Race Review: BF Pasko Run, December 13

This may very well be my last registered race for the year. I did another 10K effort since there was no longer distance.

Good thing the race route was very close to home so I had the opportunity of waking up a little later than usual. Since the morning air that time was very cold, I was thinking whether to wear a warmer under the singlet, much like what I did in Baguio 2 Sundays ago. After 15 minutes of thinking, I decided to go with my usual running attire instead. After grabbing a banana and chugging a whole cup of water, I drove to the race site. I was amazed that there were a lot of people from the group who were going to participate in this event. Around 30% came from the north.

Pre-meditative stretching. =P

The Kanto Boyz (Luis et al) were deigning to do a pace that would beat Piolo’s official time of 47:54. Given that target finish time (and the fact the boys also have monster paces), they were really planning to have a sub-Piolo finish. Apparently, these guys can’t believe that Piolo’s faster than them – hence, why they made him the benchmark. Hehehe. As for myself, I just wanted to treat this as another long run, so I didn’t set any pace alerts on the GF 305. Whether I go slow or fast – preferably slow – the results would still be okay with me, I’m not after any personal record. Besides, Neil, Rach, and I had an agreement to run at LSD pace.

Luis determined and hell-bent to beat Piolo’s time.

After a long prayer and after much well-wishing for the participants, we started running a little after 6AM instead of the planned 530AM schedule. Many had also wanted to join the race, and it’s a good thing the organizers allowed onsite registration. Hence, the delay.

At the first few kilometers I was checking the real-time pace being registered by the Garmin. WTF, I was already peaking at 6:00 kpm? It couldn’t be! There were no visible obstructions and the sky was clear. Plus, I was ‘comfortably’ running! So I kept to what I was doing and didn’t mind whatever my Garmin was registering. If I keep this up I might be able to finish the whole course in an hour or less, assuming that the route was exact.

The first half of the course took runners along Tropical Avenue and Elizalde leading to President’s Avenue. There were simple gradual uphills and rolling sections, allowing runners to boost as much as they could. The splits that I incurred were in between 5:50 to 6:15 – I told myself to forget the LSD pace and stick to whatever pace I had right now. Besides, I was feeling good inside! Later on we took the road leading back to BF, but runners had to make a left to Tirona leading to Alabang Hills. I thought that route would not cover the steep incline leading to the Alabang Hills entrance. What do you know? I was wrong. We were to go through that uphill path. Oh no! Fearing that this would ruin my race time, I sped as much as I could on the downhill section before making the turnaround point at Tirona. After stopping for a water break, I ran half of the hill, but walked the rest of the way. Upon reaching the highest point of Tirona I resumed the 6:00 kpm race pace again until we got back to Aguirre. From here it was a rolling course all through out.

KM8. Around 47 minutes. I was still within the sub-60 target. If I am to finish in less than 60 minutes, the 6:00 kpm pace should not falter itself. But exhaustion was starting to seep in, and upon realizing that there was going to be one last turnaround point in front of the Elysium gate, I was wondering if I was going to have a (rather) fast finish. The sun was high up, though it wasn’t that hot yet, and there weren’t anymore water stations. It was time to push.

KM9. Around 54 minutes. The finish line was almost close. It was now literally a race against time at this point. Using all the energy reserves in my body I ran as fast as I could to that finish line. My legs didn’t feel that jolt leading to muscle cramps, so what better choice than to push it! After clenching my fists and breaking my limits completely, I crossed the finish line with a Garmin time of 59:30. Yes! It’s a second sub-60 finish in my running career! =) I felt so happy that I forgot to cool down after the race.

Speeding to the finish. Thanks to the Meek Runner for the picture.

And guess what – I was tired, but not completely wasted. YEBAH!!!

The run culminated with Jollibee at President’s Avenue. Corned beef in the morning = win. =) Apparently, some of my running buddies still had that high that they decided to go to Mamplasan to shop for some new shoes… Hehehe! But that’s for another day. =)

Class pictures!



Here’s my review.

D (direction) – refer to the map below.


> start at the Village Sports Club, then make a right at Tropical Avenue
> turn left at Elizalde, going straight to President’s Avenue
> turn right at President’s Avenue
> make another right at Aguirre Avenue leading to the BF entrance
> make a left to Tirona, then go straight until you reach the Alabang Hills entrace
> make a u-turn, then run Tiron Again
> turn left @ Aguirre Avenue, making sure to go straight until you reach Elysium
> make another u-turn
> turn right at El Grande Avenue, heading towards the finish line

Had it not been for those hills, this would have been an easy course.

R (registration) – the race organizers allowed for online registration + bank deposits as well as onsite. You will be able to get in this race no matter what.

U (uhaw) – when the race organizers said that there will be a water station every 2.5K, they really meant it. Good work!

M (money) – 350 bucks gets you a singlet, your race bib and map, plus an RFID tag. Good enough for me. =)

S (safety) – there was an adequate number of them, however, some runners still got lost along the way.

Check out these impressive splits


(Credits also go to Doc Marvin Opulencia for the pictures.)


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