Race Review: 1st Cebu Diamond Lions Charity Run, August 30

I was supposed to do a 10K today as part of my training for the September New Balance Event. However, due to a sudden attack of the sniffles I wasn’t able to run, not even once. Add to that, I have been rather busy with work lately and I arrive at the condominium at a wasted state. This is why I decided to gun only for a 5K. It’s better that I do that rather than do a 10K without any training runs whatsoever. Besides, after a good performance last Sunday, I thought it would be better to follow it up with a new 5K personal record.

I was able to convince one of my office colleagues, Froi, who had recently vowed to get himself working our frequently as he felt like he really needed it already. What better way to start your workout than with a simple run? As a result, I helped him choose the right running shoe for him yesterday while at Ayala. He got himself a stability-class shoe from Nike, and it fit his foot arch quite well.

We headed to the race site around 515AM this morning. Since we were not pre-registered we had to get our race numbers on the day of the race itself. There were quite a lot who weren’t signed up so we had to jostle our way around to get the registration forms, our race numbers, and our singlet. I learned a lesson today if you sign up for a race on race day itself – ALWAYS BRING A PEN. I have to keep that in mind. Hehehe. After 20 minutes of administrative matters we got ourselves warmed up. The sun was nearly high up come 6AM and it was starting to get hot. Luckily the race started promptly.

With a pace zone between 5:40 to 6:10 min/km, I was wondering if I’ll be able to shoot for a new record – preferably under 30 minutes – though I didn’t have any runs for the previous week. In addition, I still had the sniffles so I feared that my breathing capacity will be put in jeopardy. Also, the first half of the 5K route was going was a gradual uphill path! Since this was going to be a short race, I might as well push myself from the very start. I was going great on the first 2K but upon nearing the halfway point I was nearing dehydration. After getting a quick gulp of water, I made the turnaround and sped all the way downhill back to the finish line. The water station I passed had only one marshall in it, so the runners had no choice but to stop and get the drinking cups themselves. A big boo-boo indeed. =T

On the approach to KM4 I realized that I wasn’t going the sub-30 mark. The best that I could hope for was 31 minutes, if I was going to keep my pace. Though I was huffing and puffing already, I managed to push myself to top speed and concentrate fully until I got to the last few meters of the route, while my fists were clenched.

Upon arrival at the finish line I checked the GF 305, and it registered 30:42! I have broken my 5K record!!! =D Too bad I didn’t go under 30 minutes, though. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll work on that next time. =)

After 10 minutes of rehydration I decided to trace back my steps to look for my new running convert. I got to him 500 meters near the finish line. From there I ran with him with a pace of 6:30 min/km. My friend managed to finish his first 5K run in 44 minutes. Not bad at all. Kudos to you, Froi! I’m sure you’ll improve on your record the next time around. Soon you’ll be addicted to running, just like me. =P

Here’s my review of the race:

D (direction) – from the back of CIC, make your way to Archbishop Reyes. Upon reaching Juan Luna, make a left and tackle the uphill path going to the IT Park. Keep your spirits up because you’re going to need it! After passing the IT Park, Waterfront Hotel, and the Golden Cowrie, take your u-turn and do a downhill run of Juan Luna. Turn right at Archbishop Reyes until you see a u-turn leading back to the finish line. This 5K route possesses easy to medium difficulty due to the gradual incline at Juan Luna. But if you’re the type who eats hills for breakfast, then this should pose no problem for you.

R (registration) – you get yourself registered at the Cebu City Sports Center. But since we didn’t have time to go there, onsite would have to do. I wish they had satellite registration sites, though.

U (uhaw) – if you did a 10K route, you will get thisrty. The sun was hot when the clock hit 630AM. As for the water station, they could have used more marshalls so that runners who wish to break their records don’t have to stop and get their own drinking cups to have it filled with water. Again, hydration belts will work here.

M (money) – 200 bucks gets you your race pack, and a singlet. Relatively good amount.

S (safety) – volunteers from the CITOM and Ayala security kept the running route free from cars as much as possible and kept the traffic at bay. Thanks for your help, guys. =)

Pictures follow:

The stage area.

My convert to running, Froi.

Myself with the new takbo.ph singlet. =)

Way-too-proud finishers. =P

Some of the participants.

Some of the participants again.

At the finish line.

Froi’s turn!

Very nice jerseys. =)

Looking forward to encircle Lapu-lapu City with you soon, sirs! =D

Here’s the 5K route

And a good split analysis. Positive splitting for the first 3K, and maintenance during the last two.

Next race lined up for me is September 9 – the Don Sergio Osmena Run. That date is a local holiday here in Cebu, so I’m looking forward to be part of it. For those of you who want to get in, registration is at the Cebu City Sports Center. =)


2 responses

  1. Hello Carl!

    Congratulations on your new 5K PR. Yung gumawa ng singlet parang Lakers fan kasi magsingkulay ng jersey. Mabuti naman at may mga na-recruit ka din. The more the merrier.

    I’ll try to run at DSOS, pag nawala na sakit sa paa. =)

    Thanks thanks, Haide! =D

    Oo nga, hindi ko napansin yung sa jersey, mukhang hardcore fan nga ng LA Lakers yung nag-propose at nagpagawa ng design =P Good thing that my friend had his own “high” after the run. Maadik din yan soon, just like me =P

    Hopefully your foot pain goes away come September 9. We have to run together on this major event. =)

    August 30, 2009 at 9:16 PM

  2. Congrats on your 5k PR Carlow, your secret training there is paying off and I think you’ll surprise a lot of people once more come NB 🙂 You running 21k ba?

    Hehehe! Thanks, Luis! =D

    Yes sir, I’m running 21K. Hopefully this time I’ll be within the 2:10 to 2:15 range, or faster (previous record stands at 2:16). Need to work on that one well. =)

    See you on the road soon!

    August 31, 2009 at 7:49 PM

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