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(Probably) The Other Reason Why I’m Running

As a drummer, I have to admit one of my greatest frustrations – the double bass pedal.


For so long I have been amazed at other drummers playing powerful rock beats using two bass pedals with the greatest of ease, as if it was natural to them. I have tried using them a couple of times, but I can’t seem to get the coordination with my left foot and my arms. Most of the time I end up being pissed off because I can’t seem to get it right. However, I saw a website that allows a drummer to add double pedal effects using only a single foot pedal. The disadvantage to this is that there is some sort of foot switch involved that might annoy the drummer. So I had to scrap that idea. Come to think of it, if you’re going to use double bass in your tracks, might as well use two pedals instead of “cheating it” into a single one.

I asked one friend of mine a long time ago (who’s an expert in percussion, by the way) for some tips and tricks that he used to master the art of the double pedal. His answer was simple – try running.

I have been running for a very long time now and I have yet to see whether running does help an aspirant to master the double pedal. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone behind a real drum set for a long time now, and I feel that my skills are getting rusty. Hence, I need practice once again. Then I can test whether my friend’s tip is correct. If I think about it, maybe he is right in some sense, because leg coordination is also key in running. But that remains to be tested. Hopefully by the time I’m able to jam again, I can experiment on placing “additional kicks”.

So did I get into running because I want to sharpen my drumming skills? Far-fetched and odd, I have to agree. But that seems like a pretty viable answer. And if running does help hone your double bass skills, then I’m definitely running more. =)

Hopefully, with some persistence, I’ll be able to follow the footsteps of some of my drumming gods:


Robert dela Cruz (of Skychurch and Queso);


Andrea Vadrucci (a YouTube sensation);


Raymond Herrera (originally from Fear Factory, now with Arkaea);


Joey Jordison (of Slipknot);


Mike Portnoy (of Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold); and


Neil Peart (of Rush).

Hindi naman masama mangarap, ‘di ba. =)

I miss drumming already. Just to share, here’s me drumming 4 years ago.


Race Review: Earth Run 2010, April 18

Two words to sum up this race: PACER DUTIES. =)

Might I also add – KNEE-HIGH SOCKS! This is my first race to debut in such apparel. Not only does it look good, but it also provides additional compression to my legs. So I can say goodbye to my cramps – hahaha! =P

Since I didn’t have any training prior to this race, I decided to take it slow for the meantime and simply finish it the best way I can. I wasn’t really aiming for any PR whatsoever since I knew from the very start that the race course was going to be hard.

I was originally planning to do a continuous run, around 6:45 to 7:00 mpk. But when Carina, Tere, and Julie tagged along – and upon hearing that Carina left her GF 305 – I volunteered to be their pacer. The game plan? A Galloway strategy with a 5:1 ratio, with a maximum pace of 7:00 mpk. This was going to be a chill run indeed. But as we were progressing along our run, I discovered that we could sustain a 6:30 mpk pace for around 5 minutes, so we decided to upgrade our pace. =)

Being that this was going to be a relaxed run, we decided to take it slow on the uphill paths, like the Kalayaan flyover ascents and the rolling hills at Bayani Road and at Heritage Park. To compensate for this, we would speed our butts off when the downhill path came, to the point that we were running to 5:30 mpk at most. Sometimes I would break the 5:1 ratio especially, when we were in the middle of a descent, until it smoothens out or until we get to an uphill struggle.

During the race, Carina, Tere, and I were focused on Julie. I knew later on that she was gunning for a new Pikermi PR. As such, we stayed by her side all the time and gave her all the motivation (not to mention the rest time) she needed to gun for a sub-2:30 finish. We followed this “blocking”, as Julie would call it, for the most part:


Carina and I were in front, Tere and Julie were behind. (Thanks to Julie for this photo.)

I was happy to know that there were a few others who tagged along with us. Too bad we weren’t able to get a picture of them.

At the last 3K, we can sense that Julie was slowly getting weary and her energy reserves were nearly depleting. But nevertheless, we kept her motivated and focused on reaching her goal – in fact, to make our performance better, we decided to include some fartlek sessions! I was initially fearing that we might not make it to 2:30 because the last 500 meters of the route extended all the way until Serendra, but we somehow managed to speed ourselves. In the end, we finished at 2:27:40, as per the Garmin.


Congrats, Julie, for beating your time. Next target – 2:25! =)

Caren also ran 5K in this race, and she has set a new record of 40 minutes. =) Congratulations, baby! =*


Just a little more and we’ll be able to break the 35 minute barrier. =D

After this run, I have realized that I can actually become a pacer for life, since I have no plans on beating my records anymore. I know there is room for improvement, but I can put those aside for now. I want to help other people beat their records now. Maybe it’s about time that I pay it forward. =)

Here’s the route


And my splits.