Personal Running Records

All times shown in HH:MM:SS format.

00:28:15 (25 Jul 2010 @ TAKBO.PH Runfest)

00:57:57 (23 Aug 2009 The 4th Cebu Doctors’ University Run)

01:46:29 (31 May 2009 @ Earth Run)

02:16:10 (19 Jul 2009 @ Globe-Ayala Run For Home)

05:57:28 (07 Feb 2010 @ Condura Run 2010)

07:13:34 (14 Nov 2010 @ PAU T2N)

One response

  1. gil


    as i see your personal records, we have almost the data. i’m just a little bit faster than you are. it seems that our way of training might also be almost the same. i’m confident that we can improve as our training progresses.

    happy running.


    Hello there Gil,

    If our mode of training is the same, then it is highly possible that we are on the same level right now. Indeed, if we continue to be diligent on our runs then we will be faster sooner than we expected.

    See you on the next road race! =D

    July 21, 2009 at 11:49 AM

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