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Race Review: Globe-Ayala Run For Home, March 20

This is my “welcome-back-to-Manila” race. It may have taken more than a month to come up with this race review, but it’s better late than never. =)

I never really intended to join this race to begin with, since I didn’t have the time and since my wallet that time was telling me not to join. =P I let it go – until 2 weeks before the event, during the running core’s bowling finals (yes, you read it right, BOWLING FINALS – we also do multisport sessions, hehehe). Almost everyone I know was going to participate in this event. Knowing how much I wouldn’t want to miss out on things (especially running events), I tried to look for ways to get myself included in the race. If I couldn’t get through after exhausting all efforts, then I’m running bandit.

Days before the race I received a message from Doc Pinky, a friend of mine who was going to run 21K.

docpnx: Gusto mo hiramin race bib ko? Hindi kasi ako makakatakbo sa Globe.
Me: Anong nangyari sa iyo?
docpnx: Injured ako. Gusto mo hiramin? Pero dapat sub-2 ang finish time mo kasi ayaw ko masira record ko!
Me: WHAT??? SUB-2??? Hirap na hirap nga ako makatapos ng sub-2:15 sa 21K e! Sub-2:30 pwede pa.
docpnx: Joke lang yun sa sub-2. Sige, papahiram ko sa iyo.
Me: Yey! Salamat salamat!
docpnx: Anytime. Balita ko HHWRPSSP ka na raw a…

Alright, that’s pretty much enough of the conversation, I’ll cut it there. =P

Race day. When I got to the race site, I got the race kit from Mac. When I got the bib number, I was surprised at my race number – 10. Now it makes sense why Doc Pinky wanted a sub-2 finish – because her number belongs to that of the elites, hahaha! But without a doubt, she’s really a fast runner. At that time I felt like an elite, but I couldn’t push myself to have the standards of an elite runner, since I didn’t have that much runs weeks before the event. My main target was simply to finish the race strong and without injuries.

The race started at the Makati Stock Exchange, then it took runners to Paseo de Roxas, the underpass at Glorietta 5, the Greenbelt driveway leading to Makati Avenue, Makati Avenue itself, up the Kalayaan flyover, then to Lawton Avenue, Bayani Road, the insides of Heritage Park, Bonifacio High Street, and finally back to the finish line at Paseo de Roxas via Makati Avenue. I felt uneasy upon reaching the cemetery because I had to take a ‘dump’, if you know what I mean. I felt disappointed that the portalets placed along the routes were locked up, but thankfully there was an available comfort room along the way, so I took a few minutes off the race to get some relief. From there, it was a smiling finish all the way to the finish line.



The route was hard, and was overshot by a full kilometer. What’s surprising was that I still had a 6:30 mpk overall pace, with no cramp attacks. =) If it were 21K flat, I would have finished under 2:20, but running 22K in 2:24 is not bad in itself.

As an additional report, this was the first race where I’ve seen bouncers. Really, what were they for?


Ah, feels good to be running with you guys again.


Here were racers 1 to 10. Too unfortunate we weren’t able to find out who #9 was. Ley was runner #2, but he was out somewhere when this picture was taken.

Here’s the route


And my split analysis.


The Weekend Where Everyone Is Out Running

…in Metro Manila, at least. =P

This coming weekend will be loaded with runs across the metro. By far, this is the “busiest” weekend in terms of running schedule. Check out the listing of events below (sourced from


Whether you’ll be going up north or headed down south, and whatever distance you’re joining, remember to:
– get proper rest;
– attain necessary hydration;
– say a short prayer (it really helps); and
– simply put, HAVE FUN. Enjoy the experience. =)

I’ll be part of the VSO Kabahagi Run this coming Sunday. How about you, what race will you be joining? Or will you do a separate run of your own? Share your thoughts.

Thanks to Doc Marvs for coming up with the title for this post. =)