Race Review, PART 1 – Cebu City Marathon, January 10

I bade goodbye to the Queen City of the South last year after 7 months of systems development projects and parties, but I mentioned that I will be back when it hosts its first ever international marathon.

On the morning of January 8, I took a plane back to Cebu – to be reunited with my running playground once again. =)


DAY 1 – January 8

A little story before I continue: sometime in December I received an e-mail from my former clients that will be needing me back once again this year in Cebu. I was glad upon hearing this news because Cebu is a really nice place to stay in. That meant me heading back once again to my old condominium, although not necessarily in the same room. That was good news for me, because that would mean less damage – I wouldn’t have to spend much on hotel lodging. The one I previously booked – and the one which I recommended to my running buddies who will be flying in to Cebu over the race weekend – was REALLY close to the starting line. Anyway, upon landing at Cebu, I took a cab back to the condominium, where in I went to my assigned room for the duration of the project and rested a bit.

I was also happy upon receiving the news because that would mean I would get to see the Sinulog festivities. =) But that’s for another day.

In the afternoon, some of my friends had already informed me that they had already arrived at Cebu and were about to check in at their respective hotels. We later on agreed that we would be meeting up at the Ayala Center Cebu Terraces, the site where the carbo-loading party for the Cebu City Marathon will be held. Luis, Tin, and Rico had previous reservations at Cebu Northwinds, upon my recommendation. Jinoe and Que were staying at one of their college friend’s residences. The rest will be following the next day as they made their bookings on a Saturday and will be extending their vacation until Monday. Just before dusk I went to the Active Zone to get my race bib, timing chip, singlet, and the official souvenir shirt of the marathon.

We met up later in the evening to be part of the carbo-loading celebration. We saw some running personalities, like that of Sir Amado; Attorney Haide Acuna, who gave a speech that night; and Sir Jovie AKA Bald Runner. Others who I heard were present (and whom I didn’t get to meet personally) were that of Sir Jonel of Team Hardcore; Miss Jaymie AKA The Bull Runner; and Doctor Yong Larrazabal and his wife, Donna Cruz.

Team Bald Runner and Sir Amado

Totoy, myself, Jinoe, Sir Amado, and Sir Jovie

Also, on this night I got to meet one of my climbing buddies, Dess, who is now part of Team Hardcore, and Tina, also part of takbo.ph.

The CLP was well-participated in. Thank goodness it didn’t rain that night. There were 6 restaurants at that time that were offering pasta-based set meals for only 150 bucks. It was really cheap and from the looks of it, it’s really good.



Mayor Tomas Osmena giving the opening remarks

One of the restaurant stalls

Another one

Luis, Tin, Rico, and I were later on deciding where we would get our carbohydrates that night. One of us had suggested that we eat at some restaurant that cannot be found in Manila. We ended up heading to the second floor of the mall to partake our dinner at Sunburst Chicken.

Totoy, Jinoe, Luis

Tin, Q, Tina

But later on we weren’t contented. Our dinner was so good that there was a need for dessert. Hence, we made our way to The Crossroads and taste some sumptuous desserts at La Marea, known for its brownie cups – BAD for those in a diet like myself. =P

Trying to resist temptation =P

Most of us didn’t have that much rest the previous night, so after dessert, we went back to our lodgings and got some massive shut-eye.

DAY 2 – January 9

I was proposing a second round of the CLP to make way for those who will be coming in on this day. Since the running core is well-known for hosting its CLPs at The Old Spaghetti House, I told them that we could have our lunch there. But later on it was suggested that we eat once again at a restaurant that cannot be found in Manila. The first thing that came to mind? Spice Fusion located at the Banilad Town Center. When I was working back in Cebu last year my officemates and I would default to this place if we couldn’t decide anywhere to eat. The food is really palatable here, so I thought it would be a good idea for them to taste their specialities – and true enough, they did like it. Luis, Tin, Rico, and Totoy were first on the scene. I came in late because I had to deal with something that morning.

Unfortunately, Jinoe, Que, and Tina couldn’t be with us that lunch due to separate affairs, but they were replaced by Vic and Pojie, who arrived earlier during the day.



They weren’t able to get race packs yet, so we immediately made our way to Ayala and looked for the Cebu City Marathon booth. We got to meet Dennis AKA The Running Fatboy and his wife along the way. =)

Mar’s bib – look at the sponsor on top. PANGMATAGALAN!

Sorry for the blur.

Luis displaying the CCM singlet

Again, like what happened the previous night, a good meal at Spice Fusion must be followed with dessert. Since we were at Ayala, what better place to some sweet treats than the Dessert Factory. Geez, there goes my diet again. The cakes they offer here are nothing short of mouth-watering.



After eating our rations, Wilnar, Joseph, and Ziggy (part of the running core who has Cebu for its homecourt) met up with us. Jinoe and Que also made their way to our location. By chance, Dennis was also near where we were seated. As a result, you get the following picture.


To complete our day, we went to Crown Regency Tower at Fuente Osmena, home of the famous Edge Coaster and the Skywalk. Prior to releasing our adrenalin and letting go of our fear, we had a buffet. Carbo-loading part 3? You can say that. But the food was unavoidable. The buffet was part of the thousand-peso package which includes the Edge Coaster, the Skywalk, the 4D Theater, and a visit to the Gentleman’s Club.

Look at that…

Makes you want to eat, right?

We had our fill. Seriously.

After eating, we first strapped ourselves in the Edge Coaster, where most of us uttered 4-letter expletives to combat our fear of heights while riding on the edge of a building tilting 55 degrees to the ground. Later on we walked the skies while enjoying the night lights of Cebu and gaining a little preview of the race route.



Lying prone…

Standing on one foot…

And a ‘katorse’ pose. Syet.

Showing off our certificates

Once we were done, we headed to the Gentleman’s Club. Well, you figure what happens. =P We were supposed to head to the 4D Theater afterwards but it was closed. Thankfully we were allowed to go to it the next day.

So how does all of this affect our performance at the Cebu City Marathon? That’s coming soon. =)


7 responses

  1. Nice recap Carlo. It was great to finally meet you and the other takbo.ph peeps. Can’t wait for part two. See you soon

    Same here, Dennis, it was nice meeting you as well. See you on the next race! =)
    Part 2 is now in development.

    January 11, 2010 at 10:54 PM

  2. digitaldash

    sarap ng food 😛

    Indeed, masarap talaga, Tracy. =) Not good for BLC-ers like us =P

    January 12, 2010 at 12:49 PM

  3. Damn! i should have joined you guys at the skywalk!

    next time next time! can’t wait for your race entry!

    Oo nga Ge, too bad you weren’t with us. Di bale, there’s always next year =)

    January 12, 2010 at 2:51 PM

  4. Pingback: 2010 Races « Phil 4:13 runner


    Bawi ka next year, Julie! Train na! =D

    January 13, 2010 at 12:17 AM

  6. Nice recap bud, our great Team CCM captain hahaa. I still can’t get over the buffet. Do you know that we actually went to the buffet line again Sunday evening? Totoy’s treat 😛 Cebu Fat Camp did me in again! (x_x)

    That’s alright, bro! I quote you on this one – we run to eat what we love to eat. =)
    Don’t worry, we’ll be running this off soon eventually! Keep on running, GBM! =)

    January 13, 2010 at 1:12 PM

  7. Your experience was already a blast (wala pa ‘yung marathon dun ha). I had fun reading your post 🙂

    Hi Minnie Runner,

    Thanks for visiting! =D I’ll be posting part 2 of the review soon.

    January 13, 2010 at 3:19 PM

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