RUNNR Cebu To Be Launched 19 November 2009



With the success of its first branch (and only one so far) in Bonifacio High Street, the folks at RUNNR have expanded their services by making their way to the Visayas.

According to the marketing division of the said establishment (to whom I got in touch with early this afternoon), RUNNR will be making its debut in the queen city of the South – Cebu City – with a launch targeted on November 19, 2009! This is indeed very good news to the running community in Cebu as the sport is increasingly attracting individuals from all walks of life, whether young or old alike. Might I say, the folks at RUNNR will not regret making their way to Cebu and serving the rapidly growing running population here. =)

It is expected that this new branch will be offering the same services as in BHS – particularly the gait analysis. I’m pretty sure that they will have this one also so that newbie and experienced runners will be guided in choosing the right shoe that will take them to places. GO RUNNR! =)


Cebu runners, mark off November 19 from your calendars and head to the launch of RUNNR at Ayala Center. Trust me, this is one event you would not want to pass. Who knows, you might get your next pair of shoes here, as well as additional running gear – and be part of Team RUNNR Cebu! =D

Oh, and speaking of which, RUNNR Cebu is actively looking for people to be part of their team. Only one requirement is needed – ardor and passion for running. If you wish to try it out, send your resumes to

Hoping to see you all of there. I will post more news regarding the opening as it comes along.

(Thanks to Nicole of RUNNR Marketing for sharing this information.)


3 responses

  1. Hi… Do you think the opening date is final? can’t wait to get my hands on new ASics GT-2140 shoes.. Also wuld’nt want to miss the opening freebies..hahahah

    Hi Doc Raymond,

    Yes, from the looks of it, the opening date of RUNNR Cebu is final. I suppose you’ll be there at the opening as well? I would also want to get hold of some goodies from them, hehehe. =)

    November 1, 2009 at 12:49 PM

  2. Nice! Big time na talaga ang running sa CEBU! nice!

    Hi Argow,

    Oo nga, Cebu has caught the running fever na rin. Very pleasing news indeed. =)

    November 1, 2009 at 1:49 PM

  3. Carlo, checking in to see how things are. Good to see that the Runnr company is growing there.

    Take care and will talk soon!

    Good to hear from you again, Wayne! =) Indeed, RUNNR is making a good move by expanding further into Cebu.

    November 6, 2009 at 2:03 PM

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