‘Til Devastation – The FINAL Long Run Before Condura 2010

Matira matibay.

These were the two words lingering on my mind before doing this final major run for Condura 2010. After performing Project Cuarenta back in December there was still a need to extend the mileage so that somehow I’m close to simulating a full marathon. Usually, I would do long runs on a Sunday, but I did this one early Saturday morning instead. The Sunday that came after this run was the Sinulog parade – and I couldn’t afford to miss that one. =)

The night before the run it was raining heavily. In fact, it had been raining several times last week. I wanted to do this run immediately since I should be tapering for the remaining Sundays before the marathon. However, I became paranoid, as I was putting myself at risk of getting high fever, or worse – pneumonia. I had to get a lot of second opinions from my running buddies. The big question on my mind was if it was safe to run long on possibly stormy weather. Half of them said yes, while the remaining told me to keep myself safe. They had good points. But after several minutes of reconsideration, I skipped my after-work activites last Friday and headed back to the sack to get some early shut-eye. I will do this run no matter what.

Thankfully, when I woke up Saturday morning, it was only drizzling. It wasn’t raining as hard as I was expecting it to be. After 5 hours of frequent hydration, hardcore music, and running in tights, I ended up having this route, which took me from west to east and back. Total distance ran on foot – 36.22K, accomplished 16 January 2010.


Unfortunately, upon hitting KM32 I was more than exhausted. That led me to walking the entire stretch of KM35. But I soon as I got passed that, my second wind suddenly knocked on my door and I ended up reaching the finish line with a smile. Overall, my splits were still favorable. =)


My legs were tired my shoes were beyond dirty after completing this run. But at least there was no chaffing and more importantly, no injuries. I was feeling good in the end that the next day, I couldn’t help but party at the Sinulog festival. =)


Now I seriously have to taper in the coming days. Sunday will still be long run day, but I won’t go beyond 30K.

For those joining Condura, I hope you have accomplished your farthest run. Let’s save our legs for the race and good luck to all of us! =)


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