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Globe-Ayala Run For Home Results NOW UP!

Click here to go to Runpix and select the “Run For Home” event.

Some quick stats for myself:
– 458th place among all those who participated in the 21K category; 473 finishers behind, and about 49% of finishers ahead.
– 405th place among the male 21K runners; 372 finishers behind, and about 52% of finishers ahead.
– 69th place among the male 21K runners aged between 20-29 years old; 64 finishers behind, and about 51% of finishers ahead.
– from KM11 onwards, I passed 93 runners, while 11 passed me.


These are relatively good stats. When visualized, this puts me somewhere in the median. And I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. It’s a good thing that these results can be printed in PDF format. =)

The results also show you your location when the male and female winners in your division finished, as well as where you were when the average runner completed the race. How cool is that? In addition, it gives you a bird’s-eye view of the runners in front of you and behind you when you reach the finish line.

The timing chip used for this event was VERY accurate. I punched the start button of the GF 305 upon stepping on the timing mat. Finish time recorded by the device was 2:16:10. Net time recorded by the timing chip is 2:16:11. A one-second differential? Not bad at all! =D

For those who are checking their results already, there will be two times shown to you on your computer screens: gun time and net time. Gun time, taken from the term itself, is the time when the starting gun let off with a bang. Net time is your ACTUAL race time, minus the jostling to the timing mat at the starting line. In other words, this is your recorded time from the very moment you step on the electromagnetic field at the starting line all the way until you step on it again when you finish.

So the long wait for these results did pay off. The Championchip does work, and I can’t wait for its repeat performance come the Urbanite Run on August 15 (oh, and just as a reminder, have you signed up already?).

There’s only one problem, though. They got my name wrong. =P

But what the hell, as long as I have my bib number in memory then it’s no big issue. I hope there will be no problems when other runners view their statistics – then again, no plan is perfect. =(

All that’s left to wait for are the pictures from Photovendo! When will this go live for the public to see? =D