Cebu Run Route # 12: “The Trailer”

It’s been a long time since I did Cebu running routes. I have to admit, for the most part, I have been using the same routes I have uploaded before or I do my runs on a treadmill. Sometimes I don’t even get to run at all because of the recent increase of intensity at work. Thankfully, last Monday, I was able to accomplish another long run in relatively good conditions. I apologize for posting this only now – I have a good excuse for it.

Here’s the route that I took…


This may well be one of the remaining run routes in Cebu that I will be posting in the next few days as my stay in here is about to come to a close. So I will do my best to make some more in my remaining days here so that other runners may try it out. The route has the shape of trailers that are connected together – hence, the route’s name. Like any of my previous run routes, this is quite carbon-loaded as 95% of it passes on major thoroughfares. There are also a few dark spots so be aware of where you’re going and what you’re stepping on. So if you wish to give this a shot, here’s a tip – BE CAREFUL.

Nevertheless, this is a relatively challenging route, providing an even mix of flatland and uphill. Don’t worry about getting dehydrated in this route since this one has my most hydration stops by far.

To take on this route, memorize the following course.
> condominium
> left to F. Cabahug
> right at Hernan Cortes upon seeing Alpa City Suites
> right at Lopez Jaena upon reaching the wet market/flyover
> right at the Hipodromo section to reach Samar Loop
> left at Archbishop Reyes
> left at Gorordo on the way to Maxilom
> right at Maxilom, just after Jollibee
> straight to Puente Osmena
> right at Osmena Boulevard on the way to the Capitol
> left at Escario
> right at the road leading to M. Velez
> left at M. Velez
> left at V. Rama
> left at B. Rodriguez
> left at Osmena Boulevard to reach the Capitol again
> right at Escario
> go straight until you reach Ayala
> left at Siquijor until you get back to Ayala
> left at Archbishop Reyes
> from here it’s a free-for-all – you can then take small roads leading back to the condominium to attain a 15K (like what is shown on the map)

All in all, this course totals 15K, good for a long run.

I’ll be posting another long run route soon – it will take us once again to the airport. =)

Here are my splits when I did this run.



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