Race Review: Kenny Rogers Urbanite Night Run, August 15

Two words to sum up this race: PERSONAL WORST.

After being discharged from the hospital (see previous post) I said to myself that I’m going to beat my 10K personal record in this race, though I didn’t have that much training. After all, the Milo and Globe runs went well for me, and it was only half the distance, so this should be quite easy in a sense. But I thought wrong – this has got to be my slowest 10K ever, as I clocked in at an hour an 12 minutes. It was very disappointing for me since I could have gone in under 70 minutes. Why did I go slow?

(1) Gastric pain – at the first 3K I was pacing with Vic and Jinoe at a 6 min/km pace. So far my stomach was feeling okay. But after the 3K mark I started feeling initial discomfort that I had to stop running and walk it out a bit so that the feeling would subside. After several meters of walking I tried running again at the same pace for a short distance but the pain came back and I was forced to walk again. I told Jinoe to leave me behind as I didn’t want to drag him down. After several attempts of running and walking I decided to keep it to a slow pace of 7 km/min instead. It did work, especially after the halfway point, but at KM8.5 I couldn’t take it any longer. My mind and body were telling me stop. My stomach was cranking up! Screw the personal record, what mattered now was the finish the race though I as having some problems. Good thing Ellen saw me running on the road (she did only a 5K and decided to help one of our fellow runners, Marga, who I heard was struggling with her first 15K that time). After she saw she said that she would be pacing me until the finish line. Thank goodness at least there was someone who was going to give me that extra push. Thanks again for helping me pass that finish line, girl. I appreciate it. To be honest, I was close on quitting already. After the race one of the team’s resident doctors, Eric, told me that the problem I was experiecing was most likely caused by the brand of antibiotics I was taking that time. It did have some undesirable side effects on the stomach for a few individuals. Darn it, I had to be part of that few. Oh well, sometimes runners do get unlucky.

(2) Humidity – talk about a hot race in the middle of the night. You couldn’t expect much of the night breeze to comfort you. In fact, there was even no night breeze at all. The night was clear but it was as hot as hell. As I’ve read, many runners did complain about the same thing, so I’m not alone on this one.

(3) Not enough training – I told myself that after my discharge I’ll be pitching in one tempo run so that my system’s fueled. But my medicines were keeping me from that tempo run and I wasn’t feeling the need for speed. I resorted to plenty of carbo-loading instead. If I wasn’t hospitalized to begin with then I would have had a happy ending.

I couldn’t help but fell disappointed at my performance in this race. Take the 3 factors that I mentioned above and you would have another unique recipe for disaster. At least the consolation I have now is that I finished the race though I was injured. It’s better than a DNF.

The night culminated with the members celebrating their own victories. Neil and Rachel brought some bread and Nutella for us to eat while I brought some of Cebu’s finest lechon back home – 2 huge kilos of it. Too bad there wasn’t rice to match it. But the people did enjoy it, and as far as I know every single piece of it was consumed. Before anything else, I’d like to say “you’re welcome”. Hehehe. For those who weren’t able to have a whack at the lechon, don’t worry. There will be more opportunities to meet with you guys. Trust me. Later on the team broke up into groups, where they had their own little celebrations after the race. Some of them went to BHS and ate at New Orleans. Others went to Music 21 Jupiter and sang their hearts out. As for me, I went back to my room because I needed to rest. In fact, when I got to my bathroom I vomited the liquids I drank – including my dinner before the race. Pardon the gross imagery, but that what’s really happened.

Then somewhere between 2:30 to 3:00AM something unexpected happened. But that’s for another day.

Here’s my review of the race:

D (direction) – start off at the back of the NBC Tent, then make your way to Bayani Road. Make a u-turn just before reaching the Libinigan ng mga Bayani. Head on back, but run to McKinley Hill first, making sure to get to the final u-turn point at the British Embassy. Run back to where you entered, and finish off where you started. As simple as that. Given the unexpected humidity and the difficulty of the course (the hills are always a killer!), I’d give this one a hard.

R (registration) – thank goodness there were registration forms available in Cebu. I just asked someone to pick them up for me.

U (uhaw) – though there are sufficient water stations along the way, it’s best if you bring along a hydration belt, especially on humid runs like these, even if it’s just a 5K course!

M (money) – at first, 600 bucks looks too pricey, but you get a free meal from Kenny Rogers, freebies, and a free concert at the end of the run. In addtion, you get to run for charity. It’s every peso well spent.

S (safety) – maybe a headlamp would have been useful during the race since there were some portions which weren’t well-lit. But it’s alright, volunteers from the Army were there to help you show the way and keep you from harm. My thanks also those who were stuck in traffic while 3000 runners set foot to run their butts off. Their headlights illuminated the road quite well. I also send my apologies to them since we did keep them waiting for a while.

Some pics follow:


See the face? That’s how hot it was, and how bad my stomach during that time.


Nearing the finish line…


Any KR event always has Marc Nelson in it. What the heck, now’s my chance.


A portion of the team who ran in knee-high socks. It was their idea. =P


Family picture # N. Goodness, we’re this much already!


The best thing after a run – eating. =)


Can I have some of that famed Cebu lechon? =D

Here’s the 10K route:


And an analysis of my splits.


At the very least I did end up with a surprisingly good result. Whew.


My next race is due this Sunday at the Cebu Doctors’ University. It’s going to be another 10K run. I need to redeem myself on this one – hope I do well. As for the PR, let me think about it. =)


3 responses

  1. hey buddy.. nice blog.. nde na ko umabot sa cebu lechon na un ah.. bawi kana lang sa sunday.. go go go for your 10k PR dyan sa Cebu.. Good Luck and ingats lagi…

    Mac! Oo nga sayang hindi ka na nakaabot sa lechon. Di bale sa sunod na balak ko siguradong meron akong dala ulit =) Thanks bro! Sana talaha maka-PR ako this Sunday!

    August 20, 2009 at 6:21 PM

  2. Hey Carl! Makakabawi ka rin sa CDU. It’s a very flat and fast course and walang cars. Marami lang sharp corners and you need to do two loops of 5K, but over all, it’s OK.

    Cebu Lechon is always a hit. Baka gusto mo rin magdala sunod ng Chicharon from carcar, Cebu. Yung may laman na chicharon paired with Pinakurat na suka. Lahat yan available sa grocery and magaan lang.


    Hi there Haids!

    Wish me luck nonetheless. This will be my second run after being hospitalized and I haven’t trained much =( Tapos papicture tayo kay Donna Cruz! =D

    Doon lang ba talaga sa Carcar makukuha yung chicharon na may laman?

    August 20, 2009 at 9:13 PM

  3. elkyoshi

    Congrats for finishing and take it easy!

    Thanks Alfred. See you on the next major run. =)

    August 21, 2009 at 8:38 PM

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