Cebu Run Route # 13: “The Cathedral”

Another Cebu run route completed last night.


When looked at a map, the route is really aptly named for its shape. =P

Total distance of the route covers a flat 10K, traversing on national roads. Be warned though, this is no easy 10K course. There are lots of gradual uphill roads here, especially once you reach Gorordo Avenue. You’ll need that strength and spirit – but of course, if all else fails, you can always go for a walk break, which I did before and after reaching KM6 and 7. Thankfully it was raining last night so the remainder of the route proved to be easy (add to the fact that it was a downhill track). Like always, I ran this one without the help of a hydration belt, so weariness and exhaustion came in just before I reached the halfway point.

I chose to run this course because there are some parts of it that comprise the official 10K route for my final race in Cebu this Sunday. (Yes folks, come this Sunday, I’ll be participating in my last race here in Cebu – my second to the last one, to be exact – before I officially go back to Manila. The official last race is slated for 10 January 2010 – the Cebu City Marathon, of which I plan to do 21K.) So might as well familiarize an re-familizrize myself with the route so that I don’t get shocked come race day.

Memorize these if you want to take on the course:
> condominium
> left to F. Cabahug
> right at Hernan Cortes upon seeing Alpa City Suites
> right at Lopez Jaena upon reaching the wet market/flyover
> straight to Mabolo Church
> right at Maxilom, slightly slowing down before reaching the fork
> right at Gorordo to reach JY Square
> right to Salinas Drive all the way to Juan Luna
> left at F. Cabahug all the way back to the condominium

Here were my splits. Again, they were very uneven. The pace times in the middle of the route indicates slow-but-sure attacks on the uphill portion. But I sped up again once reaching the downhill portions. =)


This should be enough preparation for my 10K race this weekend. Hmmmm, maybe I can pitch up a 5K tempo run tonight. We’ll see.


One response

  1. elkyoshi

    Good luck on your Cebu swan song of sorts this Sunday! 🙂

    November 20, 2009 at 4:50 PM

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