Park. Do an 8-loop; once done, make your way back to Salinas Drive and head up to JY Square. Make a left to Gorordo, then attack the downhill path until you see the intersection that will take you to N. Escario, and eventually the capitol. Run your way there, then access V. Rama through M. Velez. Head down V. Rama, but turn left to B. Rodriguez, and go straight to Puente Osmena. Take the road back to the capitol, head right at N. Escario, then finally, go all the way back to Mindanao and finally, to Ayala-FGU. That’s 11.38K all in all.

To zoom in on the run route, click here.

Here’s a split analysis as well. The pace was quite consistent.


Some pictures follow:

The Marathon Foodie and Drum and Run.

With Jollibee behind us. Too bad he’s not facing us, hahaha!

Cory, habangbuhay ka mananatili sa aming mga puso. May your soul rest in peace. The running community (as well as every Pinoy) will always be with you.


One response

  1. galing! 🙂 looks like you really had fun, dude! 😉

    Yup yup, bro, I really had fun. Hope you enjoyed your tribute run also! =D

    August 5, 2009 at 10:09 AM

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