CONFINED – A Runner’s Ordeal With Amoebiasis

It all started 2 weeks ago when I had a generous serving of Filipino delicacies, including some oysters and clams. I was feeling fine and dandy for the first few days until I started vomiting on Saturday. Everything cultimated with continuous bouts of diarrhea that lasted until Monday. Since I felt that my stomach was on a complete rampage and would not cease its internal revolution (and upon the order of some of my colleagues from work), I had myself admitted at a hospital in Cebu. I felt that I could still handle the pain emanating from my stomach, but it did come to some point that it did become unbearable. Immediately I was taken to the emergency ward to do some initial analysis. At first I thought that this was going to be some quick treatment, but when I saw one of the nurses bringing a bag of dextrose to me, oh boy, did I fear for the worst. So there, I got to experience my first intravenous line – WOW, it not as easy as it looks, and it does come to a certain time when it gets painful and annoying (because you have to minimize your movement).


Yowch. Trust me, it HURTS.


Though I’m in the hospital, I am reminded to live strong.

My running schedule got completely ruined because of this. This week I was supposed to do my remaining training before the Urbanite event. But now that I was stuck on a hospital bed, I guess I pretty much have no choice but to get myself well so that I’ll back on the road again. As Jet puts it, maybe it’s God’s way of telling me to stop for a while and catch up on some things. Admittedly, he’s right. I have been quite in a storm lately, if you know what I mean. Until now I still am and hopefully it will end soon, with God’s grace and benevolence.

It was quite saddening when I was transferred from the ER to my official room. I was far from my family, my friends, my girlfriend (I miss you loads already) – who in the world was going to watch over me? The only company I had was my cellphone and the television, but thankfully, I was able to adapt to the situation and didn’t feel that lonely as the hours progressed. But seriously, things are quite different when you’re alone AND on the other side of the country. You’ll see (and feel) what I mean if you were in my shoes.

I had to undergo a strict diet – nothing oily, and nothing with milk. Good thing I was allowed to eat 3 times a day. But the meals I had were not the ones I would usually gorge during a carbo-loading session. Some sacrifices must be made, indeed. It’s all for the betterment of my health, right? It’s something I had to deal with. Nevertheless, I have a relatively yummy serving of steamed beef/chicken, matched with soup and some fruit. It wasn’t that filling, but it’ll do the job. Might I say, it’s hard to eat with an IV line sticking out of your hand, and do your stuff in the bathroom at the same time. Can you spell physical challenge?

But though I was confined, my office colleagues did keep me company at night. One of our family friends currently based here in Cebu also managed to visit me. What’s more, I got a surprise a couple of my running buddies. =)


The Gingerbreadman was at Cebu that time doing a series of lectures for some schools. I was really caught off-guard as he really did take time to drop by the hospital and check how I was doing. Many thanks to for that one, bro! In addition, the Marathon Foodie also dropped by with a pack of bananas and a can of Stick-O (which I haven’t quite finished until now). Thanks also to you, MF! You rock!

I was released 2 days after, sensing that my stomach was doing fine. In fact, the night before my discharge I managed to eat some congee from Chowking. I had a sudden craving for it, like a pregnant mother would. Hehehe. Thanks goodness that my nurse and doctor allowed me to eat that, after all, it was soup, right? The doctor gave me some antibiotics to drink for the next few days. I had to bear with 3 brands – and they were quite strong. At points they really made me sleepy and nauseous. In fact, during the first days of my medication, I wasn’t able to run, even for just a short distance. Feeling that I would be a total wreck come the Urbanite run, I decided to let it go and see what will happen come the Urbanite event.


Check out that hospital prescription.

After getting my medicines from the drugstore I felt massive carbohydrate deprivation. This is the very reason why I dropped by Sbarro at Ayala Center Cebu and at Corner Bakery to regain what I had lost during hospitalization. Will a couple of deep dish pizza slices and 2 sweet cupcakes bring it all back? My answer to that will have to be a resounding yes.


Finally, out of the hospital. Now I have to watch what I eat this time around while I’m still here in Cebu.

How will this affect my performance during the Urbanite run? Check out my race report on it. That is due tomorrow. =)


5 responses

  1. nice post, dude. 🙂 used to suffer from amoebiasis too.

    Too bad it’s not gonna come out of us forever, Bry… Waaaah =(

    August 18, 2009 at 9:11 PM

  2. oh my. kawawa ka naman. and it happened when you’re not at home pa! 😦

    you’ll have to be very careful with your tummy (what you eat) from now on!

    take care!

    Hi Bea! Yeah, I got hospitalized when I was far from the comfort those of whom I know well =(

    Thanks for the reminder – I really have to be careful with what I eat now.

    August 19, 2009 at 9:23 AM

  3. nice to see you at the urbanite bro =) but i didn’t get to enjoy your lechon =( next time perhaps =)

    Don’t worry, Jet. There’s more opportunities next time. =)

    August 19, 2009 at 12:45 PM

  4. Kit

    hi! im under medication of metronidazole having amoebiasis too. were u taking ur metronidazole (flagyl) strictly every 6 hours? and after ur medication, how was ur stool? and also what amoeba were u infected, is it e.histo or e.coli? hope to hear from you via email or here. thanks!

    Hi there Kit, pardon the late reply.

    Yup, I think I was taking that. I was advised to take 3 medicines that time and I really couldn’t remember what they were. But after the medications my stool gradually became solid. The doctor said nothing about e. coli so I guess it was some other worm.

    December 18, 2009 at 12:09 PM

  5. Kit

    Thank you for your reply, Mr. Carlo.

    Today is my last day of medication and i really want to be better. the medicine made me nauseous all the time and lack of appetite, was is the same for you? and also i lost some weight due to lack of appetite. did you also?

    i wanted to get some information about this because it was my first time into this kind of medication. again, thank you so much and God bless you.

    Please reach me sometime, if its okay. my number: 09173383266

    December 22, 2009 at 2:06 PM

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