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(Probably) The Other Reason Why I’m Running

As a drummer, I have to admit one of my greatest frustrations – the double bass pedal.


For so long I have been amazed at other drummers playing powerful rock beats using two bass pedals with the greatest of ease, as if it was natural to them. I have tried using them a couple of times, but I can’t seem to get the coordination with my left foot and my arms. Most of the time I end up being pissed off because I can’t seem to get it right. However, I saw a website that allows a drummer to add double pedal effects using only a single foot pedal. The disadvantage to this is that there is some sort of foot switch involved that might annoy the drummer. So I had to scrap that idea. Come to think of it, if you’re going to use double bass in your tracks, might as well use two pedals instead of “cheating it” into a single one.

I asked one friend of mine a long time ago (who’s an expert in percussion, by the way) for some tips and tricks that he used to master the art of the double pedal. His answer was simple – try running.

I have been running for a very long time now and I have yet to see whether running does help an aspirant to master the double pedal. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone behind a real drum set for a long time now, and I feel that my skills are getting rusty. Hence, I need practice once again. Then I can test whether my friend’s tip is correct. If I think about it, maybe he is right in some sense, because leg coordination is also key in running. But that remains to be tested. Hopefully by the time I’m able to jam again, I can experiment on placing “additional kicks”.

So did I get into running because I want to sharpen my drumming skills? Far-fetched and odd, I have to agree. But that seems like a pretty viable answer. And if running does help hone your double bass skills, then I’m definitely running more. =)

Hopefully, with some persistence, I’ll be able to follow the footsteps of some of my drumming gods:


Robert dela Cruz (of Skychurch and Queso);


Andrea Vadrucci (a YouTube sensation);


Raymond Herrera (originally from Fear Factory, now with Arkaea);


Joey Jordison (of Slipknot);


Mike Portnoy (of Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold); and


Neil Peart (of Rush).

Hindi naman masama mangarap, ‘di ba. =)

I miss drumming already. Just to share, here’s me drumming 4 years ago.


The Weekend Where Everyone Is Out Running

…in Metro Manila, at least. =P

This coming weekend will be loaded with runs across the metro. By far, this is the “busiest” weekend in terms of running schedule. Check out the listing of events below (sourced from takbo.ph):


Whether you’ll be going up north or headed down south, and whatever distance you’re joining, remember to:
– get proper rest;
– attain necessary hydration;
– say a short prayer (it really helps); and
– simply put, HAVE FUN. Enjoy the experience. =)

I’ll be part of the VSO Kabahagi Run this coming Sunday. How about you, what race will you be joining? Or will you do a separate run of your own? Share your thoughts.

Thanks to Doc Marvs for coming up with the title for this post. =)


Got this from the Condura 2010 secretariat. Please read on, be informed, and pass to anyone you know who will be running the race.

To All Condura Run Registered Runners,

Please be informed that Race Kit redemption has been transferred to a new venue at the parking lot along 7th avenue in front of R.O.X Bonifacio High Street. Over 20 tents will be set up for your convenience.

Race Kit redemption schedule is as follows:

Thursday, Feb 4 – 3pm to 8pm

Friday, Feb 5 – 11am to 10pm

Saturday, Feb 6 – 11am – 6pm

There will be NO RACE KIT REDEMPTION after 6pm of Saturday and during the race day.

Cebu Run Route # 14: “The Cebu Food Run”


If ever you’re in Cebu and consider yourself to be a hardcore glutton (don’t be afraid to admit it, everyone is in their own little way) – then this post is most definitely for you. =)

2 days ago I decided to make up something creative for my usual Sunday long run. In the end, it resulted to me making a route that will pass through all the best edible treats one can have while staying in Cebu. This route was simulated and completed today, January 24.

It would be too good to miss out the following restaurants/food chains that I will mention successively in this post. Wear your shoes and tights, folks, and load up on the petroleum jelly where it’s needed – because we’re running 28.02K worth of concrete, asphalt, hills, and food joints. I’ll be your tour guide for this run, so please hold all questions until the end of the run. Don’t worry, we’re accomplishing this at an easy pace. And we start off at strictly 430AM!

We’ll be starting off first at Sarrosa hotel, heading towards Hernan Cortes, then we go south to M.J. Cuenco. We’ll go straight all the way until Imus Avenue, so watch out for dark spots and small potholes! Upon reaching Maxilom, we’ll make a right, then go up the hills. We’ll be stopping first at Mango Square, though; your first not-to-miss restaurant is in here.

KM5.78: Sunburst Chicken
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Get the Sunduo Ribkeel (chicken breast) and Drumstick. Order extra coleslaw and have lots of catsup in hand. Their chicken has a distinct taste from that of Jollibee, McDonald’s, or even Max’s.
OTHER BRANCHES? Definitely. There’s one in SM, Ayala, and A.S. Fortuna.

After this we go down to F. Ramos and enjoy for ourselves a downhill ride until we arrive at Imus Avenue again. The Central Bank of the Philippines at the downtown intersection indicates that we must make a right. Again, we’ll be stopping before we reach the Fuente Osmena rotonda.

KM8.43: Crown Regency Hotel
For those of you who have been to Cebu before, you might recognize this hotel for possessing the world’s first Skywalk and Edge Coaster. But there’s more to that! If memory serves me right, there is a restaurant on the 36th floor aptly named “Cafe 36”. You’ll be greeted by a glorious, sinful smorgasboard of Western and Asian cuisine, desserts include. This buffet is usually packaged with the Skywalk adventure, but if you just want to pig out with class, then this is a good place to do so.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Go for the Western section. Their servings of fish are outstanding. Oh, and load up on the sushi, salmon, yang chow fried rice, and desserts. If you’re lucky, you might even see a chocolate fondue fountain.
OTHER BRANCHES? Sorry, this is the only one.

We go straight down Osmena Boulevard, passing by the rotonda. Watch out for cars. Head straight to the capitol and make a left to M. Velez. Slow down upon reaching the V. Rama intersection. As we’ll be making a right here. We’ll go run the gradual uphill until we reach the northern endpoint of the road – and say a little prayer.

KM11.85: Guadalupe Church

Once we’re done, we make a u-turn back to V. Rama. Peel your eyes for the next stop!

KM12.53: CnT Lechon
Words cannot describe how scrumptious this lechon is. You can eat it even without any sauce! No wonder people from Manila take home kilos and kilos of this delicacy back home. This is by far the best one I’m ever tasted. Should you decide to try this one, don’t consume more than 2 kilos per week, lest you want your arteries to clog. =P
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Order 2 kilos of lechon, stock up on rice, and order a bowl of boiled oysters plus the cold bottle of Saint Michael. Make sure the oysters are boiled though, or you might end up in a hospital, like what happened to me before!
OTHER BRANCHES? There’s a small stall in SM and a big resto down at CIFC. It’s across SM. I prefer the latter because they never seem to run out of lechon there, unlike when you’re in the mall.

We’ll continue down V. Rama. Take note that we’ll be making a left at the second intersection with a stoplight – that’s B. Rodriguez street. We’ll run all the way to Fuente Osmena, but make another stop shortly before reaching it to get ourselves a little snack. =)

KM14.95: Alberto’s Pizza
Pizza lovers, you are bound to like this one for sure. The size of their pizzas are not as big as the ones you usually have in Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, Don Henrico’s, or Yellow Cab. What separates this pizza from the others is its distinct taste. It’s quite hard to describe it, honestly. But suffice it to say that you must try it out for yourself. With regards to toppings, they’re quite generous with it – in fact, it’s OVERFLOWING with toppings. =)
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Get their best-selling variant with lots of onions, ground beef, and mozzarella cheese (I forgot what it’s called). You won’t regret it.
OTHER BRANCHES? Definitely. Alberto’s is sporadically placed in Cebu. Ask them for the one nearest you.

We’ll go back to Fuente Osmena, make a left at Osmena Boulevard, and have another meet-and-greet with the capitol again. Make a right at Escario and enjoy the rolling path leading to Gorordo. Once we get there we’ll make a left at go uphill, so save your strength. Turn right at JY Square and start speeding, because it’s purehill from this point. Do stop when you see Cebu Northwinds, because 2 restaurants will be there for the taking.

KM19.23: Chika-an sa Cebu
They’re well-noted for all-Filipino food, but with a twist. Some of the viands here are quite spicy and have a tinge of coconut milk, which makes it all the more delicious. =9
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Crispy pata, baked scallops, mongo soup with coconut milk, and kinilaw na tuna. Feel the need for more rice? Don’t worry, it’s unlimited! =D
OTHER BRANCHES? This is the only one.

Just a little after that is its sister.

KM19.26: Golden Cowrie
The said restaurant offers almost the same menu as Chika-an, so if by chance it’s full, you can always drop by here.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Crispy pata and grilled fish. Not sure if the rice is unlimited also.
OTHER BRANCHES? If you need to eat before leaving Cebu, their other branch is located along the airport road.

We’ll go straight down until we make a left at the IT Park. We’ll be stopping frequently here as most of the good food finds are located on this very place. =)

KM19.88: Casa Verde
Literally translating to “green house”, this restaurant offers big servings of Western food at a VERY reasonable price. If it’s your first time in Cebu, you have to try this out.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Bryan’s Ribs. For Php188 you get a huge – and I mean HUGE – plate of barbecued ribs that can be good for 2-3 people, or just 1 if you’re really THAT hungry. =P
OTHER BRANCHES? The other branch I know of is in the 3rd floor of Ayala Center Cebu.

KM19.97: Mooon Cafe (take note, that’s 3 O’s.)
Located at the entrance of The Walk, Mooon Cafe is well-known for its Mexican delicacies. It attracts much people especially during the nighttime because of the al fresco dining experience – and the barrels of beer they offer.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Get some chimichangas and mojitos. Don’t worry about getting wasted. The mojitos are not as treacherous as you think.
OTHER BRANCHES? I think this has only one branch.

KM20.53: Patio Ecila
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: After having a party at Loft (a club located right behind it), stay here for a few more rounds and meet new friends. The ambiance is great. Worry not, the beer ain’t expensive.
OTHER BRANCHES? Its sister resto, Bistro Ecila, is located at Ayala Center Cebu, right next to Casa Verde.

KM20.78: Tara’s Cafe and Restaurant
This is the ONLY restaurant I know of that serves a 24-hour buffet. That’s right, their buffet tables are heating up food ’round the clock. If you think Crown Regency is too far for you, then this is your other option. Breakfast buffet is at 179, lunch and dinner buffet go for 249. Not bad, right? Oh, if you plan on going on here soon, make sure you just came from a hunger strike. =P
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Eat EVERYTHING presented to you with a glass of juice. If you don’t end up full after this experience, something’s wrong with you. =P
OTHER BRANCHES? Sorry, this is the sole branch.

KM20.80: Ila Puti
This quaint little restaurant offers a hefty serving of Asian fusion cuisine. Although it does take time to cook some of their treats, it’s worth the wait.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: For starters, mushroom soup with curry and chicken fingers. Then you can either match it with a BIG breakfast that is sure to beat McDonald’s or beef stroganoff pasta. Drink it all down with a glass of semi-sweet calamansi juice.
OTHER BRANCHES? I’m not really sure.

KM21.01: Abuhan Tres
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Pochero. That equates to “bulalo” in Manila terms. =)
OTHER BRANCHES? One is in F. Ramos, aptly named Abuhan Uno. As to the location of Abuhan Dos, I have no idea where it is.

Whew, that was a whole lot in the IT Park, right? We’re not done yet, though. We still have a few more to cover! Let’s exit the IT Park and make a left to Salinas drive. When you see a flyover in the distance, turn left. We’ll be tackling M. J. Cuenco, the final stretch of this run. We’ll head east-bound first to The Crossroads and stop for the following:

KM21.64: La Marea
Primarily a dessert place, this cafe responds to the inner sweet tooth inside our mouths. Upon entry, one can’t help but look at and eventually crave for what they have to offer!
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Brownie cups. Nuff said.
OTHER BRANCHES? None, sorry.

KM21.74: Olio
This is one of the few restaurants that is recommeneded by the Department of Tourism. You’ll know why when your gorge in their fares. It’s quite pricey, though, but if you’re after the experience, go for it.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Try out any pasta variant with a glass of wine.
OTHER BRANCHES? None as well.

Let’s exit The Crossroads and head eastbound again. Upon seeing Banilad Town Center, make a right and look for this:

KM23.32: Spice Fusion
Much like Ila Puti, they also specialize in Asian fusion cuisine. As a confession, my officemates and I would default to this place when we can’t think of anywhere else to eat – it’s also good to try out this one.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Clam chowder, black pepper udon, stir fried radish cake, and pork belly. Get a roti as an appetizer.
OTHER BRANCHES? There’s another branch at the north wing of SM.

Now we exit Banilad Town Center and head left to A. S. Fortuna. Just deal with the little uphill path going to the following:

KM23.91: Giuseppe
This restaurant offers a real taste of Italy. It can’t be seen easily, but when you do visit this place, you’ll be wanting to savor their pasta, pizza, and gelato.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Carbonara, pasta marinara, quattro formaggio pizza and baked fish fillet. Truly sumptuous! =9
OTHER BRANCHES? There’s only one of them.

KM23.92: Hola Espana!
Craving for something Spanish? You’ve come to the right place. This restaurant offers nothing short of Spanish cuisine, from paellas to tapas – and even the best wines from select countries. =)
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Get a black paella with extra mayonnaise, roasted pata, and some chorizos roasted in olive oil and garlic. Match that with your drink of choice – preferably a beer. The Spanish love to drink beer, so you might as well yourself. Hehehe!
OTHER BRANCHES? A more suitable location can be found in The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu.

Let’s go down a little bit to find this baby right here.

KM24.06: The Gustavian
When you want to define class and distinction, this restaurant has got it all. From foreign cuisine to imported alcoholic drinks from all over the world, this one is sure to amplify your dining experience. Of course, such class and distinction does come with a price, so make sure you’re financially armed before entering. =)
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Go for the alcohol and taste their beers and alcohol mixes. You will end up drunk, though, but the memories will be all worth it.
OTHER BRANCHES? Yes! Should you need a shot before boarding your plane back home, there’s one before you reach the airport.

Let’s go back to the starting line and finish this run, shall we? But first, we’ll pause to check out this other place.

KM25.75: Cafe Georg
Providing a ‘homey’ feel, this restaurant serves a lot of people every single day. Their salads, pastas, rice meals and desserts are sure to provide a wonderful taste to the palates.
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: As an appetizer, have the mozzarella dip with spinach. Your main course can either be Singaporean-style steamed fish, carbonara, or Hungarian sausage with a small notch of salad on the side. For your dessert, make sure to get a slice of chocolate decadence. It was awarded as one of the best desserts in Cebu. Imagine a small slice of semi-fudgy chococake cake with whipped cream on top. Yummy, right? =9
OTHER BRANCHES? Only one I know of. It’s offshoot, ‘Oh Georg!’, can be found inside Ayala Center Cebu, near Metro Department Store.

After all that, let’s run back to where we started. At the intersection, make a left to Juan Luna, another left at F. Cabahug, and head back to the condominium. But wait, it ain’t over yet. There’s one more restaurant we haven’t seen!

KM28.02: Abaseria
Also providing a ‘homey’ feel, this restaurant is managed by a family, and primarily caters Filipino food to village residents living near it. Sometimes it does get closed down for special occasions, but when it’s open, it’s worth your time to visit it. =)
PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION: Order their monggo, grilled squid, and a plate of bangus. That should be enough to keep your belly satisfied.
OTHER BRANCHES? None. This is the only one.

Congratulations, we have just completed the Cebu Food Run! Now keep in mind the restaurants I have mentioned the next time you go back to the Queen City of the South. I hope I had stimulated your appetite! But alas, I cannot really chow down on these as much as I want to, for I am engaged with my running group’s Biggest Loser Challenge. As such, I have no choice to default to this:


As parting words, I leave you with the following: Bakit masarap ang bawal? Kasi masarap talaga siya! =P

Here’s a map of the route


And my splits. I’m quite surprised that I ran this one at a fast pace. =O


‘Til Devastation – The FINAL Long Run Before Condura 2010

Matira matibay.

These were the two words lingering on my mind before doing this final major run for Condura 2010. After performing Project Cuarenta back in December there was still a need to extend the mileage so that somehow I’m close to simulating a full marathon. Usually, I would do long runs on a Sunday, but I did this one early Saturday morning instead. The Sunday that came after this run was the Sinulog parade – and I couldn’t afford to miss that one. =)

The night before the run it was raining heavily. In fact, it had been raining several times last week. I wanted to do this run immediately since I should be tapering for the remaining Sundays before the marathon. However, I became paranoid, as I was putting myself at risk of getting high fever, or worse – pneumonia. I had to get a lot of second opinions from my running buddies. The big question on my mind was if it was safe to run long on possibly stormy weather. Half of them said yes, while the remaining told me to keep myself safe. They had good points. But after several minutes of reconsideration, I skipped my after-work activites last Friday and headed back to the sack to get some early shut-eye. I will do this run no matter what.

Thankfully, when I woke up Saturday morning, it was only drizzling. It wasn’t raining as hard as I was expecting it to be. After 5 hours of frequent hydration, hardcore music, and running in tights, I ended up having this route, which took me from west to east and back. Total distance ran on foot – 36.22K, accomplished 16 January 2010.


Unfortunately, upon hitting KM32 I was more than exhausted. That led me to walking the entire stretch of KM35. But I soon as I got passed that, my second wind suddenly knocked on my door and I ended up reaching the finish line with a smile. Overall, my splits were still favorable. =)


My legs were tired my shoes were beyond dirty after completing this run. But at least there was no chaffing and more importantly, no injuries. I was feeling good in the end that the next day, I couldn’t help but party at the Sinulog festival. =)


Now I seriously have to taper in the coming days. Sunday will still be long run day, but I won’t go beyond 30K.

For those joining Condura, I hope you have accomplished your farthest run. Let’s save our legs for the race and good luck to all of us! =)

My First Year of Running – Happy Anniversary!

Today, January 5, I celebrate one year of running. =)

I used to be really big before, and had pretty much a sedentary way of living. I ate a lot, I drank a lot, I partied a lot, and I didn’t move that much except when going to the kitchen to get some food, or when I have to take a bath. Pretty much like this guy.


I started running as my major form of weight loss and as a means to increase my metabolism. After trying out a couple of 5K races, I moved on to doing double distances. In less than 3 months I participated in my first half-marathon at Condura, and I couldn’t stop myself from running long-distance categories (unless I have valid reasons, like that of previous commitments or unavailability of my desired race distance, for example). Much like when you open a can of Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop. I attest to the same truth when it comes to running.


After nearly 900 kilometers, nearly two and a half dozen singlets, several road races, and countless practice/training runs with the takbo.ph family, I cannot help but admit that…


As a side note, I used to have a “Running Addict” shirt, but it got lost in the sands of time due to… Personal reasons that couldn’t (and I will not bother to) share.

I am a running man, seeking for new adventures, new routes, and new ways to beat my limits.


But no, I do not wish to be like Ahhh-nuld. =P

Here’s to the unflailing triumph of the human spirit. As a fellow running buddy of mine once said, if you can imagine the distance, you can achieve it. Here’s to more runs, more LSDs, more CLPs/LCLPs, and more road races. Indeed, if you run, you can – AND WILL – go the distance.