Cebu Run Route # 15: “The Cebu Farewell Run”

March 13 marked my third to the last day of stay in Cebu. What better way to bid farewell to my running playground (for nearly an entire year!) than with a farewell run.

Since I haven’t traversed the airport route for a long time, I decided to go for it again for one last time, as it might take a long while before I get to run the Cebu twin bridges again. And I might as well disturb some of the people in the airport. =P

Here are some of the pictures I took along the way.

The ascent to the new bridge. That’s a LONG ascent.

The other bridge in the distance, which I’ll pass by later on.

At the bridge’s apex. Though it was around 4PM in the afternoon, the wind proved to be really strong and comforting to the skin.

I took a little side trip to see how the new bridge looks like from down under.

I’m not officially saying goodbye yet…

Hello, we meet again. =)

Another side trip – this time at the airport’s arrival area.

Time to head back to homebase – and get packing. =P

Now at the old bridge…

Gazing at the coastline before nightfall.

Good times, Cebu. GOOD TIMES. =D Thank you for hosting my training runs, whether short or otherwise. It has been indeed an experience running along your roads, partying at your clubs, and eating at your best restaurants/food joints. Without a doubt, mingaw man ako gyud sa imo. =)

God willing, I’ll see you on CCM 2011. SRP highway, you’re next on my list.

Here’s a map of the route

Plus my splits. Definitely done at LSD pace.


2 responses

  1. jazzrunner

    Carlo, didn’t i see you last Sunday at the Globe run? So are you up to your training in Cebu and race in Manila scheme again?:-)) Hope to see you permanently here soon!:-)

    Hi Sir Rene,

    Yes, you did. I’ve been back here since March 16. I’m racing here for good… Or at least until the next project assignment. =)

    See you on the road soon! =)

    March 26, 2010 at 9:41 AM

  2. Informative post Carlo…I remember having ran alongside you during the Cebu Marathon till the final 5 km or so…am happy running has picked up in Cebu…BTW added your blog to my blogroll…please feel free to add mine to yours…

    Hello there Scientist Runner,

    Indeed, running in Cebu is steadily growing, c/o Haide and Doc Raymond and the Larrazabals. =) I missed Cebu, honestly. It’s good training ground.

    I’ll add you to my blogroll as well. Thanks for visiting, and keep running! =)

    April 1, 2010 at 4:50 PM

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