Race Review: Ayala Malls Eco Dash, September 13

Another 10K effort for me on this one.

I woke up quite early for this race to do one thing: to check if the rain will be ruining the race for everyone. It had been continuously raining the previous night and I felt the same might happen on race day. Fortunately, the rain stopped itself around 20 minutes after I woke up. If it didn’t I would screw race day. Realizing that there were no more drops falling from the skies, I immediately got dressed, prepared my stuff, and headed to the race site.

However, along the way, the rain was starting to get strong again, but it wasn’t as strong as last night. What the hell, I might as well go there anyway. Besides, I’m sure many people will still be running the race. Upon arrival at the race, I saw the 21K runners already at the coral, waiting for gun start. However, it is unfortunate to know that the 21K race will be starting 30 minutes later than the published gun time. Booboo # 1 for the organizers, people. That means, when cascaded, all those running shorter distance will be starting late as well. For 10K runners like myself, that meant we would have to start by 6AM. Darn it.

A few minutes before our gun start, the rain was starting to pitch in, and it was quite cold! I had no choice but to get into jogging place and move myself a bit. Even though the rain was slowly setting in, there were even pre-stretching demonstrations done. That’s good in itself, but come on, it’s about to rain, and we’ve already done our stretching, all that’s left for us to do is to run before the rain gets any stronger – so I guess there’s no need for pre-stretching anymore. That’s booboo # 2.

Finally, gun start. A few meters after the starting line, an outburst of rain. It’s a good thing that I wore my training shoes instead of my racing shoes – I don’t want them to get ruined. But even though the rain was pouring, it was quite soothing to the body. It had a cooling sensation, urging me to run faster than expected. I was supposed to treat this race as a long run (hence, my pace zones were set to 6:30 to 7:00 a kilometer), but since the weather proved to be in our favor somehow, I put on my game face and ran at race pace. For the first 7 kilometers I was feeling great because the rain was keeping me company. There was no sun to keep me from reaching the finish. I had fears that the total drench in my socks would cause blisters on my foot – and all to that the fact that I didn’t put on that much petroleum jelly – but what the hell, I’ll run at race pace anyway!

Along the way I caught up with one of my running friends, Marvin. I asked him if we could finish this race in under 65 minutes. Good thing he was game for it. =) We were pacing together for the most part until the return to the Kalayaan flyover to cross the finish line. Before ascending that one, I grabbed all the air I could while sipping on a cup of orange Gatorade. The end result was me running the flyover at a REALLY slow pace (i.e. 7:00 a kilometer), though I had to walk a portion of it upon reaching the highest point. After that, I resumed my race pace and caught up with Marvin again at KM9. Even though there were 8 minutes left until the 65th minute, we still ran at race pace – heck, Marvin sprinted at the last 300 meters. The end result was us finishing the 10K in 63 minutes.

After reaching the finish line, I dropped on all fours and thanked the heavens for yet another good race. No cramps for me this time around because I did my post stretching! Hehehe! =P Also, after waiting for the rain to completely stop, I got my Nikon D3000 out and broke it in with some of the takbo.ph. Some pictures to be shown later.

It was a good run. If I keep this pace up, for sure I’ll be setting a new record at the ROTARun, which is due this Sunday. Good luck to all the racers joining this event – and myself!

Here’s my review of the race:

D (direction) – start from the back of the NBC Tent, make a left upon reaching Serendra, then make another left to access the Kalayaan Flyover. After completing the descent at said flyover, make a quick left to Paseo de Roxas, then another left at Makati Avenue. Go straight until you see the street leading to the Landmark entrance. Turn left, then encircle the Glorietta 3 loop. You’ll be ending at the Landmark entrance. After that, run all the way you came from. Medium diffculty for this course, made easier by the rain. =D

R (registration) – if you’re an avid Ayala mall shopper, registration should be easy for you on this one. =)

U (uhaw) – I have no problems with this one. There was more than ample supply of water AND Gatorade. The latter helped as lot, especially on the way back to the Kalayaan flyover.

M (money) – 300 bucks gets you a race bib. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a singlet also, which could have done better on the design aspect. But if you’re one of the unfortunate who run out while registering, 300 bucks would be WAY too much to pay for.

S (safety) – no doubt about it, racing along Makati with security helping you along the way is good for runners. This has been proven several times. There have been several Makati races recently and once again, volunteers from the Makati Police are there to assist all the road racers, despite the rain.

Here’s the 10K race route


And a split analysis.


As promised, here are some pictures.

Those who represented takbo.ph in this race. =) GO TEAM!!!

Me with the legendary Bald Runner.

It’s Vicky’s turn!

PR maniacs! L-R: Sam, Luis, Vicky, and Argo.

My running twin, Steven. Seriously, I think we look alike. =P


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